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Pmt PMT(R) is your source for Neurosurgery and Orthopedic instruments and devices. We develop, manufacture and distribute the highest quality Subdural Epilepsy Electrodes, Cervical Traction Halo Systems, Cervical orthosis collars, Lumbo Sacral Orthoses, and Surgical Instruments. PMT(R) is a leading manufacturer and distributor in the technology of plastic and reconstructive surgery products.

We carry a complete line of quality tissue and breast expanders, port locaters, microsurgical background material, Gel Sheeting and GelShapes(R). PMT/Permark offers a complete line of Micropigmentation and Dermabrasion devices, supplies and equipment. We offer 53 sterile pigment shades, 12 different sterile needle configurations, dermabrasion accessories, training videos, soothing skin gels and topical anesthetics.

We also carry Endomark, a sterile gastric ink marker, for Gastroenterologists.

read more › PMT Corporation, established in 1979, is dedicated to the research and development of specialty products, devices and instruments used in the medical field. These products cover the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Neurosurgery, Orthopedic Medicine, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy fields and more. PMT Corporation manufactures and distributes many fine products such as AccuSpan(R) and Integra(R) Tissue Expanders, Cervical traction Halo systems, Suction Instruments, Cortac(R) and Depthalon(R) epilepsy electrodes and Permark(R) micropigmentation machines and supplies.

read more › The PMT Corporation's Halo system is the most reliable, easy to use and effective Halo structure available. This Halo system is designed to provide optimal patient comfort and healing. Compared to spinal fusion, Halo fixation allows the body to naturally repair itself at a reduced cost. The PMT Halo head ring utilizes hand wound graphite to ensure product quality and consistency. The proprietary titanium skull pins are specially designed with a parabolic tip to increase the anchoring qualities and reduces the need to retighten the pins as with other designs.

read more › The Model 1210 GraphComp Traction Tong puts more diagnostic tools at your disposal including clear MRI and CT scanning. The tong is made of carbon graphite and the pressure pins are made of titanium, making the set not only MRI and CT compatible, but also exceptionally strong and lightweight for the maximum strength to weight ratio. Model 1210 is available in three sizes (S, M & L) to fit all patients. The tong arrives sterile and ready to use in case of an emergency.

read more › Intended to maintain the vaginal canal following radiological treatment or surgical procedures, ALLURA(R) assists in restoring, enlarging or creating a vagina. Made of an implant grade silicone shell and foam core, which is designed to expand and maintain the shape of the vagina without causing the patient additional discomfort. Incorporates a locking ball check valve. This is able to be connected directly to a filling syringe, allowing the stent to be filled with sterile saline or air. Integrated drainage tube is capable of being connected directly to a syringe to facilitate surgical site irrigation.

read more › The A.F.T. Cannulas were designed with smooth edges to minimize possible cell damaging mechanical trauma. All of the A.F.T. Cannulas are provided with a robust externally threaded luer lock hub design to provide an air tight fit on sterile disposable syringes. All A.F.T. Cannulas are fabricated using surgical grade stainless steel to maximize corrosion resistance during multiple cleaning and autoclave sterilizations. All of the A.F.T. Cannulas are supplied with reusable stylets to unclog the instrument.

read more › The JawBra is an elastic compression head wrap designed with pouches on each side to hold cold or heat packs. This system provides compression and thermal therapy to reduce pain and swelling. The JawBra is often used immediately following joint, orthognathic, and other facial surgeries. Firm Pressure & Stabilization to the Maxillary, Mandibular, TMJ & Facial Areas Pre & Post-Op.

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