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Geldner Center We are open. It is our utmost desire for you to feel safe, comfortable and well cared for. We continue to follow guidance's and enhanced safety protocols while we provide our services. Leading the charge in life-changing enhancement and progressive, patient-focused care, Peter D. Geldner, MD is one of Chicago's master plastic surgeons and founder of The Geldner Center in Chicago and Hinsdale, IL.

Our quick and simple online consultation request form lets you inquire about the procedures we offer when it is convenient for you. Download new patient forms, request appointments and more from our easy-to-use patient portal. Snag great deals on some of the best medical and spa grade skincare lines at The Geldner Center's Beauty Bag. The development of neurotoxins in aesthetic care is revolutionary.

Before the introduction of products such as BOTOX Cosmetic, plastic surgeons had little to offer patients with dynamic creases. Neurotoxins offer positive and fast results. The Geldner Center offers a variety of chemical peels to address many skin concerns including pigmentation, freckles, fine lines and wrinkles.

read more › Leading the charge in life-changing enhancement and progressive, patient-focused care, Peter D. Geldner, MD is one of Chicago's master plastic surgeons and founder of The Geldner Center in Chicago and Hinsdale, IL. With over 20 prestigious years in the field and specializing in cosmetic surgery of the breast, body, and face, Dr. Geldner collaborates with patients to assure the proper procedure is performed and the best possible results are achieved. Under the direction of Dr. Geldner, The Geldner Center has emerged as the premier practice of plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and aesthetic procedures, with a unique concierge characteristic that prioritizes patients' needs clinically, emotionally, and logistically.

read more › Our professional staff is here to attend to your needs and answer any questions you may have. We are dedicated to providing the support and guidance you need to achieve your cosmetic surgery and aesthetic goals. Lynn is a Registered Nurse with an extensive background in surgery and individualized patient care. She comes to The Geldner Center following an unparalleled career as a Post Anesthesia Unit Care Supervisor and Clinical Coordinator with responsibilities for direct patient care. As Registered Nurse, Lynn will go to any length needed to assure each patient has their needs attended to promptly, efficiently and with compassion.

read more › The world of cosmetic enhancement is constantly advancing with new product and technical innovations. The Geldner Center prides itself on being at the forefront of the industry, offering the most advanced surgical and non-surgical equipment and techniques. This includes two, fully accredited ambulatory surgical centers with state-of-the-art monitoring equipment, and board-certified anesthesiologists. Conveniently located in Chicago and Hinsdale, Illinois, The Geldner Center provides a comfortable, discreet setting with several private waiting areas.

read more › Breast size and shape is an important feature in body image. We all have an image of how we want to look. Sometimes, what we see in the mirror does not agree with that internal view. Often, we employ clothing to fix what we think is inadequate. Sometimes, we want to take that extra step to make our physical image agree with our internal image. The reasons for breast augmentation are as varied as there are patients seeking the operation. Some patients feel shortchanged as they mature. Their friends start developing breasts and they don't.

read more › Most women who seek breast augmentations come to their plastic surgeons with fairly routine requests. They either want to undergo size enlargement or want to change what was previously performed. Their anatomy is mostly symmetric and if it's a revisionary procedure, they know what was implanted. Sometimes, that is not the case. Breast augmentation is considered complex when the history or anatomy requires a creative combination of techniques to create a good result. The reasons for these asymmetries differ.

read more › Fat transfer to the breasts is very popular. It is often used to improve the appearance of breast reconstructions or to smooth select contours in aesthetic breast surgery. Some surgeons advocate the use of fat for complete breast augmentation. Fat transfer breast augmentations work well when you have a motivated patient who does not need an immediate result, wants limited size increase, and has accepted the controversies that exist with this procedure. Fat transfer involves the removal of living tissue through the technique of liposuction and placing it into a new area with the intention of having it survive.

read more › Beauty is based on proportion. Whatever cultural, ethnic, or societal influences are at play, the whole body has to look good. The backside has to look as good as the front side. How do we take a shapeless butt and transform it into a work of art? We begin the transformation by starting with what we have. Shape is comprised of hills and valleys. The mounds of the buttocks have to be highlighted by the shapes of the flanks and back. Too much fullness above the butt makes the patient look chunky.

read more › Many years ago, physicians noticed that following injury, patients would notice body contour changes. This can occur after contusions, where once the bruising and swelling resolve, the area looks flatter. The cause was damage to the fat. Fat is more susceptible to injury than skin or muscle. It has a poor blood supply and doesn't heal as well as other tissues. Doctors also noticed that children could develop new dimples if they eat too many popsicles. Some very bright scientists realized that fat solidifies, or freezes, at temperatures above the freezing point of water.

read more › Emsculpt is a revolutionary body contouring treatment for men and women that helps define curves and enhance muscle definition. It is the first FDA-approved device for building abdominal muscles without sweat or exercise. To tone your abdomen, reduce around your waist, or enhance the shape of your butt, request an Emsculpt session today. Individual results may vary. Client testimonials are based personal experience. All images on this website, unless otherwise noted, are of models who may or may not have had the treatments featured.

read more › Old hands and a young face is an obvious mismatch. Fat transfer hand rejuvenation introduces fat into the top of the hand to give it a more youthful appearance. The veins and tendons are less visible, so the hand is less boney looking. Fat transfer hand rejuvenation involves the removal of living tissue through the technique of liposuction and placing it into a new area with the intention of having it survive. There are certain steps that have to be taken to accomplish this. First, we have to be gentle when we remove it.

read more › Fat is a very important tissue. It's our energy storage system and is vital for good health. That doesn't mean you have to like it. On the positive side, fat allows our skin to appear smooth and soft without following every irregularity of the underlying muscle and bones. It also gives buttocks and breasts their fullness. On the negative side, it gives contour irregularities such as big thighs, bulgy abdomens and love handles. Fat doesn't matter. Contour is everything. Liposuction in all of its forms is the traumatic removal of fat to create contour changes.

read more › Few events in life are as important as the birth of your children. And few events in life have as many effects on your body. The breasts swell with pregnancy, even more so with breast-feeding. The abdomen stretches to accommodate the size of your child and the placenta. Hormones scream for more nutrition as the baby develops and your weight increases. The body wall stretches. It's a physiologic and anatomic challenge that's repeated with each pregnancy. As the tissues retract toward their original size and shape, they often stop short of that starting point.

read more › A brow lift or forehead lift can improve the appearance of a sagging and tired-looking face, as can a blepharoplasty or facelift. As there are many treatment options, we must first identify the problem. This may seem simple, but things get more complicated when we look at the brow. Brows tend to move lower with age. But some eyebrows are low even in young children. If the brow is lower than it should be, it could push the eyelid down and confuse the question of where the problem lies. If you believe in fixing what needs fixing, then eyebrow malposition should be corrected before the upper lid is improved.

read more › The eyes are the windows to the soul. The face frames the eyes with eyelids and brows. When we gaze into someone's eyes, the goal is not to be distracted by what we see. The aesthetic unit of tissue includes the forehead, the eyebrow, upper eyelid, and the lower eyelid. It even extends to the cheek. When we see a problem, the first step is to identify where the problem lies. The upper eyelid changes with age. The skin becomes thinner and more wrinkled. Fat protrudes from the nasal edge of the orbit and from above.

read more › As we age, our appearance changes. As children, we're all big eyes and full cheeks. With maturity, the face retains a full and soft look while assuming a more adult proportion. It is sometime within this window of young adulthood that we imprint our body image. We learn to identify ourselves and that self is whom we recognize when we look in the mirror. The decades inevitably bring about changes in our appearance. The skin loses its elasticity, and we see sagging and wrinkles. Something is missing.

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