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Amazing transformations Wonder what cosmetic & plastic surgery can really do for you? View our before & after photo gallery. We have great success stories for each one of our unique procedures. Dr. Steven Dayan, is a facial plastic surgeon, professor and researcher who has published over 110 articles in medical journals and 5 books. He is a NY Times and USA TODAY Best Selling Author.

His accolades include the American Medical Association (AMA) Foundation's Leadership Award and "Top Doc" recognition by numerous organizations including Castle Connolly and U.S News & World Report. Dr. Caughlin has become world renowned in the buccal fat pad, cheek and jawline sculpting arena with recent publications in international medical journals displaying his new techniques.

Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine specifically requested a detailed video of Dr. Caughlin's unique approach and is published as a "surgical pearl". He has pioneered internal cheek sculpting and is the only surgeons in the world that is precisely removing mucosa, as well as buccinator muscle stripping to help patients achieve the sculpted look they are after.

read more › Dr. Steven H. Dayan is an awarding winning, prominent Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, leading educator, researcher, engaging public speaker and media presenter. Dr. Dayan has appeared in a wide variety of media formats, including local and national television, radio and print media. Credits include over 40 television appearances, including FOX, NBC, and WGN News, plus a live, monthly segment on ABC's local affiliated morning news show with an audience of over 2.5 million viewers. He has been interviewed by U.S. News and World Report and has written numerous articles for both regional and national publication in weekly and monthly magazines, in addition to publishing over 30 research articles for medical journals.

read more › Enhance Nose Features & Overall Facial Profile Aesthetic with the Most Up-to-Date Chicago Rhinoplasty Treatment Services on the Market Today!. The nose is one of our defining facial features. Some people may feel that their nose is inadequate or does not meet their aesthetic satisfaction. If you are bothered by the appearance of your nose, Dr. Dayan provides transformational rhinoplasty as an exciting answer to enhance & improve your facial profile! Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that can help reshape the nose to improve your facial profile.

read more › Having a full, rounded face can make you look heavier and older than you actually are. If you are interested in achieving a defined, attractive profile, you should consider receiving a buccal fat removal procedure from Dr. Benjamin Caughlin in Chicago, Illinois. This procedure will reduce the width/roundness of your face and give you slim, contoured and beautiful cheeks. Buccal fat removal is an aesthetic procedure that is designed to slim and contour your face. Your buccal fat pads are located under muscles in the lower portion of your cheeks.

read more › Cosmetic surgery procedures conducted by Steven H. Dayan, MD can help improve facial enhancement and reconstruction. Our team of highly trained and experienced medical professionals provide the utmost in personalized, quality care during your experience. Procedures may be performed in-office or in the operating room, both conveniently located on Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago. Patients can advantageously stay after their treatment at the nearby Elysian or the Seneca hotels to use our exclusive special rates.

read more › A facelift, one of the most commonly performed procedures, provides a remarkable improvement in your appearance. Facelifting is the ideal treatment for correcting a sagging jaw line, falling cheeks and a blunted neckline. There are many methods to facelifting, and advancements in this procedure have evolved significantly over the last ten years. It wasn't too long ago that surgeons would approach facelifting by pulling the skin tighter. Unfortunately, this resulted in an unnatural wind blown or stretched look.

read more › Chicago residents are turning to Dr. Dayan for their cosmetic surgical needs. One of the most popular procedures that Dr. Dayan is currently performing is the Mini Facelift Chicago surgery. It allows men and women with visible signs of aging to address issues with wrinkles and sagging skin that affect the lower third of their face. It allows them to regain definition in their chin while at the same time tightening any remaining tissue that they have in an artistic and attractive way. Dr. Dayan is a skilled plastic surgeon who has the ability to tailor the Mini Facelift Chicago to meet your needs.

read more › The perpetual, dynamic forces of gravity and aging cause the eyebrows and forehead to descend. As the brows fall, they push the redundant skin into the upper eyelid causing a crowded look to the upper eyelid. The brow appears heavy, thickened and deep creases set in between the brows. All this can lead to an angry look or a scowl even when you don't feel this way. Some people look tired, and women may have difficulty placing mascara or other make-up to the area. Many patients seeking rejuvenation surgery are not aware of the sagging eyebrows' participation in their aged appearances.

read more › An underdeveloped chin is often an oversight that is not recognized by the patient. Although frequently done as an isolated procedure, chin augmentation can place the finishing touches on other facial surgery. A weak chin can give the appearance of a large nose or a short neckline, and in males, a recessed chin may lead to a false perception of timidity or weakness. By augmenting the chin, we can give overall facial balance improving proportions of the face and accentuating the improvement in a rhinoplasty or facelift.

read more › An over-prominence / protrusion of the ears, can be discouraging under any set of circumstances, but when those affected are children, the effects can be truly heartbreaking. It is well-known that kids can be cruel, and it won't take long for your child to notice that they are "different from the other kids". This can lead to feelings of sadness & alienation, and the psychological implications can be grave, if the ostracism persists for a long period of time. However, there is good news to be had - things don't have to be the way they used to be!

read more › Chicago residents understand the benefits that come with looking their best. When you look your best, you have improved confidence, and the people around you treat you better. For this reason, when confronted with the unwanted telltale signs of aging, many men and women turn to Dr. Dayan, a cosmetic professional, to help them retain their youthful appearance. One of the popular procedures that Dr. Dayan performs is the Fat Transfer Chicago procedure. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

read more › Lifestyles have become increasingly busier and many patients want instantly gratifying results. Consequently, the world of cosmetic medicine is seeing an increase in popularity of non surgical, minimally invasive quick fixes. Over the last decade there has been an over 250% increase in non surgical treatments led by Botox being the most popular treatment followed by fillers, lasers, microdermabrasion and chemical peels. Today's non-surgical procedures can improve volume loss, skin texture, the appearance of wrinkles, and facial shape all with minimal downtime and risk.

read more › Chicago EMSCULPT NEO, non-invasive muscle & body shaping therapy, is the only body sculpting treatment procedure on the market that assists both men & women with losing fat, building muscle, toning & sculpting their body - simultaneously. A slimmer, more toned-up and sculpted appearance has never been easier to achieve, thanks to EMSCULPT NEO! EMSCULPT NEO is the sole device in the aesthetic field, that treats both muscle & fat, in single half-hour treatment sessions. In-and-out body contouring treatment sessions in Chicago requiring no surgery, needles, or anesthesia - with zero downtime.

read more › One of the most desired aesthetic goals is to have a perfectly sculpted body. While many people carry out healthy lifestyles with eating right and exercising, stubborn fat might stick around despite your hard work. Some fat-eliminating procedures call for invasive measures that may make patients feel uncomfortable. Dr. Dayan offers CoolSculpting in Chicago as a non-invasive solution to erase stubborn fat without the discomforting invasive tactics. Located in Chicago, Illinois, Dr. Steven Dayan leads his team of medical experts to cater the most up-to-date treatment options both surgical and non-surgical with excelled service.

read more › Morpheus8 RF Treatment Services in Chicago - Full Body Skin Tightening & Facial Rejuvenation System. The Morpheus8 method utilizes safe, fractional radiofrequency energy (RF) to remodel the skin on subdermal levels, revitalizing the underlying scaffolding of the complexion, while triggering the reintroduction of collagen fibers for increased volume and suppleness. The unique engineering of Morpheus8 has resulted in customizable device tips for delivery, meaning that the treatment can be performed not only on large, easily accessible areas but also on those smaller regions that are more delicate and require precision.

read more › No matter how old you are, there's probably something about your appearance that you would like to change. Whether it's age-related concerns like fine lines and skin laxity or the bone structure of your face, the right cosmetic treatment can help you look the way you want. Under the guidance of Steven H Dayan, MD in Chicago, IL, non-surgical and surgical treatments are cosmetic solutions to achieve your aesthetic goals. Facial sculpting can be both surgical and non-surgical treatments that seek to enhance and augment the beauty of your natural face.

read more › Are signs of aging such as wrinkling, hyperpigmentation, or dull skin tone causing you to appear older than you feel? Dr. Dayan and his team can help rejuvenate your skin through the innovative HydraFacial treatment! Located in Chicago, Illinois, Dr. Steven Dayan leads his team of experts to cater excellent services along with the latest surgical and non-surgical treatment approaches. We aim to offer the greatest in cosmetic techniques and technologies to provide our patients with the best they can get to help them feel brand new.

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