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Johnson & Johnson's Plastic Surgery division, Mentor Corp. picked Scarguard as THE ONLY scar product to sell to plastic surgeons to make their work look better. Clinical trials proved it WORKS. Burn? Medical research shows that Silicone, Cortisone and Vitamin E are extremely powerful scar fighters if used properly. Scarguard is the #1 scar treatment of plastic surgeons worldwide and you can get it today without a prescription!.

Scarguard is a liquid that brushes on and quickly forms an invisible protective layer, delivering all of these treatments. Twice a day, simply lift it off with a piece of scotch tape and reapply. It has been proven to decrease scar tissue tremendously if used after an injury has closed. It will also work on old scar tissue if it is thick and raised!

Dark scars, age spots, liver spots, freckles and melasma can be challenging. ScarLight Lightning Serum is up to the challenge. A revolutionary, disappearing serum, it can be used along with Scarguard on a scar, or under makeup invisibly.

read more › Many scar products on the market today do not work. If you look at the ingredients, you might be shocked to see they are onion creams or oils with no science behind them at all! So how do you find something that actually works?. Scarguard was invented by a plastic surgeon for plastic surgeons to control scarring after surgery. After extensive review, it was bought by the Mentor division of Johnson & Johnson for distribution to plastic surgeons and dermatologists. It quickly became the #1 product dispensed by plastic surgeons for scars* and gained high acclaim in the medical literature as effective to reduce scar formation after surgery or injury and to reduce old overgrown scars.

read more › Ultra-thin silicone sheets with Vitamin E are great to help your c-section and other scars. Vitamin E Sheets is an ultra-thin, nearly invisible, silicone scar sheet that uses medical grade silicone infused with vitamin E that is believed to mimic the normal skin's natural barrier function thereby improving the appearance of scars both old and new.

read more › It's important to understand and identify the type of scar you have so it can be treated properly. When scars are raised and thick you can use Scarguard MD or Scarsheet MD to improve the appearance. Raised scars occur when the body over-produces collagen to fill in the gap caused by injury or surgery. Most are called hypertrophic scars where excess collagen has created a raised bump above the skin. Sometimes a hypertrophic scar can grow into a keloid which is a condition where the collagen has grown outside the original wound area.

read more › Here are some common injury and acne scars. To better understand the type of scar that you have so it can be properly treated, you should first identify if it's a raised or sunken scar. Keloid Scars - A keloid is a thickened scar in which there is overgrowth of scar tissue and collagen beyond the borders of the original scar. Treatment -Keloids are harmless but can be itchy or painful for some individuals. Raised or hypertrophic scars and keloids can be treated with Scarguard MD and ScarSheet MD.

read more › Here are some common injury and acne scars. To better understand the type of scar that you have so it can be properly treated, you should first identify if it's a raised or sunken scar. C-Section Scar - Caesarean sections, commonly called C-sections, are performed on women giving birth. The incision is usually either horizontal along the bikini line or vertical, and it leaves a scar behind. Treatment - It is possible to treat a C-section scar using Scarguard MD or Scarsheet MD every day and night for 6-8 months.

read more › It is not always possible to go through a normal delivery when giving birth. There are many reasons why women opt to undergo a C-section delivery-personal preference, induced labor or complications. However, one of the things that bother most women is the possibility of being left with a C-section scar. The incision is usually either horizontal along the bikini line or vertical, and it leaves a scar behind. Treatment - The good news is that no matter how long you've had your C-section scar, it can be treated.

read more › Injury Bruise - If you fall to the ground while playing basketball or football, hit your leg on the table or run into a wall, chances are, you will most likely develop an unsightly bruise that will take some time to heal. A bruise is caused when tiny blood vessels are damaged or broken as the result of a blow to the skin. The raised area of a bump or bruise results from blood leaking from these injured blood vessels into the tissues as well as from the body's response to the injury. A bruise is medically referred to as a contusion.

read more › Freckles are a hereditary trait caused by uneven distribution of skin pigmentation. They are particularly common on people with light skin complexion on areas such as cheeks, nose, arms and shoulders and develop after repeated exposure to sunlight. These small tan or light brown spots are often mistaken as moles and are quite harmless-they rarely develop to skin cancer. While freckles lighten when the weather gets cooler, there are other means of treating these aside from waiting for the cold season.

read more › It is a common misconception to think that dark under-eye circles are due to lack of sleep. Age, allergies and lifestyle are also be contributors to this discoloration. With age comes the decrease in the amount of collagen on your face, making skin thinner and giving it a translucent appearance. This make under-eye circles more prominent. While there are many factors that contribute to the darkening of the under-eye region, Scarlight MD is an effective treatment that lightens and fades these dark eye circles.

read more › Many scars turn brown when they heal and it can become unsightly, most especially if it is located on the face or any other exposed area on the body. Thankfully, you do not have to sit back and suffer in the dark. Scarlight MD uses a proprietary blend of multiple lighteners that can help fade this. This combination of dermatological and homeopathic ingredients has been engineered to act synergistically to lighten dark brown scars and other skin discolorations. If your scar is thickened or raised aside from being brown or discolored, we suggest you use Scarguard MD along with Scarlight MD.

read more › What are age spots? Age spots, also commonly referred to as liver spots, or senile or solar lentigines, are hyperpigmentation of the skin. They are flat, tan or black spots that usually develop on skin and are located at areas that get the most amount of sun. While age spots frequently form on adults over 50 years old, they can also be found on younger people, if they spend a lot of time in the sun without sun protection. Scarlight is a proprietary blend of multiple lighteners. The combination of dermatological and homeopatic ingredients has been engineered to act synergistically to lighten skin discolorations by fading existing discolorations and blocking further darkening.

read more › I have been recommending and have incorporated Scarguard in my practice for the last year. I started slowly with Scarguard and was hesitant about recommending another scar treatment in my practice. Scarguard has received high marks. It has been well accepted by both my patients and staff, and most importantly, it works! Fresh scars settle down more quickly and older scars seem to get that nudge to reach a less noticeable state. The preparation is easy to use. While there is no treatment available that will allow a wound to heal without any scar, Scarguard comes closest to being able to favorably influence scar formation.

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