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David Gerth, MD The Miami Beach lifestyle is all about looking your best. We offer plastic surgery procedures for the face, body, and breasts, as well as minimally invasive non-surgical treatments for refreshing your appearance. Whether you are seeking a facelift, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, or simply want to smooth out unwanted wrinkles, contact us today to schedule a consultation and begin your aesthetic journey.

Miami Beach cosmetic surgeon Dr. David Gerth chose to specialize in aesthetic surgery because he finds it rewarding to use his skills to improve the quality of his patients' lives. He has completed extensive training in three specialties that are recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties: head and neck surgery, plastic surgery, and facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.

His unique and wide-ranging background makes him one of the most skilled and capable plastic surgeons in South Florida. Injectable treatments are one of the most in-demand procedures in cosmetic medicine today because they provide natural-looking results with minimal discomfort and downtime.

read more › Dr. David Gerth, our Miami beach plastic surgeon, felt drawn to pursue a career in the sciences from a young age. While he was working toward earning his B.S. degree in genetics at the University of Georgia in Athens, he worked in a cellular developmental biology lab and volunteered at the local hospital. After completing his undergraduate studies, he ultimately decided he would thrive in a medical career because it would allow him to meet, interact with, and help people from many different backgrounds and walks of life.

read more › Breast augmentation is a popular procedure for women who are interested in changing the size and volume of their breasts. Whether you'd like to reverse age-related loss of breast volume, or you have naturally small breasts, this highly customizable procedure can be tailored to your cosmetic tastes. Learn more about how breast augmentation at our Miami Beach cosmetic surgery practice can help you achieve beautiful, balanced curves. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not recommend breast augmentation for women under 18, because it is essential for a woman's breasts to have developed fully before undergoing this procedure.

read more › Breast size, shape, and appearance are inextricably linked with an ideal shape and sex appeal, as our current beauty culture places a tremendous emphasis on physical appearance, especially for women. However, breasts can change dramatically over the course of a woman's life, due to factors such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, age, weight fluctuations, genetics, and gravity. As the skin loses its elasticity, breasts begin to droop and point downward, creating a less feminine profile. Women who are concerned about pendulous breasts have the option of breast lift surgery to reshape their silhouette and reverse the effects of time.

read more › No matter how diligently you diet, or how many push-ups and chest presses you do, if you're suffering from gynecomastia, you may still struggle with unwanted breast tissue. You may feel embarrassed taking off your shirt at the beach or during intimate moments. Sometimes, you may feel self-conscious about your appearance even when you have your shirt on. Gynecomastia, which is a medical term for enlarged male breasts, is very common - in fact, estimates suggest up to 65 percent of men who are middle-aged or older have some amount of excess breast tissue.

read more › We've all seen diet and fitness magazines in the grocery checkout line that promise us it is within anyone's reach to achieve flat, toned, and sexy abdominal muscles. Bold headlines like "Get Rock-Hard Abs in Three Weeks" and "Superfoods That Burn Belly Fat" make it seem as if anyone can shed extra flab and get a tighter tummy with enough hard work and commitment. However, if you're genetically predisposed to accumulate fat in your belly - or if you're a woman who has had one or more children - getting the look you desire may be more challenging than those headlines would have you believe.

read more › Curvaceous celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj have inspired a beauty treatment trend that emphasizes a woman's shape- the Brazilian butt lift. This butt lift procedure has become increasingly sought-after in the past several years. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons' most recent statistics, butt lift surgery experienced a massive 254 percent increase between 2000 and 2017. If you're considering this procedure to get a fuller, rounder rear end, it's essential to know more about what it entails, what makes someone a good candidate, and what results you can expect.

read more › Since becoming a mother, your priorities have undoubtedly shifted. You've set aside the things you used to do just for yourself to provide for all the needs of your family while being a loving and supporting partner - which is a full-time job. When was the last time you stopped to treat yourself for all your hard work? Women who have had one or more children are increasingly choosing to get mommy makeovers to restore their pre-pregnancy shape. It's an ideal option for any woman who is looking for a customized approach to body contouring.

read more › Feeling uncomfortable with the most intimate part of your body can affect every aspect of your life. If your labia has been elongated by childbirth, aging, or a congenital defect, you may experience pain during exercise, sexual intercourse, and even normal activities like walking or sitting. You may also worry about how your appearance will affect your romantic relationships. Labiaplasty, a highly specialized procedure that reduces the protrusion of the labia, can help you overcome these issues and lead a fuller, more enjoyable life.

read more › When you are diligent about maintaining healthy weight, only to continue fighting against body bulge, you may have reached your wits' end. If fat deposits in areas such as your thighs, neck, arms, buttocks, or abdomen are holding you back from reaching your fitness goals, you aren't alone. Perhaps you have spent hours at the gym striving to attain your target size and figure, but still feel like obstinate fat is causing parts of your body to look disproportionate. In these cases, liposuction can help remove this stubborn body fat and provide you with your ideal body contours.

read more › Though advancing years come with great gains in wisdom, accomplishments, and experiences. However, some unwanted side effects accompany the physical aging process, including sagging skin on the face, jawline, and neck, lost facial volume and contour, and wrinkles and creases. If you're looking for the best treatment available to create comprehensive facial rejuvenation, visit Dr. David Gerth for facelifts in Miami Beach, FL. Despite your best efforts to age gracefully, highly visible age-related changes are inevitable.

read more › When looking at photos of other faces, humans instinctively gravitate toward symmetry and proportion as being the most attractive elements. That's why people whose noses are out of balance with the rest of their facial features may consider their options for a rhinoplasty, popularly known as a nose job. If you're thinking about surgically improving your nose, you're in good company. A recent report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reveals that nose reshaping continues to be one of the most popular procedures in the U.S., with more than 218,000 procedures performed nationwide in 2017.

read more › There's an excellent reason the eyes are known as "the window to the soul" - they communicate many messages without a word. However, it's precisely because your eyes can express so much emotion that they are often the earliest part of your face to show telltale signs of aging. As you get older, the appearance of your upper and lower eyelids could be conveying the sense that you are tired, sad, or unapproachable, even when none of those things are true. Fortunately, a surgery called a blepharoplasty, or eyelid lift, can take years off your appearance and help revitalize the delicate skin around your eyes.

read more › If you're accustomed to having well-meaning family members and friends ask you things like, Have you been feeling OK lately? You look worn out, and people often assume you are fatigued or upset even when you feel perfectly fine, it may be because a sagging and deeply furrowed brow is silently conveying the message that you're unhappy or angry - no matter how friendly and approachable your demeanor is. The primary problem with an aging forehead is the effect it has on our facial expressions. Deep furrows between your eyebrows, or eyebrows that have begun to sag because of gravity, can make us look like we are frowning, even when we're feeling happy and relaxed.

read more › Changes in skin elasticity are only one part of the facial aging process. The loss of soft tissue volume and the downward migration of facial fat pads also play a substantial role in altering facial features. Over time, these changes usually result in drooping brows, sunken cheeks, and a tired or sad expression. You may also notice that your face looks gaunt or rectangular in shape, rather than oval. While injectable fillers have been rising in popularity, they are not permanent and fill only smaller areas.

read more › Injectable dermal fillers have become a staple of the modern aesthetic industry and have gained widespread popularity. It's easy to see why - they are ideal for anyone who wants comprehensive facial rejuvenation, without the risks or long recovery time associated with more invasive surgical procedures. While fillers on their own can produce excellent results, Dr. Gerth frequently uses a combination of fillers and Botox to perform a "liquid facelift." A skilled injector such as Dr. David Gerth can advise you on where you would benefit from dermal fillers, and he will choose the perfect amount and type to use.

read more › The human face is extremely expressive. Every day, you smile, frown, and raise your eyebrows - all of which leave telltale marks on your skin. Younger people have no problem bouncing back from these repetitive motions because their bodies have plenty of collagen and elastin. However, as you age, your skin loses its resiliency and starts to develop expression-caused wrinkles. You have undoubtedly heard about the incredible anti-aging benefits of Botox, which is famous for its ability to soften existing fine lines and stop new wrinkles from forming.

read more › We all know at least one person who seems to be drinking from the fountain of youth. They always look effortlessly youthful and refreshed, no matter how much stress they experience. So, are they just born lucky or do they have a beauty secret? That person who looks younger than their true age has probably discovered the benefits of injectable dermal fillers like Juvderm - an incredible substance that minimizes fine lines and restores volume loss. If you're looking for non-surgical facial rejuvenation to look and feel your best, contact Dr. David Gerth for Juvderm in Miami Beach, FL.

read more › Over time, our faces tell the story of our lives - from the joys and triumphs to the challenges and tragedies. Humans have highly mobile, expressive features that often make it easy to tell what someone is thinking or feeling, but you may find the common signs of aging are adversely affecting your self-esteem or holding you back from opportunities. The good news is, your wrinkles and fine lines no longer must be indelible marks. Leading Miami Beach cosmetic surgeon Dr. David Gerth can deliver long-lasting age-defying results with Restylane, a revolutionary product that has benefited thousands of patients around the world.

read more › The difference between graceful aging and the development of unwanted features, like jowls and hanging neck skin, depends on how the tissues of the lower face change over time. Sometimes, the fatty deposits that used to support the cheeks descend and clump together near the jawline, distorting the natural balance of the face. EmbraceRF, an innovative new non-surgical treatment from InMode, combines established radiofrequency technologies to strategically remodel facial adipose tissue. By removing problematic fat deposits and improving skin fullness and firmness, EmbraceRF lifts the lower half of the face and restores youthful contours.

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