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Ennis, Lawrence, MD Dr. L. Scott Ennis is listed as a Top Ten Plastic Surgeon in Florida based on patient satisfaction by the American Institute of Plastic Surgeons 2017. Dr. Ennis specializes in endoscopic minimal incision breast, body and facial surgery, which allows him to achieve dramatic results while minimizing visible scars. With an international location in Destin, FL, Dr. Ennis provides plastic surgery in Destin to patients all over the world.

His approach to cosmetic surgery is much different than many of his peers: each patient is evaluated to formulate an individualized plan that will address his or her individual goals and problem areas and ensure the patient achieves a very natural look to their results. Save time and beat the traffic with a private online consultation or book an in-office consultation with Dr. Ennis at Ennis Plastic Surgery.

read more › Dr. Scott Ennis is known around the world as an expert and master in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery. Known for the beautiful, natural-looking results that he delivers, Dr. Ennis' patients travel from all around the world - including Europe, South America and Asia - to be treated by him, some of whom seek his expertise in performing revision surgeries that correct complications from their previous surgeries. Dr. Ennis specializes in endoscopic minimal incision breast, body and facial surgery, which allows him to achieve dramatic results while minimizing visible scars.

read more › Your face is the first place on your body that shows age. As the face ages, it loses the structural support and the muscle, ligaments and fat pads get lax and become tired, contributing to an older, tired appearance. To turn back the clock for a fresher, more youthful-appearing face with a facial surgery procedure, you need a surgeon like Dr. Ennis who understands the structural support of the face coupled with an artistic eye for creating beautiful results that are both subtle and natural-looking.

read more › As we get older, our brow starts to descend and take on a heavy, tired look. Wrinkles on the forehead, vertical creases between the eyebrows and even hooded upper eyelids can all result from the aging process. Dr. Ennis' brow lift procedure raises the brow back to a more youthful position, and can help with wrinkles on the forehead and between the brows for a younger, more alert, rested-appearing face that looks naturally refreshed while avoiding the surprised look of the old-fashioned lifts. Dr. Ennis performs brow lift surgery with the endoscopic surgical method that uses a tiny camera (or endoscope) and four small incisions hidden back in the hairline for a precise, minimally invasive procedure that results in a more t natural-looking result that avoids the large scar across the scalp or in front of the hairline, which is often visible, especially when the hair is wet.

read more › Round, chubby cheeks can be cute in childhood and even into adulthood, but some people don't wish to carry their baby face into adulthood. If you have full cheeks and would like a more sculpted and defined face, the buccal fat pad removal procedure can help you achieve the look you're after. Patient selection for this procedure is important, as removing these pads can give the patient a hollow appearance if they already have thin cheeks. Buccal fat pads are located in the lower portion of the face, and typically descend (or slide) into the jowl as we get older, hence the name sliding buccal fat pad.

read more › Tired of looking tired? Hooded eyes, puffiness or bags under the eyes contribute to a worn-out expression that can add years to your face. Eyelid surgery, also called blepharoplasty, is a surgical procedure that corrects these problems that not only cause you to look older and tired, and possibly even angry, but can sometimes relieve vision problems caused by sagging eyelids interfering with your line of vision. Eyelid surgery can be performed on the upper eyelids, the lower eyelids, or both. Many people, especially men and women in their middle-age years, are amazed at how much of a difference this simple surgery has on their face, giving them a more open, youthful and refreshed appearance.

read more › Aging, gravity, sun damage, weight fluctuations and other factors all contribute to a sagging effect in the face and neck that can make you look old, worn out, tired and even angry. As the face ages, it loses its structural support as the muscles, ligaments and fat pads become lax, causing the skin to droop as it loses its structural support. Dr. Ennis' precise facelift surgical technique combats these unattractive effects by lifting and tightening the structures of the face, creating a more youthful and natural appearance while avoiding the pulled, overdone look!

read more › If you're self-conscious about the size or shape of your nose, rhinoplasty nose reshaping may be able to help. This procedure subtly sculpts the nose to create a more balanced facial proportion. Dr. Ennis uses precise surgical techniques to make changes to the nose's width or length, smooth out bumps on the bridge, lift a drooping nasal tip and other common revisions. Dr. Ennis' light, artistic touch results in subtle yet noticeable changes to the nose's shape for an improved facial appearance that preserves the patient's identity.

read more › Dr. Ennis uses his artistic eye for bringing out the best in each woman and her unique beauty and physicality by offering a variety of breast surgery procedures to fit every need. Whether a woman would like larger breasts to accentuate her curves, a youthful bounce returned to once-perky breasts that have begun to sag after pregnancy, or a reduction in the size of her heavy, uncomfortable chest, Dr. Ennis offers his skill set for creating beautiful results that naturally balance a woman's frame.

read more › Though every woman is different, many share the common desire to feel comfortable and confident in their skin. The way a woman feels about the size, shape and feel of her breasts can either hinder or help her to achieve this goal. Have you often found yourself wishing they were larger, fuller, rounder or more evenly matched in size?. Or are you a mother who's become increasingly dissatisfied with how your breasts look after seeing the effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding?. Whether you want to feel good about your breasts again or for the first time, Dr. Ennis can help.

read more › Breast augmentation is the most sought after plastic surgery procedure as a means to improve appearance and increase self-confidence. Over the last decade, breast augmentation patients have more options when selecting the placement of their implants. New and improved methods of transaxillary, or under the arm, placement offer the same incredible results without the unsightly scar on the breast. Patients who opt for the Transaxillary Breast Augmentation technique, you can achieve the look desired without the fear of unwanted under the breast scars which could be visible in swimsuits or possible loss of sensation with the areolar incision.

read more › Are you a mom who looks back fondly on a time when you had perkier breasts? Do you struggle with feeling self-conscious about your breasts that now sag after years of gaining and losing weight? Or maybe you're a woman of a certain age that finds herself wishing her drooping breasts looked as good naked as they did fully clothed and supported by a good bra. If you relate to any of these scenarios, breast lift surgery is the solution for creating firmer, lifted breasts - like the ones you had in your youth.

read more › Breast reduction surgery may corrects many problems woman have due to large and heavy breasts. Dr. Ennis can help patients with breast reduction surgery by reducing breast tissue and trimming excess breast skin for a smaller, attractive bust line. Is the attention you receive as a result of a large chest making you embarrassed or uncomfortable?. After breast reduction surgery, most women report increased comfort while exercising and more self-confidence and relief from back, shoulder and neck pain.

read more › Saline to Silicone is one of the most popular types of breast revision surgery performed by Dr. Ennis, along with breast revisions due to implant ruptures, capsular contractures, size adjustments and scar revisions. Are you experiencing painful and/or unsightly complications after having breast implants?. If you answered yes to any of the items above, then a breast revision surgery may help address these concerns. Dr. Ennis' talent and skill are apparent in the results of his breast revision procedures.

read more › Transform your body by correcting and smoothing trouble areas with a body contouring procedure. These procedures are designed to tighten and tone the body for a smoother, sexier physique that is hard to accomplish even with the cleanest diet and the most regular exercise habits. Dr. Ennis offers his patients the following procedures to create the body of their dreams:. For unwanted, unattractive fat bulges on the body that can't be corrected with diet and exercise alone, liposuction can help you achieve a more proportionate silhouette and correct those nearly impossible areas.

read more › Maybe this is you: you've tried every glute exercise, including squats and weights, to build a butt, all to no avail. Unfortunately, working hard in the gym still comes with limited results when someone has flat or poorly projecting buttocks and wants to create a perkier, curvier backside. A flat or droopy butt can occur as a result of significant weight loss, pregnancy or simply the natural aging process. Brazilian butt lift surgery reshapes the rear end using fat that is transferred from another part of the patient's own body and injected into the buttocks to be reshaped into a rounder, sexier and fuller posterior.

read more › Were you born with large vaginal lips? Have you experienced changes to your vulvar appearance due to aging or childbirth? If either of these sound familiar, you may feel self-conscious or find yourself avoiding intimacy because you are too embarrassed to be seen by your partner. Perhaps you are not wearing bikini bottoms or yoga pants because you're afraid that your labia will show through the material. These problems can be addressed by a surgical procedure called labiaplasty. Labiaplasty reduces the size of the inner or outer labia and reshapes them for a more pleasing, comfortable appearance.

read more › Are pesky fat bulges on your body that will just not go away preventing you from achieving the body you desire? If you've tried every combination of diet and exercise and you still have stubborn fat pockets clinging to your body, the liposuction procedure was created for people like you. Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure; it is designed to correct problem areas. Both men and women have benefited from the slimming, smoothing effects of liposuction. Trouble areas such as the hips, thighs and back are often where troublesome fat rolls reside in women.

read more › If you're a mother who has had a bundle of joy but is left with a bundle of body fat and skin from pregnancy, then a mommy makeover is made for you. A mommy makeover is ideal for women who want to combat the physical effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding - including loose, hanging stomach skin and sagging breasts - to restore their pre-pregnancy body. It involves a combination of two or more procedures, including tummy tuck, liposuction and breast lift surgery, which are tailored to each individual mother and her unique body-sculpting needs.

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