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Aurora Plastic Surgery & Medi Spa now offers two locations: our original Med Spa in East Lansing, MI and our luxurious new facility in Birmingham. By combining the latest advancements in plastic surgery with state-of-the-art nonsurgical aesthetic treatments, we provide patients with the widest array of cosmetic procedures to enhance their appearance and achieve their appearance goals.

The result is a new you who feels confident, attractive, and beautiful in your skin. Spending time at Aurora Medi Spa is a tune-up for your face, body, mind, & soul. In our elegant Med Spa setting we put patients first, so you will look and feel rejuvenated, re-energized, younger and more beautiful! Love, love, love Aurora Medi Spa! Everyone is professional and so nice.

My last appointment was for a HydraFacial and Jennel was AMAZING! I left with a treatment plan that was recommended and can't wait to continue to see improvements in my skin. I love the team. They are extremely friendly, knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to making decisions about what treatments to use for achieve your goals.

ZO Skin Health Products, developed by world-renowned skincare expert Dr. Zein Obagi, delivers innovative skincare solutions that optimize skin health based on the latest advances in skin science. These state-of-the-art skin therapy technologies, provide unique delivery systems, bio-engineered complexes and exclusive formulas. The result is superior

Breast enhancement surgery or "breast augmentation" is the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedure in the United States. While it is typically performed to enlarge the breasts with implants, breast enhancement surgery also improves the shape and position of the breasts - for a more beautiful you! Perhaps you never had the size and shape of

In addition to interfering with a woman's appearance goals, large breasts can cause a number of health problems that cause pain and interfere with daily activities. Breasts that are disproportionately large for a woman's body can cause neck and shoulder pain, back problems, indentation of the shoulders from bra straps, and rashes underneath the breast

If your face makes you look older than you feel, a surgical facelift may be for you. A facelift can improve deep cheek folds, eliminate jowls, and tighten loose, saggy facial skin - for a substantially more refreshed and youthful appearance. While we also offer a number of the latest non-invasive facial tightening procedures, patients with substantially

At Aurora Plastic Surgery in East Lansing, we offer Silhouette InstaLift - a state of the art procedure that offers women and men immediate facial lifting and volumizing without traditional surgery. The Silhouette InstaLift thread lift - sometimes called a feather lift - offers a tighter, more youthful facial appearance with just a few stitches and

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