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Dr. Jeffrey Jumaily is a fellowship-trained and double board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Dr. Jumaily is nationally and internationally known for his expertise in rhinoplasty, forehead reduction, facial feminization surgery (FFS), liplift, facelift and other cosmetic procedures of the face. Dr. Jumaily's work is highly regarded for the beautiful and natural results that can be customized from subtle to dramatic and life changing.

Due to the high domestic and international demand, Dr. Jumaily has offices in Los Angeles, CA and Toronto, Canada. We offer numerous surgical and non-surgical treatments for patients of all ages and backgrounds. Regardless of age or budget, patient satisfaction and safety are our highest priorities. We take pride in our high level of service and our beautifully natural results.

From the initial consultation with Dr. Jumaily through your recovery and follow up, we ensure that all your questions are answered and you are fully satisfied. Our staff are attentive, accommodating and caring.

read more › In addition to our local patients in Southern California and Toronto, we serve a large number of patients from all over North America and Overseas. Dr. Jumaily's advanced techniques and excellent results draws patients from all over the US, Canada, and Internationally. We offer virtual video consults via several platforms to connect with our patients in a convenient way. Many of our patients prefer to manage their own travel and accommodation arrangements but we are pleased to provide concierge service for our out-of-town patients in making their travel and stay comfortable and smooth.

read more › Dr. Jumaily is an expert in rhinoplasty with extensive training and experience in primary and revision rhinoplasty. Dr. Jumaily carefully analyzes the problems with the nose and learns the patient's goals to formulate a plan to address these issues. Dr. Jumaily is known for creating beautiful results that do not have signs of surgery such as a very pinched tip, too turned up (overrotated) tip, polybeak, inverted V, irregularities, alar retraction, and a wide bridge which are often telltale signs that someone had surgery.

read more › Since rhinoplasty is one of the most common procedures, we see patients of all backgrounds who seek help in improving their appearance. There are some nose features that are common in certain ethnicities. Some groups tend to have a flat nose, while others tend to have large nose. Some are wide while others are narrow and pinched. It takes a bit of different technique to deal with each type of nose. What works to make a large nose smaller will not work for projecting and augmenting an Asian or African American nose and vice versa.

read more › Many men seek improvement to their nose. In fact, men comprise a large segment of our patients who desire cosmetic surgery. Men are more likely to have crooked and broken noses due to statistically higher involvement in contact sports and other trauma. This often leads to cosmetic changes as well as breathing problems. Although the basic principles of the rhinoplasty procedure remain the same for both men and women, rhinoplasty in men require a slightly different approach. While women may desire a smaller nose, lower bridge, and small tip to match their delicate features, a nose with that appearance will look unnatural and fake.

read more › If you are unhappy with the appearance of your nose but not comfortable with the idea of undergoing surgery, non-surgical rhinoplasty is the answer you have been looking for. Non-surgical rhinoplasty, also known as liquid rhinoplasty, offers a quick and easy way to alter and enhance the appearance of different features of your nose using dermal filler injections. Dr. Jumialy is a board-certified facial plastic and reconstruction surgeon who strives to offer the best non-surgical rhinoplasty results Beverly Hills has to offer.

read more › Dr. Jumaily is an expert in rhinoplasty with extensive training and experience in primary and revision rhinoplasty. Dr. Jumaily carefully analyzes the problems with the nose and the prior surgery and formulates a plan to address these issues. The most advanced techniques in rhinoplasty are used including septal cartilage, ear cartilage, rib cartilage, diced cartilage, temporalis fascia, cadaveric donor cartilage depending on the needs of the patient. We do not use synthetic or plastic implants in rhinoplasty due to the risk of complications.

read more › Our face is how we present ourselves to the world: to our friends, our family, our colleagues and to ourselves. Frequently, Dr. Jumaily will hear his patients say that although they feel young, they appear tired or older than their years. Unfortunately, despite healthy diet and exercise, signs of aging still appear. Facial rejuvenation procedures are numerous and there are hundreds of surgical, and non-surgical methods advertised. It is advantageous for patients to seek the opinion of a physician who has expertise in all modalities of facial rejuvenation and can determine the best treatment plan for you, whether that be Botox cosmetic, filler, laser treatment or a surgical procedure.

read more › An Endoscopic brow lift in Beverly Hills offers a way to restore the smooth and youthful appearance of a sagging and wrinkled brow. Men and women who are bothered by the aging appearance of their brow can benefit from undergoing a brow lift in Beverly Hills performed by facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Jeff Jumaily. Brow repositioning (also known as a browlift) is a procedure for patients who have brows that are in the desired position. Dr. Jumaily is a specialist in brow and forehead procedures.

read more › The facelift is a procedure which tightens the neck, jowls, and repositions the cheeks to their youthful position. Extra and loose skin is removed via hidden incisions around the ear. Depending on genetic and environmental factors, patients who would benefit from a facelift range in age from their 40's to their 80's. The details of technique depends on the degree of skin laxity and aging. Each patient is evaluated thoroughly and a personalized plan is recommended. We do not perform the same procedure on everyone.

read more › Otoplasty, also referred to as ear surgery, is often performed to reduce, reshape, or reposition large or heavily protruding ears that can draw a significant amount of unwanted attention. Dr. Jeff Jumaily is a highly-skilled facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon who can provide you with natural-looking results from your otoplasty in Beverly Hills. Otoplasty (also known as ear reshaping) is a procedure to fix a misshapen or prominent ear. The ear might be misshapen from birth, or have occurred after an injury.

read more › Fat grafting or fat transfer is a facial rejuvenation procedure that uses the patient's own natural fat to restore lost facial volume and enhance the contours of the face. Fat grafting can provide beautiful results that look incredibly natural. Facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Jeff Jumaily strives to provide all of our patients with outstanding results from their fat grafting in Beverly Hills. Fat grafting (sometimes known as fat transfer) is a procedure to transfer patient's own fat from one area to another.

read more › A lip lift can do wonders for the beauty of your smile and the overall attractiveness of your face. Dr. Jeff Jumaily is a highly skilled facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon who understands how important a role the lips play in your appearance. He can provide you with stunning results from your lip lift in Beverly hills. The lips are a central part of the face and an important feature of femininity and attractiveness. Lips come in various sizes and shapes but there are certain characteristics that make lips attractive and in balance with the rest of the face.

read more › Dr. Jeffrey Jumaily is one of the premier specialists in the forehead reduction procedure. If you feel like the forehead is too high or too large, you should see an expert to determine if this procedure is a good fit for you. Dr. Jumaily is one of the top forehead surgeons in Beverly Hills and would be happy to see you in consultation. This procedure has many names such as forehead reduction, hairline lowering, hairline advancement, or scalp advancement. There are many patients who seek treatment for high foreheads.

read more › Forehead contouring is a procedure designed to shape the bone of the forehead. Dr. Jumaily believes the beautiful and youthful appearance of the upper face including the forehead is very important. Making the upper face as feminine as possible requires attention to every part of the part face, not just the brow bone or the eyebrows. The bone, eyebrows, hairline, orbital rims, and eyelids work together to create a balanced and feminine look. This is why Dr. Jumaily developed the Complete Upperface Transformation (C.U.T.) procedure.

read more › Scars can result from trauma or injury to the face, acne or previous surgery. There are several ways to improve the appearance of scars including dermabrasion, lasers, chemical peels or surgery. Dr. Jumaily has the skills and expertise to utilize any of these techniques to improve the appearance of scars. A thorough evaluation of the scars is done during the consultation and a treatment plan is created for each individual patient based on their specific needs. If you have any questions and would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jumaily, please call 310-285-0929 or email [email protected] and we would be happy to help you.

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