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Our goal is to help our patients get the face, body, and breasts of their dreams as safely and comfortably as possible with a personalized, unhurried experience. With a one-of-a-kind, aesthetic eye Dr. Christian Arroyo performs mommy makeovers to help mothers restore their pre-baby bodies. He understands that each women's needs are unique and crafts a customized treatment plan to give each one the beautiful, natural-looking body they desire.

Dr. Christian Arroyo is considered by his peers to be a rising star in cosmetic plastic surgery. His fantastic bedside manner, calm demeanor, rather impressive attention to detail, and meticulous surgical technique make him not only loved by his patients but also one of Houston's top plastic surgeons.

He has undergone rigorous training as a general surgeon at Mayo Clinic and the University of Connecticut and as a plastic surgeon at Houston Methodist and St Joseph's Hospitals with some of the country's best nationally recognized plastic surgeons.Whether you're looking for a breast augmentation, lift, or reduction, Dr. Arroyo can help.

read more › Dr. Christian Arroyo works hard to create the ideal patient experience from the moment you walk in the door. He recognizes that each patient's goals are unique and takes the time to craft a customized treatment plan that is right for them. Across the state of Texas, Dr. Arroyo is a leader in the field of plastic surgery. Patients often travel from throughout the state and beyond for his outstanding surgical abilities. His work has been published in books as well a peer-reviewed journals. He has also been a speaker at several notable plastic surgery and medical research conventions across the United States.

read more › Dr. Christian Arroyo offers patients a VIP experience starting from the moment they step into the lobby and continuing through their post-op care. His state-of-the-art treatment facility combines luxury and comfort, providing patients with the ultimate sense of ease as they begin their aesthetic journey. During your initial consultation, Dr. Arroyo will craft a customized treatment plan to target your areas of concern and discuss how best to achieve your desired results without compromising your safety.

read more › I had my tummy tuck on 10/06/20 by Dr. Christian Arroyo. Where do I began with describing this phenomenal doctor? When searching for an cosmetic surgeon there were key things that I looked for. Those things were experience, honesty about their skills and what could be done, and most importantly, their empathy and compassion for their patients. From the initial consultation, Dr. Arroyo handle me with care and could sense my vulnerability and shame of how I viewed my body. I had lost a significant amount of weight and it had taken it's toll on my body!

read more › Dr. Arroyo's patients come from across Texas for his aesthetic eye and commitment to results. He tailors his approach to the needs of each patient, while utilizing the latest technology to safely achieve their cosmetic goals. Plastic surgeon Dr. Christian Arroyo offers a wide range of plastic surgery procedures from his West Houston, Texas office. Many of Dr. Arroyo's patient come from in his Houston and West Houston backyard, as well as surrounding Texas cities of Katy, River Oaks, Bellaire, Katy, Memorial, Briarforest, Sugarland, Pearland, Kingwood, Jacinto City, Galena Park, Pasadena, Cloverleaf, Aldine, Spring, the Woodlands, and more.

read more › Dr. Arroyo works with each patient to customize a facial treatment plan to fit their needs. Whether you want to turn back the clock or create more facial symmetry, Dr. Arroyo can help. Accessibility: If you are vision-impaired or have some other impairment covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act or a similar law, and you wish to discuss potential accommodations related to using this website, please contact our Accessibility Manager at (832) 843-2702.

read more › With a neck lift procedure, plastic surgeons aim to achieve a smooth, graceful neckline that conveys a sense of refinement and enhances your overall aesthetics-many patients who receive this procedure experience a more youthful appearance, along with improved confidence and self-esteem. Wrinkling and creasing in the neck area can negatively impact one's overall facial appearance, leaving some feeling self-conscious of their looks. Loose skin on the neck may be caused by factors such as aging or weight loss.

read more › With an artistic perspective and an eye for detail, Dr. Christian Arroyo works to craft the nose you've always wanted. Using a tailor-made treatment plan, he is able to provide his patients with a balanced facial appearance that boosts their self-esteem, giving them more confidence every day. Rhinoplasty - often referred to as a nose job - is a plastic surgery procedure used to alleviate the nose's functional and aesthetic imperfections. Many patients undergo this procedure in order to correct unappealing defects such as flaring nostrils, dorsal hump, the tip of the nose, nasal crookedness, or improper size.

read more › Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Christian Arroyo's goal with eyelid surgery is to give men and women a fresh and youthful facial appearance. After creating a customized treatment plan for each patient, Dr. Arroyo utilizes advanced surgical techniques to perform eyelid surgery while minimizing your scarring risk. As we age environmental exposure and heredity factors can lead to discoloration, creasing, or puffiness in the lower or upper eyelids. Fat deposits above and below the eyes can lead to a 'tired' or 'hooded' look that adds years to your facial appearance.

read more › Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Christian Arroyo can craft a customized treatment plan using facial fat transfer to turn the clock back on aging. Dr. Arroyo knows that no two patient's needs are the same and uses his technical skills to ensure you leave loving the way you look. As we get older, parts of the face begin to lose volume and be left looking deflated or lacking in fullness. This can lead to cheeks and lower eyelids dropping and accentuation of facial wrinkles and creases. Facial fat transfer, also known as fat grafting, is a procedure that uses a person's fat to fill in areas of the face that are lacking volume and improve skin's quality.

read more › Plastic surgeon Dr. Christian Arroyo performs buccal fat pad removal in Houston to enhance his patients' facial appearance. This procedure is ideal for restoring the slimmer and more contoured facial profile that many men and women crave. Dr. Arroyo uses advanced surgical techniques during surgery and works with patients from Houston and the surrounding Texas areas to help achieve their aesthetic goals. Fat can accumulate in the cheeks due to weight gain, genetics, or lifestyle factors. This may result in a 'chubby cheek, ' making you feel more self-conscious about your facial appearance.

read more › Dr. Arroyo's goal is to give men and women a permanent fix to hair loss, leading to an improved appearance and increased quality of life. Utilizing the latest technology, he can create a tailor-made treatment plan to allow each patient to meet their hair restoration goals. A few years ago, there were not many options available for patients who had thinning hair or receding hairlines. Over the last decade, hair restoration technology advances have enabled shorter and more effective procedures, with higher follicle survival rates and a more natural-looking outcome.

read more › The appearance of the neck and chin can telegraph one's age more blatantly than many other parts of the body. As excess fat and sagging skin accumulate in the lower face, patients may struggle to feel confident, especially in our current climate of almost constant zoom interactions. The Arroyo Sculpt procedure is a liposuction solution for the chin and neck. It provides a tighter neck and well-defined jawline, attributes that create a youthful, inviting countenance. While dieting and exercise may not be effective in contouring these unique areas, the Arroyo Sculpt treatment can help produce the results you crave.

read more › Breasts can be one of the hallmarks of femininity, and those unsatisfied with their chest may feel self-conscious about their appearance. Arroyo Plastic Surgery offers a variety of breast procedures to address all of your concerns. Accessibility: If you are vision-impaired or have some other impairment covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act or a similar law, and you wish to discuss potential accommodations related to using this website, please contact our Accessibility Manager at (832) 843-2702.

read more › Female breasts often lose their fullness due to aging, post-pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight loss. Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Christian Arroyo performs breast augmentation surgery with the goal of giving women a fuller and more aesthetic breast appearance. Breast augmentation is a plastic surgery procedure to enlarge a woman's breasts. During breast augmentation surgery, plastic surgeons use implants to restore fullness and achieve the desired breast appearance. Dr. Christian Arroyo brings keen professionalism and a commitment to results to the operating table.

read more › Dr. Christian Arroyo's key goal with a breast lift is to give women a perkier breast appearance to restore their sense of confidence. Dr. Arroyo goes out of his way to create a highly individualized treatment plan to address each patient's unique needs. While exercise and diet can lead to positive improvements in your body's shape, they, unfortunately, do not restore the firmness and projection of breasts that have lost their structure. Breast lift - also referred to as mastopexy - is a cosmetic surgical procedure to address sagging breasts due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, or the natural aging process.

read more › Breast reduction - also referred to as reduction mammoplasty - is a surgical procedure to alleviate physical and functional symptoms caused by overly large and heavy breasts. Dr. Arroyo understands that each woman's breast reduction needs are unique and goes out of his way to create a highly individualized treatment plan for each patient. Breasts that are too large and heavy may lead to neck and upper back pain, rashes beneath the breasts, and bra grooves on the shoulders. Furthermore, many women with macromastia (abnormally large breasts) feel self-conscious when wearing certain clothing types and may be unable to engage in certain physical activities comfortably.

read more › Losing one or both breasts to cancer can be a traumatic experience that leaves some women longing for their pre-cancer form. Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Christian Arroyo offers state-of-the-art reconstructive breast surgery to give women who have faced the trial of cancer a higher quality of life and leaving them feeling more comfortable in their skin. Breast reconstruction surgery rebuilds the female breasts after mastectomy or lumpectomy so that women who have survived cancer can feel whole again.

read more › If you are unsatisfied with your previous breast augmentation, Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Christian Arroyo will work with you to create a custom treatment plan designed to achieve the aesthetic outcome that you desired in the first place. Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the United States. With a satisfaction rate above 96%, hundreds of thousands of women who receive this cosmetic treatment each year are happy with the outcome. However, a small percentage of these patients may be unhappy with their new breasts due to imperfections or complications.

read more › Male breast reduction - or gynecomastia - is a cosmetic procedure to reduce breast size and enhance chest contours in men. Dr. Arroyo offers gynecomastia in Houston at Arroyo Plastic Surgery, to help men attain a more masculine chest that boosts their confidence and improves their quality of life. Gynecomastia refers to the enlargement of the male breasts, which affects many men at one point or another. This condition manifests as excess sagging tissue in the chest or a breast appearance that resembles women's breasts.

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