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Phillip Dauwe, M.D It is our mission to educate patients and elevate the standard of care in aesthetic plastic surgery. Board-certified Dallas, TX plastic surgeon Dr. Phillip Dauwe firmly believes that a strong doctor-patient relationship serves as the foundation to a successful surgical plan. With that in mind, his first duty is to give you the knowledge you need to make your decision.

Dr. Dauwe's experience and confident approach allow him to embrace the transformative power of aesthetic plastic surgery and change the lives of his plastic surgery patients in Dallas, TX. Please use this site as a resource to learn about our aesthetic procedures, such as the drainless tummy tuck, and view the results delivered by Dr. Dauwe and his team.

Dr. Phillip Dauwe is board-certified in plastic surgery, and he is committed to providing you with outstanding cosmetic care in Dallas, TX. Dr. Dauwe specializes in surgical and nonsurgical procedures for the face, breast, body, and skin. Not only is he known for his artistic approach but also for his attentive bedside manner.

read more › Phillip Dauwe, M.D. Plastic Surgery in Dallas, TX is pleased to offer men and women high-end cosmetic care. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Dauwe specializes in both surgical and nonsurgical procedures for the face, breast, and body. His top surgical procedures include breast augmentation, breast lifts, breast revisions, drainless tummy tucks, facelifts, and mommy makeovers. He is a skilled plastic surgeon who emphasizes attentive, concierge-like service to provide his patients with the best outcomes possible.

read more › Dallas, TX board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Phillip Dauwe specializes in aesthetic and plastic surgery for the face, breast, and body at Lemmon Avenue Plastic Surgery in Dallas, TX. He takes his time to thoroughly listen and address his patient's concerns to create customized treatment plans that achieve their unique goals. By developing a precise surgical plan, it enables him and his patients to move forward confidently. His steadfastness, attention to detail, and artistic skillset have helped transform the lives of so many men and women.

read more › Julie Garcia is our talented patient coordinator who works diligently to provide clients with outstanding service for the best cosmetic experience. Sara Valle serves as our patient liaison and medical assistant, providing expert support and attentive, compassionate care to our many patients. Tessa Thornton brings 11 years of nursing experience and skill to our practice and our patients.

read more › Lemmon Avenue Plastic Surgery and Laser Center is a luxurious aesthetic facility in Dallas, TX. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Phillip Dauwe and his expert team of staff are dedicated to providing high-end cosmetic service to all their patients. For this reason, they are pleased to present clients with a state-of-the-art facility that boasts a welcoming reception area, on-site operating rooms, laser center, a minor procedure room, an overnight hotel room, six consultation rooms, and more. In addition, we utilize the High-Five System during breast augmentation consultations to determine the right cup size for your shape and body.

read more › At Phillip Dauwe, M.D. Plastic Surgery, our primary goal is to help our patients transform their bodies with natural-looking results for a new level of confidence and aesthetic beauty. Dr. Dauwe is a talented plastic surgeon specializing in procedures for the face, breasts, and body who takes the time to listen to each of his patients' concerns. He can then create a personalized surgical plan specifically targeted to meet their aesthetic goals. With a wide range of surgical options for both women and men in the Dallas, TX area, you can be assured that your ultimate satisfaction with your new look is our utmost priority.

read more › Whether performed for aesthetics or health, breast augmentation can drastically improve the lives of our patients. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Phillip Dauwe is incredibly experienced in numerous procedures meant to enhance the breasts, including breast lifts, breast reduction, gynecomastia, and nipple reconstruction. Call Phillip Dauwe, M.D. Plastic Surgery today to set up a consultation at our practice in Dallas, TX. Cosmetic breast augmentation utilizes implants or a fat transfer to enhance the overall size and shape of the bust for a more desirable silhouette.

read more › Breast augmentation is a procedure that reshapes the breasts to create a fuller look. It is generally known to be one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries, providing women who dislike their breast appearance an effective opportunity for improvement. With the help of implants or a fat transfer, this enhancement surgery corrects breast shape and size, resulting in a beautiful and natural outcome. Dallas, TX board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Phillip Dauwe is experienced in implementing this treatment and performs numerous breast augmentations every year.

read more › As many women age, they may lose fullness in their breasts while others may begin to notice excess breast skin. Some women will have both problems that lead to sagging, deflated breasts. If you would like to increase breast volume while also eliminating loose skin, plastic surgeon Dr. Phillip Dauwe can perform a breast augmentation surgery plus a breast lift (mastopexy). This procedure at Phillip Dauwe, M.D. Plastic Surgery in Dallas, TX begins by removing loose skin from the breasts and then placing silicone or saline implants to achieve your goal size.

read more › Mastopexy (known as a breast lift) is a body contouring procedure that recontours the breasts by trimming away loose skin and surgically tightening the remaining tissue to result in a more youthful and healthier look. This life-changing surgery is performed for women who have lost breast firmness, size, and shape and who are experiencing breast drooping due to aging, significant weight loss, or nursing. Outstanding advancements in mastopexy techniques have made this procedure so effective and successful that new statistics by the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) reveal nearly a 70% increase in demand since 2000.

read more › Surgical breast reconstruction is most commonly performed to recreate or reconstruct the breasts following a mastectomy or lumpectomy for breast cancer. It is also an option to restore the breast if it has not developed due to a birth defect or if it has been damaged by trauma. Advanced technologies in reconstructive surgery make it easier for breast cancer patients to have breasts that look and feel natural after mastectomy. This surgery is performed in stages usually beginning at the same time as your breast cancer treatment.

read more › Breast augmentation using implants is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in America and in many cases, produces terrific outcomes. Unfortunately, sometimes a patient can be dissatisfied with the appearance of her breasts and at some point may want breast revision surgery. Keep in mind that not all revision treatments are because of practitioner error. While few breast augmentations do end with an unpleasing outcome, there are individuals who wish to have a larger or smaller implants, while some may have a visible irregularity and would like to have the implant corrected or removed altogether.

read more › Exceptionally large breasts can create social, functional, and physical problems for women. Not only can they attribute to feeling self-conscious, but they can also lead to severe back pain. In Dallas, TX, Dr. Phillip Dauwe is a board-certified plastic surgeon who works with countless women to allow them to feel more confident and improve their quality of life with a surgical breast reduction procedure. Also known as a reduction mammoplasty, this aesthetic surgery at Phillip Dauwe, M.D. Plastic Surgery helps to remove excess breast fat and skin, as well as unhealthy tissue to redefine and reshape the breasts to a smaller size.

read more › The shape and projection of the nipple have both cosmetic and functional effects on the breast. The nipple can vary in size, shape, and projection, which leads to a variety of procedures that Dallas, TX plastic surgeon Dr. Phillip Dauwe is pleased to offer his patients. Phillip Dauwe, M.D. Plastic Surgery provides areola restoration, nipple reduction, and nipple inversion correction surgery to service the diverse needs of our patients. Call our Dallas, TX office today to learn how nipple repair surgery can benefit you and give you the appearance and function you desire.

read more › Achieve the body you've always dreamed about by taking full advantage of the many aesthetic services available at Phillip Dauwe, M.D. Plastic Surgery. Our office in Dallas, TX offers countless services designed to improve the aesthetics of your body, including arm lifts, butt lifts, mommy makeovers, drainless tummy tucks, and more. Schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Dauwe in order to discuss your desires and concerns in greater detail. If you have sagging, excess skin on and around your upper arms, an arm lift can be an incredible way to restore their tight, youthful appearance.

read more › One big challenge when getting older or losing weight is finding excess skin. At Phillip Dauwe, M.D. Plastic Surgery, we offer upper arm lift surgery (also called brachioplasty) as a correction for people who cannot manage to tone or tighten the arms with natural methods. Excess skin from the elbow to the shoulder is very typical, particularly for people who are getting older or have lost significant amounts of weight. An upper arm lift excises this loose hanging skin, sometimes known as "bat wings."

read more › A surgery known as the Brazilian butt lift has become one of the fastest growing aesthetic enhancements in the U.S. and continues to be in widespread demand among both women and men. This butt enhancement surgery allows individuals an effective way to obtain a rounder and shapelier buttocks without having to use an implant. Significant weight loss, aging, gravity, as well as hereditary characteristics can lead to a flat and unshapely butt. In today's times, a rounder, more voluptuous rear end is desired more than ever.

read more › Hanging or loose skin on your rear end can be discouraging, especially for those who diet and exercise regularly. Individuals who have recently lost a significant amount of weight suffer greatly from this condition. For this reason, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Phillip Dauwe recommends butt lift surgery to address stretched skin with skin tightening and removal to reveal a firmer, lifted bottom. There are quite a few benefits of receiving a butt lift, like a plumper backside in a more lifted position with taut skin underneath.

read more › While it is not discussed openly, several women worry about the shape and size of their vaginal lips, which may cause them to be less confident. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Phillip Dauwe can help Dallas, TX women feel more attractive and comfortable with surgical vaginal rejuvenation to improve the shape and size of the labia. The labia, which are the external lips of the vaginal area, can look oversized or have hanging skin created by genetics, childbirth, pregnancy, or an injury. A labiaplasty surgically decreases the size of the labia majora and/or minora to create an improved look.

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