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William Albright, Md Dr. William Albright is one of the premier plastic surgeons in central Texas and offers first-class plastic surgery services in a comfortable and private environment. With years of advanced training and a passion for plastic surgery, Dr. Albright delivers exceptional results and helps patients achieve their goals. His caring personality and emphasis on patient education help foster long-term relationships and patient satisfaction.

Dr. Albright is a skilled and precise surgeon. Dr. Albright and his staff are extremely skilled and knowledge. Being an RN and knowing details about surgical complications and post op infection risks, I wouldn't go to any other plastic surgeons in town. He absolutely wants the best results and is willing to take the time needed to achieve that goal.

Dr. Albright is realistic about expectations and outcomes and takes the time during procedures to do it right. I highly recommend Dr. Albright without reservations. Doctor Albright and his team are amazing! I went in for a consultation and they treated me absolutely amazing.

read more › Alamo Plastic Surgery Mission - To provide exceptional value through patient education, honesty, and incredible surgical results. As a leading board certified plastic surgeon in central Texas, Dr. Albright consistently delivers life-changing surgical results and an exceptional plastic surgery experience for his patients. After training with plastic surgeons from around the world, Dr. Albright wanted to bring his expertise back to his hometown of San Antonio. After he graduated from UT Austin and UTMB in Galveston with Highest Honors, he was selected for an integrated plastic surgery residency.

read more › To provide exceptional value through patient eduction, empowerment, and incredible results. Dr. William Albright is one of the premier plastic surgeons in central Texas and offers first-class plastic surgery services in a comfortable and private environment. With years of advanced training and a passion for plastic surgery, Dr. Albright delivers exceptional results and helps patients achieve their goals. His caring personality and emphasis on patient education help foster long-term relationships and patient satisfaction.

read more › Women seek breast enhancement (augmentation mammoplasty) for a variety of reasons. For many women, it is not just to increase the size of their breasts, but may be to feel more comfortable in a swimsuit or confident out of clothes. It may be to return to their pre-pregnancy shape and volume. Some aim to correct an asymmetry or abnormal breast development that has plagued them since adolescence. Whether a woman wants people to know they've had a "boob job" or prefers a more reserved look, Dr. Albright will assist you in achieving your specific goals with breast augmentation in San Antonio TX.

read more › Women who desire both lifting of sagging breasts and more breast fullness particularly at the top of the breasts, may be most interested in a breast augmentation with a breast lift at the same time, also known as an augmentation mastopexy. The goals of this cosmetic surgery are to balance removal of too much stretched and damaged saggy skin with filling up the remaining skin with volume from an implant. This will produce a more aesthetically pleasing, and youthful breast contour, especially out-of-clothing.

read more › Fat transfer or grafting to the breast is one of the more exciting current techniques in breast surgery. Fat grafting involves obtaining or harvesting fat cells from one part of the body (typically abdomen or thighs) by liposuction, and then the fat is injected into the breast tissue. The fat will then be able to provide bulk for breast enlargement, like augmentation with fat! A natural breast shape can also be created depending on the amount of fat transferred. Not only can fat transfer be used in for primary breast augmentation, it can also be used in implant revision surgery, for instance, to help mask or camouflage an existing implant.

read more › For all breast implant patients, there comes a time when a touch-up or perhaps even a major revision is needed to rejuvenate the look and feel of the breasts. The question is always when, not if. Just as we expect the breast tissue itself to change with age, augmented breasts will also "age". This process can lead to a variety of distressing functional and cosmetic issues which may or may not require surgery to correct. Although many women have anxiety about revision breast augmentation surgery, Dr. Albright is here to help!

read more › Many women are quite satisfied with their breast volume in a bra, but are a little less comfortable with the shape of the breast when the bra comes off. Whether your breast is just too droopy or your nipples are pointing at the floor, Dr. Albright has a solution! With a breast lift, he can reposition the droopy breast tissue back up on the chest while also centering the nipple on the mound. Need the areola (pigmented skin around the nipple) to be smaller? He can do that too during the same breast lift surgery.

read more › A breast cancer diagnosis is a life changing event. It traumatizes both the body and the spirit. It disrupts a person's life and forces them into a world that is unfamiliar and stressful. Trying to research different reconstruction techniques on your own from random online sources is frustrating and often not very productive. Dr. Albright appreciates how much patients have to deal with, and his goal is to simplify your individualized reconstruction options. He wants his patients to understand how options differ and why one approach is better and worse than another.

read more › When your breasts are causing problems such as neck/shoulder/back pain, painful/unsightly grooves in your shoulders, recurrent rashes, or limiting your mobility and activities with exercise, it may be time to consider a breast reduction. By reducing the weight of the breasts, many of these symptoms will improve and possibly resolve completely. Incidentally, Dr. Albright will also be able to create a perkier and more youthful appearing breast by lifting the remaining breast tissue and nipple back up where they belong.

read more › Let's face it guys! Just as there is more pressure on women to maintain their looks, there is also more pressure on men. For good or for bad, this is what Dr. Albright hears from his patients every week. One of the single most effective surgical interventions for men is a well contoured muscular chest. Dr. Albright is well versed in male breast reduction surgery, and will help you improve your shape today! He is one of the best male breast reduction surgeons in San Antonio TX. Men can develop prominent fat deposits on the chest from obesity, or even develop rudimentary breast tissue (glandular tissue) as is the case with "gynecomastia", a medical condition.

read more › One of the more difficult areas to conceal, particularly in Central and South Texas, is our upper arms. If you struggle with excess skin or fullness of the upper arm and armpit and feel uncomfortable with the appearance, it may be time to consider an arm lift. Patients often notice improvement in their daily activities as well as boosted confidence after their "bat wings" have been removed. Dr. Albright can help you regain your short-sleeve swagger! Dr. Albright, will perform a comprehensive exam on your arms to determine what options are best to achieve your goals.

read more › A body lift involves removing excess skin and and fat from around the lower hip area from front to back. The procedure is an incredibly powerful way to improve the contour of the belly and lower back. By removing this tissue, you can get rid of the dreaded "muffin-top" that hangs over your pants, or stop having to tuck it into your pants. It can be done! Dr. Albright will use his artistic skills to accentuate the hips and improve symmetry. Call today to see if you are a good candidate for this life-changing procedure.

read more › One of the more interesting trends in body contouring has been the popularization of "butt lifts". As the precise definition of buttock lift is somewhat confusing, it may be better to more generally define butt lift as simply butt rejuvenation. Often previously neglected in body contouring, as societal trends have changed, surgeons are now focusing more attention on creating more voluptuous and curvy butts. When carefully planned and executed, improving the contour of the butt is an excellent solution to achieving a sexier profile.

read more › How many times have you thought, 'why can't I just move the fat from my [fill in the blank] to my [breasts/butt]?' Well the answer is yes, we can move that fat! Fat grafting is when fat is removed from one part of the body with liposuction, and then reinjected using blunt-tip cannulas into another part of the body where more volume is desired, such as the breasts or buttocks. Get in contact with Alamo Plastic Surgery which is one of the best plastic surgery clinics for fat transfer in San Antonio TX.

read more › Liposuction continues to be the most common cosmetic surgery in the United States. This is due to its overall effectiveness and relative easier recovery. Additionally, it can usually be combined with other cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries with acceptable risk. In today's medical landscape, there has been a dramatic increase in 'minimally invasive' fat loss procedures utilizing heat, cold, ultrasound or radiofrequency energy in an attempt to achieve results similar to liposuction. However, most of these technologies do not compare favorably to the more powerful and time-tested liposuction fat removal technique.

read more › These days, body contouring is not just for the ladies! Most men will benefit from the incredibly potent contouring that can be achieved with male liposuction. Just as women have typical fat distributions, men also are prone to certain 'problem' areas, like the 'handles' and the chest. However, in males, these problem areas are often in different locations than in women. Due to the typical fat distribution patterns and surgical goal of achieving a more 'cut' or muscular appearance, male liposuction differs from liposuction performed in (most) females.

read more › First off, congratulations on doing the incredible: having children! Pregnancy and childbirth are amazing events, and change one's life forever. While they change one's priorities, they also affect one's body in many ways, some more permanent than others. Dr. Albright is able to offer patients cosmetic solutions to many of the common changes that happen after childbirth and child-rearing. Collectively this constellation of surgeries is called a "mommy makeover" or mommy makeover cosmetic surgery, usually involving simultaneous breast and belly contouring procedures.

read more › Unless you have lived in a bubble your entire life, you probably have at least one scar. For most people with most scars, they could care less about their scars. However, for others, having a poorly formed scar or conspicuously located scar may be quite distressing. Scars may also affect function. As someone who has had scar revision surgery, Dr. Albright cares a great deal about having better looking and more functional scars. Dr. Albright will delve into possible contributing factors for poor scar development and develop a treatment plan to improve your scar.

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