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Our Treatments are non-invasive techniques for localised fat reduction, body contouring and non surgical facelifts. We also offer cryopen imperfection correction treatments as well as vaginal tightening using the Femiwand hifu system. Our website & links will be available for another year as a resource for exploring plastic surgery.

read more › 1993, a place where technical skill, experience, artistry, and integrity come together for satisfying and lasting results. Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and members of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, you can be assured that your PSAR doctor meets the rigorous standards of training in all aspects of plastic surgery; fulfills continuous medical education requirements, and is regularly peer-reviewed for patient safety and ethical standards. Dr. Ball and Dr. Mendez have committed their careers to becoming true specialists in the art of plastic surgery.

read more › The human body is a complicated, interrelated canvas, and the ability to gracefully translate surgical procedures into a natural, aesthetic enhancement of your face and body requires a high degree of education, training, skill, and experience. Selecting a qualified and experienced Plastic Surgeon to help guide you through the numerous procedures and treatments available today is paramount to achieving the results your desire. There are many procedures, techniques and products in the field of aesthetic enhancement, and we pride ourselves in offering only the most effective choices available in designing a complete treatment plan customized to your specific goals.

read more › Board certification by the American Board of Medical Specialties is a requirement for all Members of the ASPS. Many people are surprised to learn that any licensed medical doctor, regardless of training, can legally call him or herself a plastic surgeon with no specific training in that field. Many doctors listed in the yellow pages under the title of "Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery" have not completed an approved residency in plastic surgery. And some have the designation of "Board Certified" but their certification is not by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS).

read more › Plastic surgery is a demanding blend of art and science aimed at restoring your more youthful appearance, altering some things you wish to change, or repairing defects or injuries. More and more people are looking for ways to enhance or improve their personal appearance and plastic surgery has become a popular and attainable way to provide lasting results. Achieve your aesthetic goals thorough the art of plastic surgery. Lip enhancement, filler injections, skin resurfacing, and Botox are some of the ways many of our patients choose to refine their current look or to enhance their facial cosmetic surgery.

read more › In today's world, one of the keys to success is looking your best. You care about your appearance and if you're considering cosmetic surgery, your not alone. Each year, hundreds of thousands of Americans have cosmetic surgery to enhance their appearance and self-image. Whether your goal is "turning back the clock" to achieve a more youthful appearance, reshaping or refining a facial feature, or improving the contour of your body, Plastic Surgery Associates of Redding can help. Our surgeons offer a full spectrum of the latest techniques in aesthetic procedures.

read more › You can simplify (and speed up) your visit by completing our Patient Information forms ahead of time and then bring them to your 1st visit. When you call for an appointment, our receptionist will ask for information regarding the purpose of your visit. This will assist us in scheduling the best time and length of your appointment. We have posted copies here for you to download and complete at your convenience - at home where you have access to your records - prior to your visit. For billing purposes your insurance cards will also be needed - please bring them with you - we will have other forms that will need your signature.

read more › Your state of mind and emotional well-being are important when considering any type of plastic surgery, and making an informed decision when choosing plastic surgeons will help ensure that you are satisfied with the outcome. The single most important factor in determining satisfaction with the outcome of the procedure/s you are considering is your choice of highly skilled, experienced, board certified plastic surgeons. A recent Newsweek article states that "the gold standard is certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery."

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