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Santa Barbara Body Sculpting Santa Barbara Body Sculpting offers a variety of plastic surgical services to the men and women of Santa Barbara, California. From Liposuction and breast augmentation to skin treatments and yoga sessions, Dr. Michael Giuffrida and his team provide innovative and individualized care to every patient that walks through their doors. From checking in at their first appointment to their post-surgery recovery, the team at Santa Barbara Body Sculpting makes every patient feel at home each step of the way.

Dr. Giuffrida -- the practice's leading physician -- is also the only provider in Santa Barbara who offers Awake Liposuction, an innovative and advanced liposuction method. This technique allows his patients to stay conscious throughout the procedure, which helps them get the results of their dreams. Besides fat trimming procedures, Santa Barbara Body Sculpting also offers facial cosmetic services.

These include facelifts and rhinoplasty, as well as ear and eyelid surgery.

read more › Giuffrida is a highly renowned plastic surgeon, very caring with great attention to detail. He is easy to communicate with. Thanks so much Dr. Giuffrida! I appreciate you taking the time to understand my detailed requests, needs, and pickiness! I had my lips injected with restylane a week ago and all I have to say is Dr. Giuffrida has forever changed my life! Thanks so much. Giuffrida did such a great job that I'm still able to maintain curves throughout the areas that he worked on.

read more › There's a good reason why liposuction is the most common cosmetic surgery operation in the United States: it works! Liposuction removes fat from specific areas of your body, giving you the toned look you've dreamed about. Dr. Michael Giuffrida at Santa Barbara Body Sculpting is ready to discuss the wonderful benefits of liposuction with you, including the innovative "Awake Liposuction." Liposuction is an aesthetic surgical procedure that removes fat you've found hard to lose despite diet and exercise.

read more › If you've hoped for six-pack abs or an hourglass waist, a new form of liposuction - called high-definition liposuction - may be the right procedure for you. Dr. Michael Giuffrida of Santa Barbara Body Sculpting in Santa Barbara, California offers this procedure for both male and female patients who are excited to have better-defined bodies. High-definition liposuction is a more specialized form of liposuction, a procedure that removes fat from specific parts of your body for an improved appearance.

read more › You do so much for your kids. Isn't it time you did something for yourself? Dr. Michael Giuffrida, of Santa Barbara Body Sculpting, offers a procedure called a "Mommy Makeover." This is a one-time surgical plan that can rejuvenate several parts of your body at once, including your buttocks, genitalia, waist, abdomen, and breasts. Moms, if you live in the Santa Barbara, California area, contact Dr. Giuffrida today to ask about a Mommy Makeover. Because recovery can take a few weeks, a Mommy Makeover is best for someone who's in good general health and is done having children.

read more › If you've ever wished you could do something with excess fat on your body, a Brazilian Butt Lift may be the right procedure for you. Dr. Michael Giuffrida, a renowned plastic surgeon at Santa Barbara Body Sculpting in Santa Barbara, California, is an expert at the procedure. A Brazilian Butt Lift - also referred to as buttock augmentation or gluteal augmentation - is a procedure wherein Dr. Giuffrida uses liposuction to take fat from parts of your body like your stomach and waist, and transfers that fat to your buttocks.

read more › Ever wish for a flat, well-toned abdomen? If you have, a tummy tuck to remove excess skin and fat from your abdomen might be right for you. Dr. Michael Giuffrida at Santa Barbara Body Sculpting in Santa Barbara, CA has decades of experience with the procedure and is ready to discuss it with you. Tummy tuck surgery is also known as abdominoplasty. With a tummy tuck, Dr. Giuffrida can remove excess skin and fat. The procedure will give you a firmer and smoother abdomen and make you excited to put on a bathing suit again!

read more › Plastic surgery isn't just for women. These days, men of all ages are having surgery to improve their looks and lives. Dr. Michael Giuffrida of Santa Barbara Body Sculpting in Santa Barbara, California has been performing plastic surgery on male patients for decades, with great success. Blepharoplasty, neck lifts, facelifts, liposuction for men, hair transplants, and mentoplasty/chin augmentation are all standard plastic surgery procedures at Santa Barbara Body Sculpting for men. He also offers Awake Liposuction to his male patients.

read more › Surgery to make breasts larger, smaller, firmer, or fuller are some of the most common plastic surgery procedures performed. Dr. Michael Giuffrida of Santa Barbara Body Sculpting in Santa Barbara, California has decades of experience helping women choose the breast surgery best for them and then creating the appearance for their breasts that makes women look their very best. If you're ready to enhance the appearance of your breasts, call or click today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Giuffrida.

read more › Your skin loses elasticity, firmness, and develops wrinkles as you age. Years of sun exposure can compound the effects. Botox(R) and cosmetic fillers are a fast, easy way to look and feel more youthful. Dr. Michael Giuffrida of Santa Barbara Body Sculpting in Santa Barbara, California, is an expert at removing the appearance of wrinkles or frown lines to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Call Santa Barbara Body Sculpting or book an appointment online today. Cosmetic fillers are substances Dr. Giuffrida injects into the muscle just beneath your skin to smooth out wrinkles and restore lost fullness.

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