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Confirming your surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery serves as a warranty for the type of training your surgeon has received and the type of exams he/she needed to successfully pass, in order to receive that certification. Certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery is a qualification not easily obtained, which demonstrates a high level of training and education, necessary for optimal results and patient satisfaction.

We believe that everyone is entitled to the best quality medical care. We strive to maintain state-of-the-art expertise in medical care. Your evaluation and treatment decisions will be performed solely by an experienced and Board Certified Surgeon. We provide the highest level of personalized care and follow strict standards to ensure your surgery will go smoothly.

Our philosophy of care governs everything we do for you. It consists of the following key elements: We are truly caring about our patients and want you to feel very comfortable with our entire staff.

read more › Dr. Khan is double board certified in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery as well as General Surgery. Dr. Khan pledges to you 100% honesty and transparency in your experience at Executive Plastic Surgeon. Dr. Shaher Khan is well-respected by patients and medical professional alike. He believes that patient education and realistic expectation are key to the success of any surgical procedure. He utilizes his YouTube channel Khan Plastic Surgery Academy to educate patients and fellow physicians alike.

read more › People suffering from hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) can often feel as though there is nothing that can help them deal with their condition; these people are wrong. An option available to those suffering is Botox injections. While Botox is typically used to treat facial wrinkles, it can block chemical signals sent to nerves to stimulate sweat glands. The procedure is quick-lasting around 15minutes each visit during a 7th-month duration of treatment. Symptoms will return gradually as Botox is not permanent, and treatment may need to be repeated.

read more › Many people, both men and women, at times feel like their body isn't reflective of who they are or how they wish to present themselves. Perhaps you're a mother who wishes to get her pre-pregnancy body back, maybe you wish to cover past scarring, or just want to feel more comfortable in your own skin. If dieting and exercise alone haven't helped get your body where you feel it should be, speak with your doctor to see if abdominoplasty-better known as a tummy tuck-is right for you. We can help. A tummy tuck is the removal of unwanted fat and skin around the abdomen, even at times strengthening the muscles to create a flatter, firmer appearance.

read more › Burn Reconstruction: When it comes to burn surgery, there are two main categories: acute and reconstructive. Acute burn care occurs immediately after the injury. A team or trauma surgeons that specialize in acute burn care oversee the delivery of this. If the burn is complex, it often requires a consultation with plastic surgeons, who can assist in both the impatient and outpatient management of these cases. When it comes to reconstructive burn surgery, improving the function and appearance of burn scars are the main goals.

read more › Body contouring refers to a broad field of plastic surgery procedures that address areas of excess fat and/or skin. Body contouring procedures can be performed in normal-weight patients, patients who have lost significant weight through diet and exercise, and patients who have lost weight after bariatric surgery. Doctors perform roughly 100,000 bariatric surgeries annually in the U.S. Unfortunately, some patients are less than satisfied after the weight loss because they have excess skin and their body contours are saggy or lumpy*.

read more › At Executive Plastic Surgery understand that skin cancer diagnoses are overwhelming and often scary, but we want to help! Skin cancer affects more than 3 million Americans a year, but if caught early, it can be one of the most successful to treat. This means that with routine checks, if you notice something out of the ordinary on your body, talk to your doctor. At our Detroit area office, we can help you through your diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. You are not alone in this, and we will be with you each step of the way.

read more › There are two forms: primary focal hyperhidrosis and secondary hyperhidrosis. It is a condition that causes excessive sweating. A person with the more common condition, primary focal hyperhidrosis, sweats excessively from specific points in the body under normal conditions and finds little to no relief from antiperspirants. Usually, sweating is a body's self-regulated reaction to cool down, but with hyperhidrosis, the body's nerves are overstimulated, leading to an increase in sweat production.

read more › A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift or rejuvenation, is a procedure that lifts the eyebrows up the forehead for cosmetic purposes. Brow lifts are done to either minimize sagging skin or wrinkles in the forehead, eyebrow, and eyelid region. Weak chins can affect the way the rest of your face is perceived and can bring more attention to less desirable features, like a bigger nose. If you have a strong chin that you'd like reduced, a surgeon can make an incision and sculpt the bone to a more desirable size.

read more › A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift or rejuvenation, is a procedure that lifts the eyebrows up the forehead for cosmetic purposes. Brow lifts are done to either minimize sagging skin or wrinkles in the forehead, eyebrow, and eyelid region. With time, skin loses its elasticity, which leads to the sagging that you may experience. While this is a natural process, getting a brow lift will help reduce the effects of aging and may increase your self-confidence. Brow lifts will not tighten the cheeks or treat sagging under the eye, though you can discuss with Dr. Khan and decide if you would like to receive eyelid surgery or a facelift while also getting a brow lift.

read more › With age, the muscles around eyelids naturally weaken and sag. This area then fills with more fat above and below your eyelids. For some people this sagging may lead to hindered vision, for others they may feel it makes them look old or tired. With blepharoplasty, excess tissue and fat hindering your vision will be removed and your vision should be restored. Eyelid surgery will not fix wrinkled eyebrows or lift the structure of your whole face. Discuss with Dr. Khan and decide if you would like to receive a brow lift or face lift while undergoing this surgery.

read more › Patients often want to remove their implants because of health risks or discomfort caused by them. A capsulectomy is the surgical removal of scar tissue or the capsule that is hardened around the implant. After a consultation, we will help you decide what the best option for removal is for you. A breast cancer diagnosis is devastating and can take a toll on you mentally and physically, which is why we want to help you get back to where you were before your diagnosis. Breast reconstruction can be achieved through various techniques, all with the goal of returning your breasts to natural shape, size, and symmetry.

read more › Breast implants will not last a full lifespan and, therefore, will lead to additional surgeries in a person's life. Furthermore, a large and growing group of women have experienced adverse health effects termed breast implant illness attributed to the implants in their chest. Since 2009, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has received more than 350,000 incident reports involving breast implants. France has even gone so far as to ban macro-textured and polyurethane implants over cancer concerns.

read more › Gynecomastia is the excessive development of the male breasts. Male breasts can have many negative effects from tenderness and pain to emotional pain and humiliation. The fact is that many conditions, hormonal imbalances, and medications may affect breast size in males. Seeing a physician about your concerns is paramount. It can be a particularly awful condition for adolescent boys who become victims of taunts and bullying. In general, however, the condition will regress naturally. If it doesn't, there are options and you are not alone.

read more › Gynecomastia is a condition of over-developed or enlarged breasts in men that can occur at any age. Male breast tissue swells due to reduced male hormones (testosterone) or increased female hormones (estrogen). This can transiently occur during normal development of boys, resulting in gynecomastia in infants or during puberty. In this gynecomastia usually resolves on its own as hormone levels return to normal. In other cases, but sometimes it resolves on its own medical conditions or medical treatments can create the hormonal environment in the body that allows gynecomastia to develop.

read more › Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occurs when the median nerve of the hand is compressed within the transverse carpal ligament at the wrist. The tunnel is tight and narrow, which is why carpal tunnel can occur so easily. You can go home the same day as the procedures, and physical therapy will start about a week after the surgery. The surgery helps patients regain feeling in their hands and feel more strength. Nerve injuries are most common in hands after blunt trauma or sharp trauma. No matter what the situation is, nerve repair is a very sensitive and intense procedure that requires expert evaluation and treatment.

read more › Scar Revision is a treatment or surgery (depending on the type of scarring) to improve or reduce the appearance of scars. It also restores function, and corrects skin changes (disfigurement) caused by an auto accident, injury, wound, poor healing, or previous surgery. You may need to consider scar revision if you have had a surgery that left you with more scarring than you had anticipated. You may also consider the procedure if you have been injured. However, the surgery is not going to make the scars vanish.

read more › Dr. Khan is truly amazing. He is one of the most, if not the most, excellent doctor and surgeon I have ever gotten treatment from and he has the credentials that back up my opinion. This DR is awesome, very professional and compassionate. His heart and soul is bound to the true description of what a Doctor is. On my hand surgery day after it was complete, he explained every thing while I was getting dressed. With out hesitation, he dropped to his knee to put my shoes on. We would highly recommend Dr. Khan and his staff.

read more › Yes, payment plans are available. We have access to the private AAAASF certified Landmark Surgery Center at the office that will greatly reduce the out of pocket cost. Focus on your transformation, not how you'll pay for it. We accept the #CareCredit credit card with easy online payment - and you can pay pre-surgical deposits up to 30 days in advance. Yes, cash payments are accepted. Payment plans are also available. History and physical exam are critical and imaging is key. Depending on the specific complaints and concerns, this can be effectively managed to help with the quality of life.

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