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Dr. Gloria de Olarte is a female, board-certified plastic surgeon in Pasadena, California. Dr. de Olarte has the qualifications, experience, education and reputation for excellent surgery that many patients have trusted her for their plastic surgery needs. My goal is to provide the highest quality plastic surgery care based upon a sincere desire to serve the needs of my patients.

I prefer a professional, yet personal relationship, putting the patient's interests first. My office is not volume oriented; I personally spend at least one hour with each new patient. I am a dedicated, compassionate and skilled surgeon. As a female Plastic Surgeon I am very meticulous and detail oriented and want my patients to look their best.

I have over 20 years of experience and the education and training to help you with your plastic surgery needs, my Plastic Surgery Board certification demonstrates my ability to provide a higher standard of care.Making you look and feel better is Dr. De Olarte's passion.

Patients know the office staff can often make or break the doctor-patient relationship. Dr. de Olarte knows this, too, and carefully selects her staff to ensure patients are treated with respect and competence, and she is ready to listen to your questions and answer as best as she can. Call 626-577-7965 to speak with any staff member. Dr. Gloria de

Dr. de Olarte is skilled, experienced and well-trained in Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. de Olarte does Tummy Tucks, including the Mini, the Extended and the Standard Abdominoplasty, depending on the patient's needs and physical appearance and when working out is not enough and you are ready for a change. Dr. de Olarte likes to improve the waist line and the

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