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Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery Our goal at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery is to provide you the best possible outcome in the safest possible fashion with the least amount of surgery. Winter Goals Winter is in the air Ready. Set. Go. Discover our top surgical and nonsurgical body treatments and be summer ready. Collagen Boosters Healthy and Vibrant Maintain and restore collagen for natural-looking results without surgery or downtime.

Summer Sizzle Summer is in the air Discover our face, breast, and body treatments and get ready to sizzle.

The first step in facelift surgery is acceptance that everyone has a truly unique face. Once this concept is accepted, Dr. Durkin begins your process by specifically identifying what comprises the inherent strengths and weaknesses of a your face. Everyone is born with natural strengths in their personal facial aesthetics. Some people have perfect brow

Our most sought after procedure at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery is the OCEAN DRIVE limited incision facelift. After years of experience, Dr. Alan Durkin, our Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, has developed a proprietary limited incision facelift called, the OCEAN DRIVE Facelift. Dr. Durkin's limited incision facelift technique is designed to provide the

Considering getting a facelift? Facial aging is a complex process that is influenced by many genetic and environmental factors. Some of these factors include skin type, skin color, types of wrinkles, depth of wrinkles, skin tone, muscle atrophy, volume gain or loss, as well as others. In essence, facial aging is not an event, but a continuum of events

For patients who want the absolute best possible result, look no further than the Ocean Drive Full Facelift. This technique provides comprehensive rejuvenation to the brow, upper and lower eyelids, cheek, lateral face, jawline, and neck. All patients also receive intraoperative volumization via structural fat grafting or with commercial dermal filler

For those who do not like injectables, and those that need a quick lift without less than a week of downtime, look no further than the MACS lift. MACS is an acronym that stands for "Minimal Access Cranial Suspension", or MACS. In this procedure, a different type of incision is used than a limited incision lift. Here, the incision is carried further

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