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Richard Goldfarb, MD, FACS Our physicians include nationally recognized, award-winning cosmetic surgeons offering advanced treatment options for both men and women at the Center for SmartLipo & Plastic Surgery in Langhorne, PA. Our team of highly trained and experienced physicians and staff are dedicated to the individual needs and goals of each patient through compassionate, consultative care.

The Center for SmartLipo and Plastic Surgery is a leading provider of Smartlipo, EmSculpt, and Fat Transfers in the Philadelphia, PA area. Dr. G. is excellent at what he does, and I cannot recommend him enough. I was introduced to Dr. G through my mother, who had work done with him a couple of years ago. When I moved out of New York City and was in the market for a new doctor, my mother recommended him.

I just had my Liposuction procedure a few days ago. I am so genuinely happy I chose this place. I felt at ease the entire time, from consultation to surgery. Everyone was so good to me, and I experienced no pain. Stacie in particular was just an absolute doll, she was with me the entire time and truly made me.

read more › The Center for SmartLipo & Plastic Surgery is a multi-specialty cosmetic medical practice featuring state-of-the-art procedures and technology designed to create a more youthful appearance. Dr. Durvi Patel and Dr. Richard Goldfarb strive to distinguish ourselves by providing our patients with a sophisticated combination of technical expertise, personalized customer service, and some of the most innovative body contouring and facial rejuvenation options available today. Our unique AWAKE cosmetic surgery procedures provide Bucks County, Philadelphia area, and Montgomery County patients with options that will dramatically improve their appearance with little downtime when compared to older techniques.

read more › Cosmetic surgery can be life changing and can help you continue on the path to a happier, healthier you! Take a moment to browse the before and after photos of a variety of our cosmetic procedures. To discuss how a cosmetic treatment or surgery could address your cosmetic or health concerns, schedule a consultation with Dr. Golfarb at the Center for Smart Lipo and Plastic Surgery in Langhorne, PA. Best Nonsurgical Body Shaping Enhancement This male patient received the following treatments Four BTL EMSCULPT treatments to the abdomen given in intervals of two to three days over the course of two weeks.

read more › The Center For Smart Lipo can help. The Center for Smart Lipo and Plastic Surgery provides cosmetic procedures and therapies for men. From make body sculpting to hair restoration our physicians offer personalized, consultative care for your needs. We offer leading treatments and therapies for thinning hair and hair loss. Our physicians are experienced in the traditional method of hair transplantation using healthy follicles. We also offer a unique therapy using PRFM and Selphyl to not only address areas of thin or lost hair but to support the regeneration of healthy natural regrowth.

read more › Hair loss, whether full or partial, can affect your sense of confidence in your appearance. Hair loss affects both men and women for a variety of reasons, but in all cases, early intervention and treatment can help to avoid more extensive hair loss down the road. We welcome patients of all ages and offer personalized, consultative care for your needs in a compassionate environment. If you are experiencing thinning hair or hair loss, schedule a consultation to receive an evaluation and discuss treatment options.

read more › The Center for Smart Lipo and Plastic Surgery offers advanced treatment options for hair loss. We welcome patients at any stage of life with the signs of hair loss and provide personalized, consultative care for your needs. The earlier hair loss is addressed, the more effective it can be. When treated in the early stages, hair restoration treatments can often provide more stable and lasting results. The normal person or scalp loses about 100 hairs a day. Mild to moderate hair loss is also considered a normal part of the aging process.

read more › Dr. Goldfarb and the staff of Center for Smart Lipo have over 30 years of Hair Transplant experience and ONLY use the "Follicular Unit Extraction" Method of hair transplant technology. Available for both men and women, the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method incorporates the latest minimally invasive technology and advanced grafting techniques. FUE provides a solution for hair loss with minimal side effects and down time. Patients will experience a gradual regrowth of hair for up to a year after their treatment.

read more › Richard Goldfarb, medical director of Selphyl, has developed a unique non surgical treatment option for patients who have thinning hair or mild hair loss, or those not yet ready for the FUE transplant method. The Selphyl PRFM method of hair restoration uses the patient's own blood to create a fibrin matrix that can promote a natural, healthy result. Dr. Goldfarb injects the Selphyl/PRFM solution into areas of the scalp where hair has become noticeably thinner. Dr. Goldfarb helps patients restore a fuller, healthier head of natural hair through a series of Selphyl PRFM injections given in our Bucks County Cosmetic Center, typically about a month apart.

read more › Durvi Patel, MD is a cosmetic surgeon in Langhorne, PA with advanced training in the treatment of issues affecting the overall and sexual health of women. Dr. Patel is committed to finding the best treatments possible for her patients and takes the time to provide consultative care in a compassionate manner. Dr. Patel practiced Women's health at Penn and then trained with the world-renowned Dr. Red Alinsod from Laguna Beach, CA. She joins Dr. Richard Goldfarb in providing cosmetic and women's health treatments and therapies using state of the art technology and techniques.

read more › The Center for Smart Lipo and Plastic Surgery in Langhorne, PA offers a revolutionary treatment for incontinence that can give you back the confidence to enjoy daily activities and sleep better without worry about leakage and discomfort. BTL EMSELLA is an FDA cleared, non-invasive procedure that targets the pelvic floor muscles to improve bladder control. Incontinence and hyperactive bladder can affect both men and women, often leading to many trips to use the bathroom that can interrupt daily life and sleep.

read more › Some women may find that becoming aroused or achieving sexual pleasure can be difficult. However, many women don't realize there are multiple solutions to assist with vaginal rejuvenation. Dr. Durvi Patel and our team offer a full range of treatment options to help patients achieve their personal goals. For women aiming to regain sexual pleasure and create enjoyable sex, these goals can be achieved with a revolutionary treatment called O-Shot. This treatment addresses problems that include decreased libido, vaginal dryness, and painful intercourse.

read more › Childbirth and aging can have an affect on the tissue and delicate muscles of the vaginal wall, leading to a decrease in sexual pleasure and other concerns such as stress incontinence. For many women, this also has an affect on their sense of confidence and intimate relationships. Philadelphia area cosmetic physician Dr. Durvi Patel offers ThermiVa to address vulvovaginal laxity and improve tissue tone. Developed by ThermiGyn, this revolutionary treatment can restore your sense of confidence and fulfillment when it comes to intimacy in your life.

read more › The Center for SmartLipo & Plastic Surgery is pleased to offer a new non-invasive, blue light treatment for patients with moderate acne and actinic keratoses (pre-cancerous lesions). The BLU-U Light Therapy is quick, easy and treats acne without drugs or antibiotics. The BLU-U light can also be used to treat actinic keratoses, scaly, pre-cancerous lesions that occur as a result of sun damage. Treatment involves application of Leuvlan (a topical medication) to the affected area combined with BLU-U light therapy.

read more › The Center For SmartLipo & Plastic Surgery is the most comprehensive cosmetic practice in the Bucks County and Philadelphia area. One of our specialties is skincare aesthetics including advanced chemical peels. With a chemical peel, Philadelphia men and women can turn back the clock to reverse the signs of aging and sun damage. Our staff includes Diane, a licensed aesthetician, and a skin care specialist with over 28 years of experience. She works with some of the leading skincare products that are safe, comfortable, and effective.

read more › Over the past two decades, CO2 laser technology has evolved to become the gold standard in laser skin treatments. The Center For SmartLipo & Plastic Surgery uses several laser technologies to achieve maximum results for your skin type and condition. The Matrix CO2 laser system offers patients fast, effective and affordable skincare treatment with little to no downtime. With the Matrix CO2 laser, you can see younger, healthier-looking skin after just one treatment. We use fractional technology which pinpoints problem areas, leaving areas of untreated skin to accelerate healing and minimize healing.

read more › Vivace Microneedling offers patients a unique experience when using collagen induction therapy (CIT) to address the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and blemishes on the surface of the skin. Combining the process of micro-needling with the heat energy of RF therapy, the Vivace Experience can deliver exceptional results with minimal discomfort and downtime. Vivace is a safe, chemical-free cosmetic therapy that is available to a wide range of patients. Vivace is a comprehensive microneedling procedure that is performed in the comfort of our Langhorne medical office.

read more › The Center For Smart Lipo in Langhorne, PA is one of the first cosmetic treatment centers in the Philadelphia area to offer Microneedling, an exciting new treatment for skin rejuvenation. Microneedling is available for patients who want younger, healthier-looking skin without surgery, lasers, or other intensive treatments. Our Microneedling procedures are performed in our Langhorne cosmetic treatment center by Diane, a trained esthetician with nearly 30 years of experience. Why go to New York or Beverly Hills, when you can get the latest treatments at the Center For Smart Lipo in Langhorne, PA.

read more › The Center For SmartLipo & Plastic Surgery offers IPL, intense pulsed light, also known as photo facial or photorejuvenation, in Langhorne, PA and Southern New Jersey. IPL is an effective treatment for conditions such as fine lines, wrinkles, rosacea (red complexion), port wine birthmarks, and sunspots. IPL is non-ablative, meaning that it does not damage the surface of the skin. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. This technique delivers high-intensity light pulses to the deep layer of tissue known as the dermis while leaving the superficial layer of skin (epidermis) untouched.

read more › Unwanted dark hair can be irritating and costly to shave, wax and remove over a lifetime. Over the course of six to eight laser hair removal treatment sessions, you will typically see a significant decrease in the volume, texture and growth of your dark hair. The Center For SmartLipo & Plastic Surgery has more experience in laser aesthetics, including laser hair removal, than any other facility in the Bucks County and Philadelphia area. Our expert physicians use state-of-the-art Cynosure or Candela lasers to safely and effectively reduce unwanted dark hair in patients of all skin tones.

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