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Davila David Dr Houston Cosmetic Surgery Center is a full-service plastic surgery practice serving residents of Houston, Texas, and the surrounding region. Under the leadership of board-certified David Davila, DO, FACOS, the team at Houston Cosmetic Surgery Center has earned a reputation for excellence in the area - with many patients so happy with their results that they introduce others to the practice.

Cosmetic surgery requires a great deal of skill and training. In many ways, this area of medical practice is as much of an art as it is a science. Over many years in practice, Dr. Davila has refined his artistic eye and can assess each patient to determine the exact refinements they need to draw out their full aesthetic potential. From facelifts to tummy tucks to fat transfer, rhinoplasty to body contouring to breast lifts and augmentation, Houston Cosmetic Surgery Center can cover a wide array of needs.

The practice commits itself to improve patient health and wellness and proudly offers supplemental hormone therapy through BioTE and top-quality skin care products.

read more › I understand and agree that any information submitted will be forwarded to our office by email and not via a secure messaging system. Excellent experience with Dr. Davila and his team. Very professional, explained the steps for my procedure and put me at ease with any questions or concerns that I had. Davila is such an amazing surgeon not only the quality of his work and wonderful bedside manor. He was so informative.

read more › A modern solution for drooping, wrinkled, puffy upper eyelids that can occur as a part of the aging process is upper blepharoplasty or upper eyelid surgery. This surgery is usually done for cosmetic reasons. It is also an effective way to improve eyesight for people whose sagging upper eyelids can hinder their vision. As a person ages, the upper eyelids get baggy and droopy due to weak muscle tone or lack of skin elasticity. Eyelift surgery is usually done separately or in combination with other cosmetic surgeries, such as the brow lift or the facelift.

read more › Getting older can have many consequences for virtually every part of our body, and our face is no exception. As we age, the skin begins to become drier and thinner, and this can cause it to sag and wrinkle. One of the most noticeable places where this happens is the forehead area, where deep lines and crinkles can form, sometimes making us look older than we really are. In some cases, the sagging is so significant that the brows appear heavy, and this can cause them to start to sag over the tops of the eyes, causing us to appear tired.

read more › As you age, your skin naturally loses elasticity as your collagen and elastin production slows down. Without this support, your skin is more vulnerable to gravity and begins to sag. As well, years of muscle contractions in your face leave well-worn paths behind in the form of wrinkles. Lastly, the thin layer of fat that lies beneath the skin on your face begins to disappear, contributing to the hollow, sagging look associated with age. The combined effect of diminished elasticity, wrinkles, and fat loss takes its toll, especially on your face, which is arguably the most exposed area of your skin.

read more › Getting older is inevitable. Fortunately, thanks to cosmetic surgery, looking much older than we really are doesn't have to be. Aging creeps upon us, often when we least expect it. One of the areas of the body that tends to be affected first is the neck, or more precisely, the skin of the neck. As we age, many elements of our body change and this includes our skin. Our natural production of collagen, which is one of the key substances responsible for keeping our skin supple, smooth and youthful, slows down.

read more › In a prominent position in the very middle of our faces, it is impossible to hide our nose. Unfortunately, many people are unhappy with at least one cosmetic aspect of their nose, and this can alter the way that they feel about themselves as a whole. Make-up can be used to try and alter its appearance, but often this has limited success, which of course is only temporary. The only way to make any permanent change is to go under the knife and have nose surgery. This extremely popular cosmetic procedure is known as a rhinoplasty.

read more › Breast augmentation is a procedure where Dr. Davila increases your cup size with implants that he places inside your breasts. The implants not only increase the size of your breasts, but they also come in different configurations, giving you the shape you want. Breast augmentation is a technique used by women to enhance their breast size, as well as to restore their breasts after a mastectomy. Dr. Davila offers two types of implants: saline and silicone. The choice between the two comes down to your preferences and comfort level.

read more › The goal of a breast lift, which is also known as a mastopexy, is to lift and reshape your breasts. When Dr. Davila performs the procedure, he takes care to preserve the function of your breasts while he gives them a new shape. To do this, Dr. Davila removes excess tissue from your breasts and repositions, and even reshapes, your areolas. Dr. Davila has three ways he achieves this. He can make a circular incision around your areola to perform the work or make an incision around your areola and down toward your breast crease.

read more › Breast reduction is a procedure that delivers both cosmetic and health benefits, depending upon your situation. Whether you simply want your breasts to be more in line with your overall body shape, or you're suffering from the pain and discomfort that can come with large breasts, Dr. Davila can help. Standard breast reduction: During this procedure, Dr. Davila removes excess tissue to resize your breast. In order to make your new breasts look as natural as possible, Dr. Davila may move your nipple and areolas up, as well.

read more › During arm lift surgery, also known as a Brachioplasty, the upper section of the arm is reshaped to give it a toned appearance after removal of fat and extra skin in that area. Both men and women suffer from "bat wings, " where the skin of the upper arm droops as a result of age, sudden weight loss, or lymphedema. Though exercise can reduce fat and improve muscle tone, it cannot tighten skin that hangs loosely when it has undergone the loss of elasticity. This excess hanging skin gives the upper arms a bat-wing-like appearance.

read more › Calf implants are for those who are unhappy with the appearance of their calves. With calf implants, you can define your lower legs and create an impression of working hard at the gym for hours to get those toned calf muscles. Despite working out, some people may not be able to bulk up their calf muscles; these people can benefit from calf implants. You cannot improve the shape or size of your calves anymore with exercise (it frequently happens with bodybuilders). You want to correct a birth defect or injury which has affected the appearance of your calves.

read more › Though you don't need to aim for the unrealistic "thigh gap" look to make your legs look attractive, toned thighs do help you look appealing. Getting rid of stubborn thigh fat can be difficult, and some may not be able to achieve results even after exercising and eating right. If following a healthy diet and exercising have not been able to help you tone down your thighs, you can consider thigh lift surgery. The thighs are among the most common areas where the body stores fat, more so in women than in men.

read more › A body lift is the perfect solution for sagging skin and excess fat. It is usually preferred by those wanting a firmer midsection and lower body. Just like a facelift smoothes out the skin on your face and makes it tighter, a body lift smoothes out your abdominal area, thighs, and buttocks. It covers a large area, and its results are quick as well as dramatic. Most people opt for this surgery when their skin starts sagging due to aging. However, the most common reason for getting a body lift is to get rid of the excess skin, which has lost elasticity and cannot be firmed up with any other method.

read more › Liposuction, or lipo, is a body contouring technique that reduces the fat you have in your body. It's important to make a distinction between fat reduction and weight loss because lipo sits firmly in the former category and shouldn't be a starting point in your weight loss efforts -- but rather the final touch. Throughout your life, your body generally carries the same number of fat cells. When you gain or lose weight, you're not adding or subtracting fat cells, you're expanding or shrinking your existing cells.

read more › While the name Brazilian butt lift might evoke images of women on the beach, the procedure is named after the Brazilian doctor who first discovered how to take fat from one part of your body and place it into your buttocks. This double-edged effort allows you to shrink certain areas while enhancing your hind end, making it fuller and rounder. To perform a Brazilian butt lift, Dr. Davila uses liposuction to remove fat from your own body. Once the fat is removed, Dr. Davila processes and purifies it.

read more › When Dr. Davila performs a tummy tuck, his goal is to undo the effects that weight gain or pregnancy have had on your abdominal skin. When you gain weight quickly, your skin may be stretched beyond its limits and the wall of muscle in your abdomen can separate. The combination of weakened muscles and skin that doesn't readily bounce back can leave you with folds of excess skin. A tummy tuck is designed to remove this skin and bring your muscles back together, giving you back a more toned look and a slimmer profile.

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