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Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center Dr. Sasaki is a renowned expert, innovator, and educator whose impeccable credentials are matched only by his dedication to personalized patient care. He is recognized as one of the leading cosmetic plastic surgeons not only in Southern California, but in the nation and the world. Dr. Sasaki constantly innovates to bring new technologies and techniques to plastic surgery practices worldwide.

As Professor of Plastic Surgery for many years, Dr. Sasaki has created an Academic-Private Practice that educates, consults, and uses his own research to teach others and advance the fields of aesthetic medicine and surgery. For more than 35 years, the Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center has fulfilled Dr. Gordon H. Sasaki's vision of offering 3 integrated Centers of Excellence to address the unique and evolving needs of our patients.

Few aesthetic practices in Southern California can match the combination of expertise and truly personalized patient care that you'll find at our Pasadena medical center.

read more › Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center is the premier provider of cosmetic surgery and aesthetic treatments in Pasadena, California. Practice director and triple board-certified physician Gordon Sasaki, MD, FACS, is an internationally recognized plastic surgeon with 40 years of experience. The practice consists of three integrated Centers of Excellence dedicated to your age-appropriate aesthetic needs. The Surgical Center features an elegant waiting area for patient comfort with professional receptionists providing a warm welcome and treating patients with respect and dignity.

read more › Gordon Sasaki, MD, FACS, is a triple board-certified plastic surgeon at Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center serving patients in Los Angeles, Pasadena, and the surrounding communities. Dr. Sasaki received his undergraduate degree from Pomona College and his medical degree from Yale University School of Medicine. He completed his general surgery training and fellowships in surgical oncology and breast cancer research at the University of Oregon Medical Center (board-certified in General Surgery) and served as an anesthesiologist during military service in Vietnam.

read more › Dr. Sasaki is honored that you have selected his aesthetic practice and its 3 integrated centers of excellence that focus on your aesthetic age-appropriate needs with evidence-based treatments. Offering residents Los Angeles, Pasadena, San Marino, Arcadia, Glendale-Burbank and the surrounding area a range of plastic surgery procedures, the Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center includes a renowned onsite surgical center and is dedicated to your safety and well-being in a comprehensive and integrated medical office environment.

read more › Bringing a baby into the world provides a lot of joy. However, the changes your body endures during pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing may make it hard for you to get back your pre-baby body. Triple-board certified cosmetic plastic surgeon, Gordon Sasaki, MD, FACS, at Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center in Pasadena, California, can help you get your body back with his mommy makeover. The nationally and internationally recognized plastic surgeon uses a number of procedures to improve your body shape and boost your self-confidence.

read more › When it comes to achieving a firmer, more defined abdomen, exercise, and weight-management programs may not be enough. At Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center in Pasadena, California, triple-board certified cosmetic plastic surgeon, Gordon Sasaki, MD, FACS, can help you achieve your aesthetic goals with his tummy tuck. He uses innovative techniques and procedures to ensure you get your desired results. To schedule a consultation with the nationally and internationally renowned surgeon, contact the Los Angeles area office by phone or online today.

read more › Loss of facial volume and degradation of skin's appearance are common signs of aging. Thanks to new technology, some of which Dr. Sasaki has researched himself at his Pasadena plastic surgery practice, harvesting the fat cells from your body can help stimulate new cell growth, assisting with recovery, signs of aging, and hair regeneration. In the past decade, the term "regenerative cell" has attracted significant attention in the scientific community, as well as the general public. Although these dynamic cells may be difficult to define and understand, they are vital to humans for numerous reasons.

read more › Liposuction is the leading form of cosmetic surgery in the United States and one of the most effective ways to attain a fit and well-proportioned appearance. Triple board-certified plastic surgeon Gordon Sasaki, MD, FACS, at Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center in Pasadena, California, has worked with leading technology companies over the years to help develop ground-breaking techniques such as water-jet, ultrasonic, laser-assisted, and power-assisted liposuction. Find out which of these advanced liposuction techniques is best for you by calling Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center today or booking an appointment online.

read more › Patients may have hollowed or deflated areas of their face due to loss of volume due to the aging process. Dr. Sasaki, a Pasadena plastic surgeon, has several surgical options to help address the signs of aging in the face and restore lost volume to help you achieve your desired results. Some patients elect to have a facelift to improve the appearance of their face and combat the signs of aging. A facelift addresses the loss of volume in the face by repositioning the cheek fat upward and outward to reestablish a more youthful, triangulated appearance with fuller and rounder cheeks and tightened prejowl and jowl areas.

read more › If the underside of your upper arms has sagging fat and skin, an upper arm lift may be the best procedure for you. The conditions that lead to loss of elasticity in the skin are most often from aging, heredity, and significant weight changes. In some cases, there are excess deposits of fat within the loose skin, which contribute to the bat-wing appearance. During a physical examination and a discussion of your expectations at his Pasadena plastic surgery practice, Dr. Sasaki will provide specific information about brachioplasty (arm lift surgery) to help address your concerns.

read more › Are you tired of your double chin and want to tighten the loose skin on your neck? Then it may be time to consider a neck lift. Triple-board certified cosmetic plastic surgeon, Gordon Sasaki, MD, FACS, at Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center in Pasadena, California, is a facial plastic surgery expert with years of experience performing neck lift procedures. To schedule a consultation with the nationally and internationally renowned physician, call the Los Angeles area office or book online today.

read more › The inner thigh is one of the most aesthetically sensitive areas in body contouring. The "thigh gap" in youth can reflect fragility and femininity while excess skin from weight fluctuations or aging can be both aesthetically and functionally troublesome. Most often excess skin is accompanied by uneven fat distribution in this region. To treat excess skin and residual pockets of fat, Dr. Sasaki offers thigh lift surgery at his Pasadena plastic surgery practice. Depending on your individual anatomy, a thigh lift requires a combination of liposuction and skin excision.

read more › Aging hands, just like other body parts, are the result of sun exposure or outside forces causing skin changes and loss of subcutaneous fat, which leads to wrinkles and visibility of veins and tendons. In order to obtain a more youthful appearance in the hands, patients need both skin care and to replenish the loss of under the skin fat. Hand rejuvenation can be achieved with either surgical or nonsurgical treatment options. Dr. Sasaki offers a combination of hand rejuvenation treatments at his Pasadena plastic surgery practice.

read more › Do you have a drooping brow that makes you look tired, angry, or sad? A brow lift performed by Dr. Sasaki at his Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center in Pasadena may help improve the appearance of a sagging brow. In some patients, a significant lowering of the brow contributes to pseudo-excess of skin to the upper eyelids. The doctor will demonstrate the natural outcome after a surgical brow lift that not only brightens your appearance, but also corrects some of the pseudo-extra skin folds within your upper eyelids.

read more › Volume enhancement and shaping of the calf may be accomplished by the insertion of a solid semisoft silicone/gel implant (implant augmentation) or injections of your own fat (autologous augmentation). Dr. Sasaki will inform you about the advantages and disadvantages of each technique during your consultation at his Pasadena plastic surgery practice. He utilizes only anatomically shaped, FDA-approved implants for your safety and for providing an optimal aesthetic result. During your preoperative consultation, Dr. Sasaki will help you determine the size and shape of your calf implants based on your anatomy and goals.

read more › Scars can be disfiguring and aesthetically unpleasant. For some of our Pasadena and Los Angeles patients, a scar is a reminder of a traumatic or emotionally disturbing experience. Scars can be painful, itchy or sensitive to touch. In some instances scar contractures can cause functional limitation and disruption of daily activities. Dr. Sasaki offers both surgical and nonsurgical treatments to reduce the appearance and discomfort of scars at his plastic surgery practice in Pasadena. There are a variety of surgical and nonsurgical options available to improve the scars to make them narrow, fade, softer or release the scar (subcision) from underlying structures.

read more › Thread lifts have been available since the 1980's as a minimally-invasive alternative for lifting your fatty tissue and skin at earlier stages of facial aging. Thread lift procedures will usually not provide sufficient elevation and tightening of tissues for patients with full heavier faces or with more advanced laxity to their muscle layers, fatty tissue, and skin. Thus, results from thread lifts are variable because of the complexity of the aging process that differ by ethnicity, chronological and genetic aging, and fluctuations in facial fat volume.

read more › Some patients at our Pasadena plastic surgery practice may feel less confident because of flat buttocks and thin calves. Improving the strength and tone of muscles does not always create an aesthetically full, firm, and shapely buttock or calf. If these areas are of concern to you, a Brazilian Butt Lift, or buttock augmentation, procedure may be the only way to produce a shapely figure. The lack of a well-proportioned and shapely buttock may be due to heredity, loss of fatty tissue, or muscle wasting.

read more › Your eyes communicate with the outside world. Excess skin folds, undesired bulges, or drooping lids make you look tired and older than you feel. If you're searching for a treatment to improve the look of your eyes, nationally and internationally renowned cosmetic plastic surgeon, Gordon Sasaki, MD, FACS, can help. At Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center in Pasadena, California, he offers blepharoplasty, or upper eyelid surgery, to address the signs of aging and improve your look. Call the Los Angeles area office or request an appointment online today.

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