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We offer excellence in treatment with trusting, compassionate care. My aim is to get to know your distinct vision of beauty, before creating the bespoke treatment plan that unites you with your ideal aesthetic outcome. A wide variety of minimally invasive and non-surgical treatments allow Dr. Raffi Hovsepian to create impressive aesthetic outcomes with little to no recovery period and reduced downtime.

Dr. Hovsepian is proud to offer an impressive array of surgical solutions, giving you the power to realize your personal vision of cosmetic beauty and enjoy the results you deserve. Triple board certification and extensive experience with aesthetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery have earned Dr. Raffi Hovsepian an international reputation for both creative artistry and surgical precision.

Dr. Raffi Hovsepian and his team don't simply perform surgical procedures. They're in the business of transforming their patients' lives, which is why each and every procedural plan is custom-tailored.

read more › Dr. Raffi Hovsepian is passionate about providing excellence in surgical treatment with trusting compassionate care when working with his patients. He strives to exceed the highest standards for ethical, skilled plastic surgery care and safely provides natural-looking results that are individualized to meet each patient's unique aesthetic enhancement goals. A team of exceedingly motivated, devoted and caring staff perform at the highest level of professionalism and demonstrate a sincere passion for the profession.

read more › Recognized nationally and internationally as a triple board-certified aesthetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgeon, Raffi Hovsepian, M.D., has earned recognition from patients and peers alike for his creative artistry, precision, and mastery of his profession. He's noted for his training, leadership, and research in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery. His aim is to provide the best possible results to all of his patients by utilizing the most innovative advancements in plastic surgery. He's earned a reputation for his genuine compassion and kindness, as well as his unmatched ability to unite his patients with the results of their dreams.

read more › For years, Dr. Raffi Hovsepian has set himself apart from his peers, thanks to his commitment to excellence. He utilizes the most state-of-the-art technology and employs the most advanced techniques, so you can rely on the results you deserve. Every person has their own vision of beauty; Dr. Hovsepian's aim is to enhance an individual's unique and natural beauty by providing individualized care to all of his patients, while building a trusting relationship and utilizing proven innovative advancements in aesthetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery.

read more › Vast experience and an impressively high level of education make Dr. Raffi Hovsepian the right choice when it comes to your cosmetic journey. Diplomate of The European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (EBOPRAS). With that comes the responsibility to provide quality patient care, safely and successfully. The American Board of Surgery (ABS) is an independent, nonprofit organization founded in 1937 to certify surgeons who have met a defined standard of education, training and knowledge.

read more › With an impressive educational background and years of procedural experience informing his work, Raffi Hovsepian, M.D., is ready to unite you with the results you've been seeking. Take a look at his education and training details below. Dr. Raffi Hovsepian brings a highly unique depth of knowledge and breadth of experience to his practice in Beverly Hills, which enable him to combine his natural aesthetic talents and his understanding of the most advanced techniques in plastic surgery. He is committed to bringing his patients the life-changing outcomes they deserve, which is made possible through his extensive training and experience.

read more › An aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Raffi Hovsepian is recognized by his patients for his creative artistry, precision and mastery of his profession and is noted for his training, leadership, dedication and research in aesthetic plastic surgery. His aim is to provide the best possible care to all of his patients enhancing a unique and natural beauty through individualized care utilizing the most innovative advancements in plastic surgery. Maintaining a genuinely warm and accessible demeanor, Dr. Hovsepian encourages multiple patient consultations in order to thoroughly understand a patient's unique aesthetic need and to educate and inform the patient of his recommended individualized treatment options.

read more › When it comes to incredible results, there is no shortage of patients who have had their lives changed for the better by Dr. Hovsepian and his incredible team. I have since received surgery from Dr. Raffi that included a full facelift, neck lift, upper eyelids, lower eyelids, brow lift and a tummy tuck. What I love, love, love is that NO ONE KNOWS I HAVE HAD ANY SURGERY! He is so skilled and competent that I have to convince people that I really did have "work". Dr. Raffi completed 7 surgeries on both my Father and I and we have not had one post operative complication.

read more › Dedicated and committed to the advancement of his profession nationally and internationally, Dr. Hovsepian founded the International Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Institute (IAPSI). Dr. Hovsepian's vision for the institute is creating a collaborative and educational environment for international plastic surgeons to exchange best practice case studies, cutting edge techniques and technology being innovated globally for the betterment of the aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery profession. His goal is to have a center of excellence, always striving for the highest standards in patient care and maintaining leadership in the forefront of aesthetic plastic surgery.

read more › Dedicated and committed to the advancement of his profession, Dr. Raffi Hovsepian is involved in clinical trials, clinical research, and benchmark research. Recognized as an educator and contributor in presentations, articles, and papers on plastic surgery, Raffi Hovsepian, M.D., continues to expand his innovative mind, clinical judgment, and educational research talents. Dr. Raffi Hovsepian's clinical research and educational efforts continue to educate and offer the latest and safest techniques in aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery.

read more › When it comes to surgical excellence, few practitioners can rise to Dr. Hovsepian's level. His extensive experience and years of training have granted him the ability to create life-changing results that unite his patients with their ideal cosmetic outcomes. Take a look at the procedures we can offer you below. Accessibility: If you are vision-impaired or have some other impairment covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act or a similar law, and you wish to discuss potential accommodations related to using this website, please contact our Accessibility Manager at 310-999-1003.

read more › Dr. Hovsepian is passionate about providing excellence in surgical treatment with trusting compassionate care in working with all his patients. He strives to exceed the highest standards for ethical, skilled plastic surgery care while providing natural-looking results individualized to meet each patient's unique aesthetic enhancement goals. Every person has their own vision of beauty; Dr. Raffi Hovsepian's aim is to enhance an individuals unique and natural beauty by offering popular facial plastic surgery procedures that help men and women not only look better, but enhance their self-confidence and quality of life.

read more › When your face is firm and fresh, you not only look younger - you also feel more confident and energetic. Hereditary traits, stress, worries and too much sun exposure may have damaged your facial tissues and created a worn, sagging look. A facelift, however, can restore a firmer, smoother, and revitalized youthful appearance. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon committed to staying at the forefront of the latest plastic surgery developments, Dr. Raffi Hovsepian has advanced surgical skills in delicate procedures ranging from facelift to mid-facelift to neck lift.

read more › Aging of the neck causes a combination of loose skin and muscle, as well as some excess fat. A neck lift can restore a tight, youthful appearance to skin area under the chin and neck which has lost elasticity and exhibits banding. It also corrects the heavy neck or double chin. Dr. Raffi Hovsepian's precision in providing excellence in surgical treatment can restore a more youthful, firmer, smoother, and revitalized appearance. There are a number of procedures available to revitalize the worn, sagging appearance of the neck.

read more › Your upper face communicates much of your emotion and vitality, which is why even moderate sagging or wrinkles can convey an impression of tiredness, sadness or stress. Brow lift (forehead lift) surgery can help reverse this problem and restore a more energetic appearance. Passionate about providing his patients the most innovative advancements in plastic surgery and the best possible care, Dr. Raffi Hovsepian uses his creative talent and surgical skills to restore a more energetic, youthful and natural appearance.

read more › Chin augmentation, also known as mentoplasty or genioplasty, is a surgical procedure to reshape the chin either by enhancement with an implant or reduction surgery on the bone. A deficient or "weak" chin structure is the prevalent reason for this procedure; in which an implant is placed to enhance the appearance of the jaw line and profile. A short chin can be brought out by these implants, adding symmetry and harmony to facial aesthetics. Many times Dr. Hovsepian may recommend chin surgery to a patient having nose surgery (rhinoplasty) in order to achieve facial proportion or symmetry; as the size of the chin may magnify or minimize the perceived size of the nose.

read more › Being noticed for your looks can be a good thing, but when prominent or unevenly placed ears draw too much attention, they can become a source of self-consciousness that can damage your positive feelings about yourself and affect your interactions with others. Ear reshaping with Dr. Raffi Hovsepian can be the answer. Ear reshaping, also known as otoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that refines and enhances the position of the ears. With surgical precision, Raffi Hovsepian, M.D., can restore a more naturally appealing look that significantly improves your self-confidence and quality of life.

read more › Autologous fat transplantation, fat transfer, is the process of extracting fat from one's own body (using liposuction techniques) and using this fat as filler for treating wrinkles, adding volume for facial and hand rejuvenation, and buttock augmentation. Fat transferred in this manner can be considered an ideal filler material for many reasons. First, fat as a filler is very safe since it comes from your own body. Second, the fat injected becomes living tissue and provides a permanent natural result.

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