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Tulsa Plastic Surgery What is a Tulsa Mommy Makeover? Our Mommy Make Over includes at least two of the following: breast lift, breast augmentation, breast reduction, tummy tuck and liposuction. Dr. Arch Miller is considered one of the premier cosmetic surgeons in this region and is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has been in practice for 33 years.

Dr. Arch Miller has been named numerous times to Oklahoma Magazine's "Best Doctors" for the state of Oklahoma, in 2014 he once again received this honor. Dr. Miller has also been named for 12 years in a row to Castle Connelly's list of "Top Doctors". Tulsa Plastic Surgery offers a comprehensive service for facial, breast and body rejuvenation treatments from full-service cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures to the latest non-surgical treatments.

We strive to achieve the most beautiful and natural results in a safe, comfortable and supportive environment. Tulsa aesthetician, Cindy Wood, is able to provide advanced and top of the line procedures and treatments that are focused on the correction and elimination of skin issues that are a result of the breakdown of tissue and the damage that everyday stresses of life can cause.

read more › Dr. Miller with Tulsa Plastic Surgery has been practicing cosmetic and reconstructive surgery for over 25-years. When it comes to trusting your face, body or skin you deserve the best and the doctors at Tulsa Plastic Surgery, combined with the staff are second to none. You may seek arm lift (brachioplasty) plastic surgery to alleviate the loose, sagging appearance of your upper arms. Many factors such as age, weight fluctuations, and heredity can cause your upper arms to droop. Though exercise may tone your underlying arm muscles, you may have fat deposits, lack of skin elasticity, or weakened tissues may be resistant to traditional weight-loss and body-toning methods.

read more › Tulsa Plastic Surgery is the first practice in the Tulsa area to offer the amazing miraDry technology. This procedure is performed and/or overseen by a plastic surgeon, Dr. Arch Miller M.D. Why is this important to you? A plastic surgeon understands your skin, muscles and nerves at a much greater level than an R.N. or a medical technician. If the cost of performing the miraDry procedure is the same whether using a M.D., R.N., or a medical technician, why not choose the most highly trained professional to perform this medical procedure?

read more › Tulsa Plastic Surgery offers all aspects of cosmetic and plastic surgery, convenient non-invasive, non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments, and outstanding skincare products. The practice is conveniently located for patients in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Have you've suffered from excessive sweating for a long time now and are tired of feeling overly self-conscious about it?. Does it feel like you've used every deodorant and antiperspirant on the market with no help to ease the overproduction of sweat and the marks it leaves behind?.

read more › Tulsa Plastic Surgery helps patients put their best face forward and feel more confident. Whether you desire facial rejuvenation to restore a more youthful look, a better profile, or eyelid surgery for a more alert and rested appearance, or to repair and/or reconstruct your facial features affected from an injury or disease. Dr. Miller has the skill and experience to help you achieve your goals.

read more › A facelift can help restore youth and vibrancy to your face. Natural-looking results virtually undo the unwanted effects of time. Tulsa Plastic Surgery accomplishes these effects by removing fat deposits as well as tightening the skin and underlying muscles of your face. The everyday stress of life, as well as the effects of age, gravity, and exposure to sunlight take a toll on the face, many times leading one to consider a facelift (also known as rhytidectomy). Tulsa Plastic Surgery understands that these unwelcome changes can decrease your confidence.

read more › Dr. Miller with Tulsa Plastic Surgery is one of the most trusted and highly rated Tulsa, OK plastic surgery practices. The "Youthful Face" or fat grafting face lift uses the latest in plastic surgery techniques. As we age, our skin loses essential volume and elasticity. This fat loss and laxity results in indentations, lines and wrinkles mostly apparent in the face. The fat that helped give us the full cheeks and smooth skin of our youth slowly breaks down. With the passage of time, the face loses its plumpness and youthful contours.

read more › You may seek an eyelid lift (a blepharoplasty) due to excess muscle, fat, and skin around your eyes, making you look old or tired. In some cases, these conditions may even interfere with your vision. An eyelid lift with Dr. Miller can correct your drooping upper lids as well as any puffy bags below your eyes. Eyelid lift surgery helps to erase signs of aging and reverse the toll of everyday stresses on your face. An eyelid lift can help you look and feel more youthful and self-confident. Each eyelid lift is an individualized procedure.

read more › Facial contouring, and chin augmentation plastic surgery in particular, changes the basic structure of your face. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, our surgeons use carefully styled implants to create a more attractive and harmonious balance to your face. Many patients, both men and women, who come to Dr. Miller find that their appearance can be greatly improved by enhancements to the chin through chin augmentation plastic surgery (genioplasty). A recessive chin can make the mouth appear to turn down at the corners, which can create an "unhappy" look.

read more › The term otoplasty refers to the reshaping or reforming or "pinning" of the ears. Most commonly, the procedure is performed to correct prominent ears by setting them back closer to the head. Each individual's ears are different however, and otoplasty may refer to the correction of a number of different ear conditions. When performing otoplasty (ear pinning) plastic surgery, our doctor will bring skill, experience and training to performing this procedure for both children and adults. For children, large and/or protruding ears can result in teasing or name-calling that can make adjustment to school difficult, sad or painful and reduce self-confidence as they enter adulthood.

read more › Many women would like to improve the shape and size of their breasts. Dr. Miller offers a number of breast plastic surgery procedures that help patients achieve their personal ideal of breast form and size. Tulsa Plastic Surgery brings their experience, artistry, care and advanced training to each patient so that you can obtain an excellent and natural looking result.

read more › You may choose Tulsa breast augmentation plastic surgery to balance the asymmetries of your breasts or correct the proportions of your body. You may simply desire larger breasts to increase your self-confidence. Tulsa Plastic Surgery utilizes both saline and silicone breast implants. Dr. Miller's breast augmentation patients report increased confidence and a lasting appreciation for their enhanced breasts. For more information see the implant selection guide. Breast enlargement offers the unique opportunity to customize the size and shape of your breasts as well as create the desired proportions between your chest and hips.

read more › You may have noticed that your breasts sag due to loss of skin elasticity. Time, gravity, weight loss, pregnancy, or breast-feeding may negatively affect the position and shape of your breasts, leading you to schedule a breast lift (mastopexy) with Dr. Miller. You may seek a breast lift from Tulsa Plastic Surgery if you are satisfied with the size of your breasts, but would like a raised, more youthful breast contour. Breast lift cosmetic surgery can enhance your confidence and shape. Your breast lift cosmetic surgery goals will be discussed realistically with your doctor.

read more › You may wish to undergo a breast reduction procedure with Dr. Miller to alleviate uncomfortable or painful symptoms caused by the excessive weight of your over-developed breasts. Though breast reduction surgery can be performed at nearly any age, Dr. Miller generally recommend postponing any procedure until your breasts are fully developed. A breast reduction procedure with Dr. Miller can make your breasts more proportional to the rest of your body, solve your problems of discomfort or pain, and improve the size and shape of your breasts.

read more › Gynecomastis or enlarged male breasts is a very common condition, affecting 40 to 60 percent of the male population. A history of cancer, liver disorders, or the use of certain drugs (anabolic steroids, alcohol, estrogen medications, etc.) can contribute to gynecomastia. However, you may be one of the many men who suffer from enlarged male breasts with an unknown cause. A male breast reduction procedure with Dr. Miller can give you a firmer, flatter, more contoured chest. Your self-confidence may be enhanced and your masculinity reaffirmed.

read more › If your breasts developed such that they are flat and sagging and they lack any resemblance of natural lift and normal shape, you may have tuberous breast deformity. Luckily, this condition can be corrected through a combination of procedures that can give you breasts that are lifted and full. Dr. Miller are skilled and experienced in breast correction surgeries and can work with you to achieve the results you desire. You are not alone in seeking a medical solution for a breast abnormality-the American Society for Aesthetic Plastics Surgery reports that up to five percent of women undergoing breast surgery seek relief from tuberous breast deformity.

read more › You may want to undergo a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, with Dr. Miller to reduce the size of your abdomen. If you have tried unsuccessfully to tone your protruding belly with dieting and exercise, you are a good candidate for a tummy tuck. Plastic Surgery An abdominoplasty can restore the shape and contour of your tummy. Your abdomen may be smaller, flatter, and appear lean and toned after your tummy tuck procedure. Your self-confidence, comfort in clothing, and shape may also benefit from an abdominoplasty with Dr. Miller.

read more › You may desire a liposuction procedure with Dr. Miller to reduce fat deposits throughout your body. These protruding fat deposits that are unaffected by diet and exercise may be decreasing your self-confidence. Your liposuction Tulsa cosmetic surgery goals will be discussed realistically with Dr. Miller. Because he often performs liposuction in conjunction with other cosmetic surgeries, together you will decide which procedures with him that will perform to achieve your desired results. You will set a date for surgery and be given instructions about how to prepare.

read more › You may desire a thigh lift if diet and exercise have proved unsuccessful in reducing the size of your inner or outer thighs. Your confidence and body image may be negatively affected by thick, heavy thighs. Thigh lift cosmetic surgery will reshape your thighs, reduce excess skin as well as fat, and give you smoother skin as well as thighs that are more proportionate to the rest of your body. Your thighs will be firmer and look more youthful, enhancing your self-confidence and shape. Your thigh lift cosmetic surgery procedure will be performed with anesthesia.

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