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San Francisco Plastic Surgeon Dr. Scott Mosser, a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, is pleased to welcome you to this official site for our practice serving the San Francisco Bay Area. Our Union Square location is a convenient center to serve the entire Bay Area and beyond. Your decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is personal and very important. Dr. Mosser listens and educates.

He supports his patients in making their decision with an informative process that includes a thorough discussion of the available options. You will be empowered with the information it takes to make the right choices, confident about the procedures from the very start, and constantly aware of the support that our office provides. Dr. Mosser is not only fellowship-trained in general plastic surgery, but spent a year mastering his surgical techniques by undergoing a further Aesthetic Fellowship in Plastic Surgery.

San Francisco Bay Area residents and even many patients from out of the area benefit from the countless hours Dr. Mosser has spent working with patients in achieving their desired results and improving their lives.

For more in-depth information on these procedures, it is always best to schedule a plastic surgery consultation. Certainly every individual is unique and will have a different experience for their procedure. If you are considering cosmetic plastic surgery, feel free to contact Dr. Mosser for further information about the particular procedure, so that

Dr. Mosser's philosophy focuses on preserving the best features of your natural appearance, utilizing his knowledge of aesthetics to balance and improve the desired area of your body. Improvement through plastic surgery happens through establishing harmony, not by manipulating your fundamental appearance. Enhancing people's lives and witnessing positive

Elina, our Ambassador is the first and last friendly face you'll see when you visit our practice. With a background in Customer Service, Elina has perfected the art of keeping our patient flow running smoothly while effortlessly being a social butterfly. Elina studied Human Biology and Psychology at San Francisco City College and hopes to become a Registered

The following suggested purchases may be helpful to you, depending upon the type of surgery you have. Go over them now and make a list of those items which apply to your situation. If you are uncertain, please ask our office. Milk of Magnesia and fiber products (If you are prone to constipation). If you have NOT had a Bowel Movement 2 days after surgery

Although you are not limited to the items below, this is a list of foods that are easy for your body to digest, which means your body can spend more of its' energy on recovering. Most important to note is that salt (sodium) should be avoided. High salt intake will cause you to swell quite a bit and may prolong your recovery. Yogurt, baby food, apple

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