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Our team is composed of four fellowship trained Facial Plastic Surgeons. Our members are double-board certified diplomates of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and American Academy of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery. As Facial Plastic Surgeons, we pride ourselves as experts in techniques and anatomy of the head and neck.

We trained exclusively in this area of the body and the combined expertise of our team compliments the quality of the care of our patients. At Syracuse Facial Plastic Surgery, open communication, safety, and attention to detail are the foundation to delivering exceptional results. New York City native, loves soccer, photography and an avid foodie.

His areas of academic interest include facial rejuvenation surgery, injectable fillers, and surgery for facial nerve disorders. Originally from Wisconsin, but fell in love with Upstate New York, loves to travel and enjoys the outdoors. His areas of academic interest include skin cancer/ melanoma, disorders of the skin and laser surgery.

The goals of surgery are to reshape the cartilages and bones of the nose to produce a harmonious and natural appearance that will beautify and enhance one's own facial features. As a central unit, the nose is an area that provides balance to the face and will highlight the essence of your appearance. But as we aim for an aesthetic change, we cannot

Aging is a natural part of life, but we can help minimize its effects. As we age, several processes occur that contribute to the shadows and laxity that one will often see. We lose volume throughout the face from resorption of bone and fatty tissue under the skin, the ligaments which hold the soft tissues of our face relax and loosen, and gravity takes

Having prominent ears can be a source of insecurity. Usually the ideal time to perform this surgery is around the age of 5, around the time ear growth is about complete and prior to or shortly after starting school to avoid teasing from others. However, it can be performed at any time. The aim of the surgery is to bring the pinna (outer ear) closer

Patients often come to the office asking to have their eyelids done because they feel they look heavy, tired, and angry. In many instances, the eyelids are not the problem but rather it is the eyebrows that have descended. It is important that your surgeon recognizes signs of brow descent (brow ptosis) which may camouflage what would otherwise show

Our eyes convey emotions to those around us and can express a refreshed vigor and youthfulness. Unfortunately, be it genetics or the natural process of aging, skin laxity, puffiness, and bags around the eyes can also give a tired and heavy appearance. It's because of this that blepharoplasty surgery of the upper and lower eyelids are such powerful procedures

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