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Craig W. Colville, MD, FACS Learn more about breast enhancement from Dr. Colville, who's been specializing in cosmetic breast surgery for more than 20 years. When you look your best, you feel your best. Dr. Colville's expertise in both surgical and non-surgical body contouring techniques is well-known throughout Ohio. Dr. Colville has partnered with PatientFi, a patient-friendly financing company that makes breast augmentation more affordable.

In minutes, PatientFi offers a payment plan tailored to your budget. The online application can be completed within minutes, and you'll quickly receive an offer. We all want to look our best. Taking the first step toward reaching that goal requires finding an experienced, compassionate plastic surgeon with the training and aesthetic sense to help turn your vision into reality.

Dr. Craig Colville is one of the top board-certified plastic surgeons in Toledo, Ohio. Specializing in breast enhancement, body contouring, and facial rejuvenation, Dr. Colville offers patients the opportunity to preview their new look with the VECTRA 3D imaging system.

read more › What is "the power of change?" It's the philosophy that guides Dr. Craig Colville, one of the most experienced and talented plastic surgeons not only in Toledo, Ohio, but throughout the Upper Midwest. Since opening his plastic surgery practice in 1990, Dr. Colville has helped thousands of patients achieve physical changes in ways that appear natural, using his exceptional skill honed through years of training. When reading the reviews and testimonials from some of Dr. Colville's patients, a certain theme emerges.

read more › Patient reviews can be very illuminating when you're searching for the best plastic surgeons in Toledo, Ohio. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Craig Colville is at the top of the list according to his actual plastic surgery patients from Findlay, Sandusky, Ann Arbor, and other northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan cities. Take a look at the reviews they've posted on popular rating sites and testimonials they've sent him directly. The scar jell I bought is amazing do your part with recover you also will have beautiful results takes a team!

read more › Dr. Craig Colville is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Toledo who performs plastic surgery for Findlay, Sandusky, and other Ohio residents with a personal touch, whether they want to improve a single feature or more dramatically enhance multiple areas of the body. He offers women and men the opportunity to make positive changes to the way they look, their sense of confidence, and their quality of life. To find out how plastic surgery in Toledo, Ohio, can improve your appearance, request a consultation online with Dr. Colville or call us at (419) 534-6551 to schedule an appointment.

read more › Dr. Craig W. Colville performs cosmetic breast enhancement surgery in Toledo, Ohio, to improve the appearance and contour of a woman's breasts. Some women from cities in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan such as Findlay, Sandusky, and Ann Arbor choose breast augmentation to increase the size of their breasts with implants. Others desire shapelier (but not larger) breasts and opt for a breast lift or breast reduction surgery. In some cases, the results of a breast augmentation need to be revised, either to exchange the implants or correct a problem.

read more › The choice of breast implants is highly individual and depends on a number of factors, including their shape, size, and feel. Dr. Colville offers the latest breast implants at his Toledo, Ohio, practice from the 3 major manufacturers: MENTOR, Allergan, and Sientra. While each includes unique features, all breast implants are silicone shells filled with either silicone gel or saline fluid. This feature contains nudity. After breastfeeding 3 children, this patient felt that the skin on her breast had lost elasticity.

read more › Breast implants can be removed and, if desired, replaced during revision breast augmentation surgery. At his Toledo, Ohio, practice, Dr. Craig Colville specializes in revision procedures for women who underwent surgery elsewhere. Cases can range from older implants that need replacing to more complex issues needing correction. The vast majority of women are satisfied after getting breast implants, but complications and other circumstances sometimes require a secondary procedure. This feature contains nudity.

read more › Women who are satisfied with the size of their breasts, but disappointed with their shape and position, may opt for a breast lift. In Toledo, Ohio, Dr. Craig Colville specializes in cosmetic breast surgery and can reshape and lift breasts to achieve a more youthful contour. Pregnancy and breastfeeding, weight loss, and genetics are all reasons women may choose to get breast lift surgery. Women who want to add or restore volume often choose a breast lift with implants. This feature contains nudity.

read more › It's not unusual for women with overly large breasts to suffer both physically and emotionally. Reducing the breasts' size and weight - and the associated problems - are the goals of breast reduction surgery. In Toledo, Ohio, Dr. Craig Colville specializes in cosmetic breast surgery and can help women whose heavy, sagging breasts are causing back pain, social discomfort, and other unpleasant effects. This feature contains nudity. This patient wished to have smaller breasts to help reduce back and shoulder pain.

read more › Your VECTRA 3D simulation experience begins with a picture session in the doctor's office. This creates the starting point for your aesthetic consultation. Using special simulation software on your 3D picture, your doctor will show you the possible results of the aesthetic procedures you may choose to have. You will be able to experiment with different looks until you find the one you want. Once you have decided on the appearance you want, this simulation will provide a basis for your surgical plan.

read more › Men and women who are active and fit may still need help achieving the sculpted look they desire. Body contouring plastic surgery at our Toledo, Ohio, practice includes procedures such as tummy tuck surgery and liposuction. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Craig Colville has performed thousands of body contouring procedures during his career and can help patients put the finishing touches on their already healthy bodies. Dr. Colville is a board-certified plastic surgeon who creates custom surgical plans for his patients.

read more › For women and men who would like a smoother, flatter midsection, Dr. Craig Colville performs abdominoplasty, often called a tummy tuck, at his Toledo, Ohio, practice. This transformative surgery is the preferred option for removing excess skin and fat, and tightening lax abdominal muscles - characteristics that often result from pregnancy or significant weight loss. Tummy tuck surgery provides improvements that cannot be achieved through diet and exercise alone. This feature contains nudity. This 53 year old patient worked very hard to be more physically fit than she had ever been before, but was unahppy with the loose skin on her abdomen that seemed to just continue getting worse.

read more › Women who come to our Toledo, Ohio, practice for a mommy makeover share a common goal of regaining confidence in their bodies. Pregnancy and childbirth are wonderful experiences, but can create physical changes that diet and exercise alone cannot correct. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Craig Colville specializes in mommy makeover procedures, which usually include a tummy tuck and cosmetic breast surgery. This feature contains nudity. This 35 year old mother of 3 was unhappy with the excess skin on her abdomen and the "droopy" appearance of her breasts.

read more › Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Craig Colville offers CoolSculpting at his Toledo practice to help his Ohio and Michigan patients treat troublesome bulges without surgery. This nonsurgical body contouring procedure is cleared by the FDA to freeze away stubborn fat that doesn't respond to diet or exercise. Dr. Colville's office was the first CoolSculpting-certified practice in Northwest Ohio, having participated in the most advanced training and leading protocols for the popular treatment. This 48 year old patient was unhappy with the look of her lower abdomen.

read more › Dr. Craig Colville offers a range of nonsurgical procedures including CoolSculpting for fat reduction, ThermiVa for vaginal rejuvenation, and BOTOX Cosmetic for wrinkles. At his Toledo, Ohio, practice, he and his staff can skillfully create a natural, refreshed look with injectable wrinkle treatments and fillers, as well as skin resurfacing treatments and permanent makeup. Women and men who want to enhance their looks without surgery come to Dr. Colville's practice for natural-looking, yet noticeable results.

read more › Your face is the outward expression of your personality and mood. Frown lines, sagging cheeks, drooping eyelids or a feature that's out of balance can keep you from projecting the image you want. Cosmetic facial plastic surgery performed in Toledo, Ohio, by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Craig Colville can make subtle changes in your appearance to more accurately reflect the real you. Dr. Colville is known for his meticulous and comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation. A board-certified plastic surgeon practicing in Toledo since 1990, Dr. Colville's facial surgery expertise includes endoscopic and minimal incision procedures.

read more › Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Craig Colville performs facelift surgery at his Toledo, Ohio, practice for women and men who want to restore a smoother, firmer, more uplifted facial appearance. Aging is inevitable, and many people experience the effects of time in the form of flattened cheeks, sagging skin, and jowls. Facelift surgery lifts and firms sagging skin and deeper tissues on your face and neck and removes excess fat in the neck and chin. This patient came to Dr. Colville unhappy with the look of her neck and jaw line, feeling like it added many years to her appearance.

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