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As a leading Austin plastic surgeon and innovator, Dr. Whitfield offers tailor-made solutions for each and every patient. As technology and medicine converge, your list of options for aesthetic enhancement is rapidly growing. On one hand, this can mean choices that are better suited to your body, budget, schedule and overall needs. On the other hand, it can be challenging to sort through the various offerings on the market today and determine which are right for you.

Here at the office of Austin plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Whitfield, we offer a curated selection of best-in-class technologies and services designed to meet your specific needs - whatever they may be. The science of non-surgical body contouring has rapidly evolved in recent years. Results that were formerly only attainable through invasive surgeries with longer recovery times can now be achieved in just a few short treatments.

Here at the office of Dr. Robert Whitfield we have a full suite of non-surgical, non-invasive body contouring technologies for the reduction of fat, the tightening of skin and toning of muscles.

read more › We believe in price transparency and are happy to share plastic surgery cost ranges with you ahead of your consultation. Below is a tool we use called BuildMyBod, which allows you to create your own wish list of the procedures you're interested in. We have already entered our actual pricing in this tool to give you the closest possible estimate. When you're finished with your wish list, submit it to instantly see the ranges for all of your procedures and let us know if you'd like to be contacted.

read more › Sitting down for a talk with Dr. Whitfield is the first step on the path to the body you want. No matter your desired results, Dr. Whitfield's years of experience and research into the latest developments in plastic surgery will help you along your journey. Contact us for a consultation today, and you'll see why Dr. Robert Whitfield is widely regarded as a "Texas Super Doctor."

read more › Unfortunately, childbirth, gravity, and weight gain or loss will stretch the skin and tissues of the breasts, causing them to sag or droop. A great bra can certainly help lift them back to a youthful position, but many women want to feel good about how they look without needing to wear a supportive bra to lift sagging breasts. If you are tired of wearing push-up bras and feeling uncomfortable with the appearance of flattened breasts that make you look older, it may be time to consider an Austin breast lift procedure with Dr. Robert Whitfield.

read more › Women in need of a breast reduction in Austin, are tired of living with overlarge, heavy breasts and want to reduce breast size. Many women develop rashes beneath the breasts and deep grooves on the shoulders created by bra straps. Overlarge breasts can inhibit their ability to exercise and wear the clothing styles they want. A breast reduction is a surgical procedure that removes excess breast tissue and skin to reshape and resize the breasts, move the nipple location to a more youthful position on the front of the breast, and create lovely, rounded breasts that are in proportion with your body.

read more › Time and environment are constant forces of change, and even the best initial surgery results may wind up needing a "refresh" eventually. Maybe the implants you got in your twenties no longer suit your appearance the way they once did. Maybe you've developed an issue with the implant (capsular contracture and ruptures do happen), or maybe your first augmentation falls into the "botched boob job" category and you want it fixed. Whatever your reason, as Austin's best plastic surgeon for breast implant revisions, Dr. Whitfield can help.

read more › Thanks to early detection methods, life-threatening cases of breast cancer can be successfully treated, leaving patients healthy, but without breasts. The thought of losing your breasts may make your worry that you will no longer look and feel feminine or be desirable. Thankfully, federal law requires that health insurance companies cover breast reconstruction - which should be planned in advance of undergoing a mastectomy, as in some cases, the reconstruction can be performed in the same surgical appointment as the mastectomy.

read more › Fat transfer, or fat grafting, is a procedure in which excess fat is harvested from an unwanted area and replaced somewhere else on your body to create beautiful, soft, natural volume. As previously thought, sagging skin is not simply the result of gravity, it is also about a loss of volume. Anyone who was accused of having a round face when they were younger gets the last laugh when they hit middle age. If you look at an old picture, you looked younger partly because you had more fat in the right places.

read more › Body contouring refers to the multiple techniques used in the cosmetic field (both surgical and nonsurgical) to reshape the body. This usually comes in the form of tightening skin or removing excess fat, either after weight fluctuations or due to aging. The results can range from getting rid of stubborn fat deposits under the chin to the surgical removal of fat and loose skin over the body. Because there is such variety in what constitutes body contouring, Dr. Robert Whitfield recommends sitting down for a consultation with him to discuss the specific issues or areas you would like to address through body contouring.

read more › It happens to us all - stubborn pockets of fat that just don't seem to be affected by diet or exercise. If this sounds like you, you may be a candidate for liposuction. Dr. Robert Whitfield uses liposuction to help Austin patients to remove those stubborn fat deposits that resist your best efforts with diet and exercise. Best of all, the results last can last as long as you maintain your good diet and exercise habits. Liposuction is a body contouring technique. It is not about weight loss. In fact, most patients do not lose a significant quantity of weight.

read more › You diet and exercise, but still you have a pouch where your stomach was once flat and athletic - a very frustrating physical problem. A tummy tuck also called an abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure to tighten the skin and muscles of the abdomen. The result is a restoration of the smooth, flat stomach of your youth. Tummy tuck surgeon Dr. Robert Whitfield understands the importance of resolving an unsightly tummy bulge in restoring self-esteem and confidence in your body image. He is sensitive to the fact that you lead a busy life and may not be able to afford a long recovery time.

read more › Regardless of whether or not you have a diet and exercise routine in place, these fat deposits can get in the way of achieving your desired body image and seriously affect your self-esteem. This is where an abdominoplasty, commonly called a tummy tuck, can come to your rescue. A traditional tummy tuck, however, is a fairly demanding procedure particularly in terms of recovery time. Not all of us can afford the downtime that this process necessitates and are, therefore, hesitant to go forward with it.

read more › This is especially true for women who've had multiple children or twins. Often after pregnancy, the muscles in the abdomen are unable to return to a youthful, taut position, a problem diet and exercise cannot fix. Furthermore, the skin has been stretched and the breasts have lost volume and 'perkiness' after breastfeeding. The result is a body that has radically changed in appearance ' or a mom who is in need of a custom mommy makeover in Austin. A mommy makeover is a blanket term to describe a combination of procedures to re-contour the body.

read more › And we live in a culture more body-conscious than ever. Flabby upper arms, with excess skin, fat, and tissue, can affect an otherwise beautiful figure. Sadly, no amount of diet and exercise can restore the firm, fit look of youth, no matter how hard you work at firming your upper arms. An arm lift in Austin could be the answer. Austin plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert Whitfield offers his patients a full range of arm lift procedures. Each procedure has its pros and cons and your arm slimming treatment will be custom-tailored to achieve results.

read more › There have always been great surgical options for improving a patient's body contours - mainly liposuction, a tummy tuck, or an arm lift. Until BodyTite, there has never been a technique that gets rid of excess fat AND tightens the skin without leaving fairly large scars. BodyTite is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that uses RFAL, or radio frequency-assisted lipolysis. FDA approved for skin tightening, the device works within two areas: one on top of the skin, and one under the skin. The RF energy passes between these two points, heating the tissues from both inside and outside.

read more › While non-surgical procedures such as injectables and lasers can certainly revitalize the face, no procedure will turn back the clock like a facelift. It allows the surgeon to take a fully comprehensive approach to your facial aging. We perform facelifts in Austin because it is hands down the "gold standard" for facial rejuvenation. Plastic surgeon in Austin, Dr. Whitfield performs both traditional and short-scar facelifts using the SMAS (submuscular aponeurotic system) technique. In the past, the downside of facelift surgery was that it could make a patient look pulled or "done."

read more › If your nose is out of proportion due to being too big or too small, it impacts the harmony and appeal of your entire face. A rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure to reshape the nose. Often referred to as a nose job, a rhinoplasty, when performed by a highly-skilled facial plastic surgeon, can create a far more attractive look. The first step on your journey to a new nose is the consultation. Dr. Whitfield will evaluate the size, shape, and projection of your nose structure carefully, and perform precise measurements.

read more › No one wants to look in the mirror and see a heavy, drooping brow. With age, the skin and muscles of the forehead begin to lose strength and resiliency, causing the brow to sag or droop. You may be left with eyes that appear hooded, looking perpetually tired or angry. Restoring your brows to their former, youthful, lifted position which is why we offer a brow lift in Austin, to make you look happier, younger, and well-rested. The most critical point in an effective brow lift is proper positioning; it will look unnatural when the brow is placed too high.

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