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Dr. Roff is proud to have offered aesthetic plastic surgery services to Houston area patients since 1991. His practice places emphasis on facial rejuvenation, body contouring and breast enhancement as well as the latest innovations in skin care techniques. Dr. Roff delivers a unique natural look to his procedures. Some patients worked hard with diet and exercise to look their best while others have worked hard living your life and now beginning to show it on your face and body.

Dr. Roff and his staff are here to help you achieve the beautiful look you have always desired.

read more › Dr. Roff understands the most common apprehensions about plastic surgery and is glad to help dispel misinformation surrounding these concerns. Concerns include fear of being too vain, fear of surgery, long recovery times, or fear of expense. All of this will be discussed with Dr. Roff as together you find the right procedure for your needs and budget.

read more › In reconstructive surgery, the restored part must function well and mimic the appearance of normal. In aesthetic surgery the bar is set higher. Not only must the function be maintained but the appearance modified to more closely approach the aesthetic ideal. I am genuinely concerned about my patients' appearance, well-being and self-esteem. I believe that sometimes a subtle change of appearance can yield dramatic results in a patient's sense of well-being. Whether you are considering plastic surgery to enhance your appearance or are concerned about an abnormality, I invite you to view a few samples of my work to see what is possible.

read more › Today, facial plastic surgery is sought by an ever growing number of people who want to improve their facial image, rejuvenate early signs of aging, or correct deformities from birth or caused by accident or illness. If you feel you might benefit from facial rejuvenation, be assured that Dr. John H. Roff can correct a variety of facial problems. Select one of the listed facial rejuvenation and corrective services to find out how you can have the face you've always envisioned. Below you will find a brief description of who is a candidate and a explanation of the intended results of a Facial Rejuvenation.

read more › Breast procedures include augmentation, reconstruction, and lifts. Interesting to note that breast reduction is quite often classified reconstructive surgery as opposed to cosmetic surgery and so would fall under insurance coverage provisions. If you wish that your breasts were larger, fuller and/or more shapely, breast augmentation surgery may be the right for you. However, if you are a woman with uncomfortably large breasts, breast reduction surgery can offer relief and new confidence. Below you will find a brief description of who is a candidate and a explanation of the intended results of breast augmentation and reduction.

read more › Wanting to look good is not vanity; to look good you must feel good and oftentimes to feel beautiful on the inside, you must start with the outside. There are several cosmetic procedures to re-contour your body and increase your self-esteem. Liposuction, tummy tuck and body lifts are all specialties of Dr. John H. Roff. We want to help enhance your natural beauty. Select one of the listed body contouring and corrective services to find out how you can have the body you've always wanted. Below you will find a brief description of who is a candidate and a explanation of the intended results of the various procedures.

read more › Renaissance Skin Care was created with value and outstanding service in mind for clients who desire exceptional skin and body treatments. Our Licensed Esthetician would be pleased to visit with you and design a skin care program to address your individual needs. We welcome you to relax and take pleasure in the rebirth of a new you! Below you will find a brief description of several procedures and an explanation of the intended results. However, the best way to get complete answers to your specific questions is to make a consultation appointment with our Licensed Esthetician at 281.807.6676.

read more › Most importantly you must feel comfortable with your surgeon. You should verify your physician is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This means your surgeon has undergone a thorough peer review and testing on all plastic and reconstructive surgery standards. You should also carefully consider where your surgeon wishes to perform your procedure. Make sure your surgeon is qualified to do the procedure you are considering in a local hospital before allowing it to take place in an office based surgery center.

read more › This patient had the desire to improve her overall body look. She was concerned about the bulge in her tummy and wished to enhance the appearance of her breasts. She wanted a more youthful, athletic look. The lines in the pre-operative photo are used by the surgeon to guide him while doing the procedure. Notice the dramatic difference in the woman's appearance afforded by her new flat tummy and full, firm breasts. This indeed is the look she wanted. This double procedure was done through a single incision in the lower abdomen, and kept the patient from having to worry about healing and scars in the breast area.

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