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Shahram Salemy, MD Patients who undergo plastic surgery can look forward to gaining self-confidence and a sense of well-being from looking, feeling and functioning at their best. For those who wish to enhance their appearance, today's cosmetic procedures offer the opportunity to sculpt physical features and improve self-esteem. Reconstructive procedures can correct a wide range of physical abnormalities caused by accidents, disease and congenital defects, helping patients to enjoy full and normal lives.

Dr. Shahram Salemy and his Seattle plastic surgery office strive to offer not only exceptional medical care but exceptional medical caring. The main focus of Dr. Salemy's Seattle practice is the complete satisfaction of all of his patients.

Every effort is made to ensure that our patients make well-informed choices, receive tailored treatments that help them achieve their personal aesthetic goals and achieve the best results possible, all within a comfortable and confidential AAAASF-credentialed State-of-the-Art facility and setting.

read more › You may hear breast augmentation referred to by a variety of terms, and that includes breast enhancement, augmentation mammaplasty, breast implants or "boob job." All of these phrases refer to the same procedure, which aims to enhance a woman's natural breast shape and size with the addition of either silicone or saline implants. Many women feel that their breast size is not in balance with their overall body or may simply not be the volume or contour that they desire. For these women, cosmetic breast enhancement can be the answer.

read more › Dr. Salemy is honored to work with some of the finest healthcare professionals our region has to offer. Each of the members of his team has committed themselves to making the patient experience as smooth and comfortable as possible. From your initial phone call or email, through your consultation, procedure and recovery, Dr. Salemy's office and surgical staff strive to offer not just the best in patient care, but the best in patient caring. Dr. Salemy is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Surgery at the University of Washington School of Medicine.

read more › A board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Shahram Salemy strives to provide outstanding medical care and patient results by obtaining the highest level of credentials and accreditations in the field of plastic surgery. Dr. Salemy received his board certification by The American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) in 2006 after a stringent two-year certification process. The ABPS is the only plastic surgery board recognized by The American Board of Medical Specialties, requiring the passing of both written and oral examinations, extensive educational and research experience, and top-notch credentials from all candidates.

read more › Board certified Seattle plastic surgeon Dr. Shahram Salemy has received multiple awards over the course of his distinguished career. With offices in both Seattle and Richmond, WA, he is highly rated as one of the best providers of plastic surgery of the face, breast, and body. Here are just some of the awards that Dr. Salemy has been honored with. Dr. Salemy is designated a Realself Verified Doctor. Only three percent of physicians on Realself have earned this recognition in which they must meet and maintain the highest standards of trust, transparency, patient satisfaction, and patient education.

read more › For a patient, there is more to a medical practice than the doctor. The skills, training, and attitude of the staff have a very important impact on a patient's overall experience. Both Dr. Salemy and his staff are committed to helping patients receive excellent results and have a wonderful experience at our facility. Most cosmetic surgical procedures can be performed in our fully accredited surgical center, with a degree of privacy and confidentiality not possible at a regular hospital. From the moment you first contact our practice, you'll be working with helpful, friendly people who are easy to talk to- including, of course, Dr. Salemy himself.

read more › It is open to high school seniors in the United States who have been accepted to and will attend college (either 4-year or community) in the United States, and have an interest in the sciences. Plastic surgery is the branch of scientific medicine that is dedicated to the reconstruction and repair of the body. It can correct deformities that are a result of accidents, birth defects, or illness, in addition to improving overall aesthetics of the body. Not only is it a science, but plastic surgery is also an art that helps individuals increase their confidence.

read more › A growing number of Dr. Salemy's patients fly in from all over the world for plastic surgery. If you are considering traveling to Seattle to have a procedure done with Dr. Salemy, and don't live in the area you may be interested in learning more about our process for out-of-town patients. If you're unable to travel to Seattle for your consultation, we recommend a new patient phone interview with Dr. Salemy as a first step. Once you've set up your interview, you'll receive an email link to complete New Patient Forms as well as photos if necessary.

read more › At your initial consultation, you will review the pricing of your procedure with our Patient Care Coordinator, who will provide you a quote in writing. Payment for your procedure is required at least two weeks before your procedure, and many of Dr. Salemy's patients choose to pay this at the preoperative visit. In addition, many patients today choose to finance their surgical procedures, and we offer financing through CareCredit. CareCredit offers a full range of payment plans, including 6 month No Interest payment plans featuring monthly payments as low as 3% of the balance and let you pay within the specified time without incurring interest charges.

read more › Plastic surgery can help individuals feel more confident. There are many procedures available that can help patients enhance their overall appearance by correcting physical abnormalities, reducing the effects of ageing, or sculpting physical features. Learn more about the different types of plastic surgeries performed across the US by clicking different body parts on the image below. Learn more about the different types of plastic surgeries performed across the US by clicking different body parts on the image.

read more › Over the years, factors such as pregnancy, nursing, and the forces of gravity take their toll on a woman's breasts. As the skin loses its elasticity, the breasts often lose their shape and firmness and begin to sag. Breast lift, or mastopexy, is a surgical procedure to raise and reshape sagging breasts. As part of the procedure, the size of the areola (the darker skin surrounding the nipple) can also be reduced. Any asymmetries between the two breasts can be balanced, and the size of the breast can also either be reduced or enhanced with the use of an implant at the same time as the breast lift.

read more › While some patients only desire an increase in breast size and others an improvement in breast shape, many women desire both and a single stage (one procedure) breast augmentation with a breast lift (mastopexy) can be performed in select patients desiring both increased breast size as well as improved breast shape. Patients often desire a breast augmentation with lift after pregnancy, after weight loss, or simply because they feel both their breast fullness and shape can be improved, and for many of these women a single stage breast augmentation with lift is an excellent option.

read more › Women with heavy, pendulous breasts may experience a variety of medical problems. The weight of their breasts can create upper back and neck pain, skin irritation and the bra straps may even leave indentations in the shoulders. Additionally, unusually large breasts can make a woman or teenager feel extremely self-conscious. Breast reduction surgery, technically known as reduction mammaplasty, is a procedure designed for such women. Dr. Salemy utilizes the short scar technique of breast reduction surgery, known as a vertical reduction.

read more › While surgeons and patients alike all want excellent results from a single breast enhancement procedure, at times a second breast procedure is necessary to optimize or revise the appearance of the breasts. The most common reasons patients are interested in breast revision surgery or procedure include implant malposition (the implant has moved out or down from where it was placed), capsular contracture (a hard scar has formed around the implant which can alter the shape or feel of the breast and may even hurt), asymmetry (the two breasts look very different from one another) or simply dissatisfaction with the implant size or feel.

read more › Gynecomastia is the technical term for the presence of breast tissue in men. For many men afflicted with this condition, it can be very unnerving and frustrating, as often diet and exercise simply do not correct the problem. Surgery for gynecomastia involves using liposuction, direct excision, or a combination of procedures to not only remove the breast tissue but to contour the surrounding soft tissues in order to achieve a more sculpted, masculine chest. Most men heal very nicely with hidden incisions and can return to normal activity within a few days.

read more › A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a plastic surgery procedure that removes excess abdominal skin and fat, tightens the skin on the abdomen, and helps patients achieve a smoother, flatter stomach and more slender look. We all desire a flat, youthful tummy. However, age, child bearing, lack of exercise and weight gain are the enemies in this battle. A tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty) is an excellent option to help reverse the adverse effects of this battle. In addition, Dr. Salemy designs the procedure to narrow the waist and tighten the abdominal muscles that often loosen with pregnancy, time or age, and he does so through a limited incision placed very low in the bikini line.

read more › As residents of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, we are lucky to live in a region that prides itself on a healthy lifestyle. However, sometimes diet and exercise alone simply cannot address certain areas of persistent excess fat, and this is where liposuction can play a wonderful role. Liposuction can not only remove stubborn pockets of excess fat but it can contour and shape areas of the body to create a more aesthetically pleasing look. Liposuction is becoming increasingly common for women as well as men of all ages because of its ability to contour and slim trouble spots.

read more › Starting a family is perhaps one of the most anticipated experiences of our lives, and it presents moms with a whole host of new challenges and experiences. While most of these changes are welcome, the actual pregnancy, breast feeding, and sudden lack of personal time can affect a young mother's body in ways that cannot be corrected simply with diet or exercise. And no matter how hard moms try to undo the physical changes that occur during the childbearing years, they often cannot get back their pre-pregnancy size and shape.

read more › Our culture is becoming more health conscious each day. However, there are limits to the results that diet and exercise alone can achieve, and certain pockets of fat or areas of loose skin can be addressed with simple procedures. Seattle area plastic surgeon Dr. Shahram Salemy offers body contouring and body lift procedures as an excellent option for patients who would like an improved appearance to their abdomen, hips, thighs, arms, legs, or neck. In addition, Dr. Salemy will often combine these procedures to provide patients with a comprehensive improvement to their appearance.

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