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Dr. Marco Ellis of Northwestern Plastic Surgery is an award-winning Chicago plastic surgeon who consistently delivers beautiful and natural-looking results by combining expert skill with a keen eye for balance, proportion and symmetry. Top plastic and reconstructive surgeon Marco Ellis has demonstrated a commitment to excellence throughout his entire career.

The Harvard-educated and Northwestern University-trained surgeon spent years training at some of the finest programs in the country for his specialty, earning accolades and awards for his dedication. Dr. Ellis mastered his craft under the leadership of some of the world's best plastic surgeons. Even while establishing and growing his own thriving private practice, Dr. Ellis continues to advance the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery for future generations.

He lectures and writes about his special areas of interest and trains some of the brightest young surgeons at Northwestern and the University of Chicago's medical schools.

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Marco Ellis specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face and body. Dr. Ellis practices all aspects of plastic surgery but has expertise in reconstructive surgery of the face. His unique training, experience and knowledge in facial surgery give him unparalleled expertise in assessing facial

While the chin represents only 10 percent of the face by area, it can drastically affect a person's appearance. Chin surgery, also known as genioplasty, can range from reconstructive procedures that reposition the chin bone to simple office-based procedures to minimize asymmetry. Dr. Marco Ellis has years of experience performing chin surgery both as

The field of craniofacial surgery collectively encompasses diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the skull and facial skeleton. It is frequently associated with deformities frequently seen in infants and children, such as skull shape abnormalities and underdeveloped facial bones. The field is not limited to pediatrics; adolescents and adults can also

There are more than fifteen bones and muscles that contribute to the periorbital area, with a rich interplay between the structures surrounding the eye. Treatment requires a full understanding of function and form. Chicago plastic surgeon Dr. Marco Ellis provides care for patients with deformities or wounds involving their upper and lower eyelids, eye

Facial feminization and masculinization surgery (also known as gender affirmation surgery) refers to a number of procedures that can be performed to transform the face for a softer, more feminine appearance or an angular, more masculine appearance, respectively. The World Professional Organization for Transgender Health (WPATH) has adopted facial feminization

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