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University Plastic Surgeons is a unique plastic surgery practice in Memphis and the Mid-south region. Its renowned team of surgeons specializes in both cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgical procedures.

The group provides care for treating the full spectrum of plastic surgery problems including the most complex cases in craniofacial and cleft surgery, pediatric plastic surgery, breast reconstruction including the latest microsurgery techniques, burn acute and reconstructive surgery, head & neck cancer reconstruction, trauma reconstruction including hand and peripheral nerve surgery.

The physicians of University Plastic Surgeons bring extensive experience and the latest techniques to the field of cosmetic surgery of the face, breast, and body as well.Each doctor is a member of the faculty of the University of Tennessee College of Medicine in Memphis and are the teachers of future plastic surgeons training in the UTHSC plastic surgery residency.These are some of the reasons that make University Plastic Surgeons some of the best plastic Surgeons Memphis has to offer.

read more › University Plastic Surgeons physicians and support team offer a unique combination of skills. Serving as the region's primary reconstructive surgeons, treating those requiring the most advanced skills following accidents, burns, severe medical conditions, or infant and adult abnormalities, University Plastic Surgeons physicians serve patients with the most challenging and difficult ailments in the field of plastic surgery. Our professionally trained physicians use their skills to treat patients seeking cosmetic surgery of the face, breast or body.

read more › We offer skincare products only available to qualified physicians. Our skincare products were selected as they produce real-world results in skin protection, restoration, and maintenance. Meet with us to have a customized skincare treatment plan to match your skin type, color, and needs. Your skin is a living organ and must be cared for to continue to be healthy, firm, and glowing. At University Plastic Surgeons in Memphis, we offer a range of skincare solutions to help you maintain youthful, healthy skin and ward off the signs of aging.

read more › Dr. Alvarez is amazing! I recently had a breast reduction (3 days ago) and I'm extremely pleased with the results so far. Also, the staff at Women's Baptist Hospital was above par. I had a full female crew! They made me feel relaxed with their confidence and experience. I'm a worrier by nature, so this was a huge success for me. If you're on the fence about having her work on your body. DON'T! She doesn't disappoint! Excellent doctor that provided me with amazing results. He is very knowledgeable in his field.

read more › While it is normal to experience some bruising, swelling, and discomfort after the procedure, the recovery is far less difficult than traditional liposuction. When planning your procedure, we advise setting aside a week for recovery, making sure to limit any vigorous physical activity for about one month to six weeks while your body heals. For a sculpted, defined body, high definition liposuction creates extraordinary results. You can expect the highest level of personal care and professionalism in performing liposuction Memphis has to offer.

read more › Pregnancy and nursing can change a woman's body - and not in a good way. Abdominal skin that has been stretched beyond its limits to accommodate the growing child cannot shrink back to its original shape, which can leave a new mom with stretch marks and loose, hanging skin around the midsection. Breasts that go through size fluctuations during pregnancy and breastfeeding can lose volume, perkiness, and shape, and now sag and droop, or look deflated. At University Plastic Surgeons, we perform mommy makeover procedures in Memphis to help you reclaim your body after childbirth and breastfeeding.

read more › Many women are embarrassed to reveal the flabby condition of their upper arms. Even in the hottest Memphis weather, they avoid wearing sleeveless tops. Consider the difference in your quality of life when you are no longer concerned about the appearance of flabby arms and have achieved a look that is firm, tight, and smooth. In many cases, saggy upper arms are the result of a dramatic weight loss. While it is exciting and rewarding to be free from excess weight, the upper arms are often left with drooping skin that shakes and wobbles with every arm motion - a distressing and embarrassing condition that can be resolved with a custom arm lift.

read more › A thigh lift is a complex surgical procedure and requires the skills and talents of a highly-trained, plastic surgeon. The team at University Plastic Surgeons has excellent qualifications and are members of the faculty at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. As we are engaged in educating others entering the field of plastic surgery, we are committed to staying at the leading edge in advanced surgical techniques for faster healing and better results. Talk to us if you are considering a thigh lift or lower body lift - we have the knowledge, skills, and extensive experience you need for this complex surgical procedure.

read more › In earlier days of plastic surgery, implants were used to enhance butt size and shape. Natural fat transfer is a superior method, as it involves the use of your own fat cells, without the risk of rejection. The fat cells are extracted with a state-of-the-art liposuction system to protect the integrity of the cells, purified, and then injected into the upper area of the buttocks to add shape and projection. If you are genetically programmed to have a flat, unattractive bottom, the use of your own fat can give you a natural, rounded, and attractive butt, while sculpting your waist or other body area that has areas with excess fat.

read more › Our team of plastic surgeons brings extensive knowledge and experience and employs cutting-edge surgical techniques in modern body contouring. Each of our plastic surgeons serves as a member of the faculty at the University of Tennessee College of Medicine in Memphis and is engaged in educating medical students in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Our practice is focused upon both reconstructive and cosmetic procedures. We are proud to be the premier plastic surgery clinic in Memphis and appreciate the many accolades and referrals from our happy patients.

read more › As a body lift is a custom procedure, what to expect is dependent upon the various surgical techniques employed in creating a smoother, more attractive body shape. Generally, you can expect a long surgical appointment, and to be put under general anesthesia. For some patients, the body lift will be performed in stages, with one area resolved and then healed before moving onto the next zone for correction. We carefully monitor the health and safety of our patients and work with talented, highly-trained medical personnel to assist in surgery.

read more › As our plastic surgeons are members of the faculty of the University of Tennessee College of Medicine in Memphis, they each have a high level of knowledge and expertise, and employ the latest surgical techniques. When choosing a breast augmentation surgeon, there is no doubt that experience matters. After undergoing breast augmentation surgery, you want the result to meet or beat your expectations - and not be facing the need for revision surgery to repair damage. While every patient is different, the care with which we perform this procedure could help you avoid some of the pitfalls of a poorly-performed procedure.

read more › The procedure in surgery can vary, based upon the degree of sagging, drooping, and the need to reshape the existing tissue. When performed by a highly-skilled plastic surgeon, the results are a dramatic improvement, with the breasts now reshaped and restored to a youthful position on the chest and excess drooping skin removed. For some patients, the nipples must be moved to a higher location on the breasts for a more beautiful result. The actual nipple structure is moved so the nipples retain function.

read more › Many women struggle with breasts that are far too large for their bodies and bring a host of physical and emotional problems. Breast reduction surgery makes it possible to reshape the breasts and create a more balanced, proportioned figure. Breast reduction surgery varies in what needs to be done for the individual patient. The basic procedure requires incisions through which the excess skin, fat, and tissue is removed and the remaining breast tissue reshaped and lifted. If your breasts are saggy, the incisions are frequently placed vertically on the underside of the breasts and around the areola.

read more › After losing a breast in a mastectomy, the breasts can be reconstructed with your own natural tissue, called "autologous breast reconstruction" in Memphis. It requires the highest level of surgical skill to perform this type of breast reconstruction surgery. The final result is exceptionally natural in feel - nothing feels more natural than your own fat and tissue. This breast reconstruction technique involves harvesting healthy fat and tissue from another body area, then using the tissue and fat to create a natural breast mound.

read more › Many women have spent years feeling unhappy with the size, shape, or appearance of their breasts, and will choose to undergo cosmetic surgery to gain the breasts that bring them greater satisfaction. When planning a cosmetic surgical procedure to alter breast size or appearance, the most important of all issues is the quality, experience, and surgical techniques of the cosmetic plastic surgeon you select to perform your procedure. At University Plastic Surgeons, we offer a full range of cosmetic breast surgeries.

read more › After a mastectomy, you may be a candidate for one of two methods of breast reconstruction surgery in Memphis. At University Plastic Surgeons, we will work closely with your surgical oncologist to plan the appropriate method by which your breast can be restored. The two approaches are termed "delayed" and "immediate" breast reconstruction. In certain cases, an immediate breast reconstruction can be performed in the same surgical appointment as the mastectomy. To be a good candidate for immediate reconstruction, the need to undergo radiation therapy following a mastectomy is a consideration that should be discussed when planning reconstruction.

read more › Dr. Cedric Hunter is a valued member of our surgical team and breast reconstruction specialist in Memphis, at University Plastic Surgeons. He serves as an assistant professor at the University of Tennessee College of Medicine, Department of Plastic Surgery, and as Director of the Microsurgery Fellowship Program. Dr. Hunter was recognized as being exceptionally talented throughout his training as a plastic surgeon. He graduated from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, with highest honors.

read more › Implant-based breast reconstruction in Memphis is often the most practical technique to restore natural looking breasts after a mastectomy. The loss of a breast is often a very traumatic experience. It is important that you discuss breast reconstruction with your surgeon prior to undergoing a mastectomy, as in many cases, the reconstruction can be performed immediately after the mastectomy, in the same surgical procedure. For women who are candidates for immediate reconstruction, the surgery is performed as soon as the mastectomy is completed in the same surgical appointment.

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