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We are implementing enhanced precautions as recommended by the CDC and to ensure the utmost safety of our patients and staff. The purpose of facial cosmetic surgery is to restore, define, and enhance the unique features you were born with, not to look like someone else. In addition to performing all cosmetic procedures, Dr. Cortez will personally answer questions during your consultation, spending as much time as necessary to discuss expectations about your procedure.

Edwin A. Cortez, MD, FACS, is a nationally recognized facial plastic surgeon and has received recognition as one of the "Best Doctors in America", "Best Plastic Surgeon" by KC Magazine, and "Best Plastic Surgeon" by the Kansas City Business Journal. Dr. Cortez is an internationally recognized expert and educator in facial plastic surgery, invasive and non-invasive techniques, and skin care and skin rehabilitation.

His techniques for Phenol-Croton Oil medium-depth peeling have been taught to and practiced by cosmetic surgeons worldwide.

read more › Our mission is to provide our patients with excellence, safety and education in Facial Plastic Surgery. We have established a safe, comfortable environment with high quality care and a team of excellence. Our goal is to treat our patients as we would treat our own family and to provide our patients with the natural look. All invasive and noninvasive procedures are performed by Dr. Cortez in his nationally accredited office based surgical facility (AAAASF) in Overland Park, Kansas, which serves the greater Kansas City area.

read more › The only resurfacing method that can eradicate deep wrinkles, lines and brown spots and tighten loose skin up to 35%. Tightens face, improves neck laxity, reduces fat, sharpens chin and neck angle, and makes the entire face more youthful. Improves receding chin and fills out areas adjacent to jowls that make you appear tired and angry.

read more › Smoothes and improves the lines and wrinkles that cause an angry, tired or unhappy appearance. Dr. Cortez is a leading authority on the use of Botox. This neurotoxin is injected into specific facial muscles, blocking the nerve impulses that trigger wrinkle-causing muscle contractions. Botox smoothes and improves the lines and wrinkles that cause an angry, tired or unhappy appearance. Also, Dr. Cortez uses Botox to elevate your eyebrows and frame your eyes to make them look brighter and younger.

read more › The brow lift operation rejuvenates the eyebrows and forehead. Droopy eyebrows can make you appear tired and angry. Low eyebrows may also affect your vision and give you a feeling that your brows and eyelids are heavy. Our MIBL (minimally invasive brow lift) is performed in our accredited outpatient surgery center in Overland Park, KS under twilight anesthesia. It is an absolutely painless procedure. Three tiny incisions hidden in your hair gives us access to do this surgery, and Botox given two weeks before surgery weakens the muscles that push the brows downward.

read more › Blepharoplasty is a procedure for the removal of fat hernias and/or excess skin in the eyelids. Patients often complain of a heavy feeling in their upper eyelids and a tired look with hooding skin covering their eyes. Lower eyelid complaints are usually about bulging fat that make people look fatigued or like they've had a long night out. Dr. Cortez uses an incision-less technique for the lower lid fat removal. For excess upper lid skin he uses an incision in a crease of the upper lid, that becomes imperceivable with healing.

read more › Tightens face, improves neck laxity, reduces fat, sharpens chin and neck angle, and makes the entire face more youthful. The facelift is one of our most frequently requested procedures. Common lower face complaints include a sagging or droopy face, jowling, double chin, turkey gobbler and neck cords. Dr. Cortez has developed procedures to treat the lower face that results in a natural look that enables the patient to look 10 to 15 years younger. None of his patients have the "windswept" or "over-pulled" look.

read more › As people age from sun damage and other environmental factors, they lose volume in their lower face and develop associated unwanted wrinkles. This loss of volume is often mistakenly treated with surgery and the patient ends up with a stretched and pulled appearance. When we lose volume in our face we are now fortunate to have hyaluronic acid fillers to replace the volume. Hyaluronic acid fillers are made from scratch in the laboratory and mimic the hyaluronic acid that each one of us has in our body's cells.

read more › Improves receding chin and fills out areas adjacent to jowls that make you appear tired and angry. A well-positioned chin makes the entire chin jaw line appear sharper, the neck look more defined, and the nose look smaller if it is too prominent. This implant fills out the pre-jowl sulcus so that the jowl is less apparent and makes the face look more youthful. It does not increase chin projection. This is for individuals with small or receding chins which often result in the sagging neck blending with the chin and creating the Alfred Hitchcock neck.

read more › To place an order, please email [email protected]. You can also call the office at 913-451-7970. If we're not available, leave your name and phone number with our answering service, and we will return your call to get the details of your skincare order. As the natural aging process occurs, our skin cells gradually lose their ability to rapidly turn over and renew. Combine this with the effects of sun damage, smoking, and other environmental factors and we see the result of the breakdown of collagen and elastic fibers.

read more › Dr. Edwin Cortez answers frequently asked questions from patients about facial plastic surgery procedures and the phenol-croton oil peel. No. Dr. Cortez does not trust products mixed by anyone other than himself. Immediately prior to performing the Phenol-Croton Oil Peel, Dr. Cortez, with the assistance of his nursing staff, formulate the specific mixtures to be used on the patient that is being treated. A facelift will reposition sagging and loose skin and muscle in the face and neck. The facelift procedure does not in any way help medium-deep wrinkles, lines, brown spots, or pre-skin cancers.

read more › All surgery is performed by Dr. Cortez in our AAAASF Accredited surgical facility in Overland Park, Kansas, convenient to all of Kansas City. Dr. Cortez and his staff provide our patients with kindness, compassion and excellent care so that you leave our facility feeling confident and educated about your experience.

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