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Fairbanks Plastic Surgery We will work with you to create a plan to make you as attractive and proportional as possible using the most advanced methods of both art and medical science. You'll feel better when you look better. We offer a full line of plastic surgery procedures.

While we are especially well known for our facelifts and rhinoplasty results, we have developed winning techniques in ear pinning, eyelid surgeries, breast enlargements, breast lifts, breast reductions, liposuction, body contouring, tummy tucks, thigh and buttock lifts, upper arm contouring, and other cosmetic procedures.A well-performed procedure, using the most medically advanced techniques, is the most predictable way of restoring the appearance of youth.

We can provide you with a long-lasting, natural, and youthful appearance while continuing to look like yourself. Surgical breast augmentation is the best way to achieve a predictable, reliable, and lasting result. Fairbanks Plastic Surgery of Utah is well known for the quality of their breast augmentation surgery.

read more › We make every effort to ensure cosmetic surgery is affordable for our patients. For example, to avoid the excessive plastic surgery costs associated with major medical centers, we maintain a full-scale operation room at our surgical center. Backup equipment is available for patient safety, and sedation is provided by an anesthetist. Dr. Grant R. Fairbanks is the pioneer of office surgical facilities in the state of Utah. Our office surgery safety record has been exemplary for more than 30 years.

read more › Fairbanks Plastic Surgery Center is located at 1151 East 3900 South across the street, to the North, from the St. Mark's Hospital. We are in the Parkview Office Complex in the North-center building. Take the freeway ramp onto I-15 Southbound towards Las Vegas and travel for about 4 miles. At the bottom of the ramp, turn left, heading East, and immediately get into the right lane and travel for about half a mile. As you pass 1100 East, you will see a large, white Hospital complex on the South, or right-hand side of the road.

read more › Every effort is made to provide the abdominoplasty at reasonable cost to the patient and still provide the necessary degree of safety. The hospital and surgical centers we use are geared toward that end. For your safety, an overnight stay is required. Your surgeons at Fairbanks Plastic Surgery have extensive experience with abdominal plastic surgery, and will give you the best results possible. An abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, is a cosmetic operation to remove excess skin and fat from the abdomen.

read more › An abdominal panniculectomy is an operation designed to remove an overhanging "apron flap" of skin and fat in obese patients. It is not considered to be a cosmetic operation but is useful in improving a patient's functional capacity. It is difficult for the surgeon to perform a successful cosmetic abdominoplasty on an overweight patient with a large hanging panniculus. The parasitic appendage restricts physical movement, and cries out for caloric and cardiac sustenance, making weight loss difficult.

read more › Two procedures are available to enhance the buttocks, depending on the nature and severity of the deformity. Fat injection graphing into the subcutaneous buttock layer can provide a modest increase in buttock prominence. This is a safe procedure. However, large-volume fat injections deep into the buttocks-the so-called Brazilian Butt Lift-must be avoided for patient safety reasons. Large veins exist under the buttock muscles and can easily be punctured. Fat will then be transported directly to the heart and can be fatal.

read more › In this picture, the patient's left hand has had a fat injection procedure performed and the right hand has not. You can clearly see how the left hand appears younger and smoother than the right hand. Micro-fat injection into existing tissue can serve to enhance both the appearance and the structure of the area in question. Recent research has demonstrated the presence of adult stem cells in living fat. When fat has been removed by non-destructive techniques, it can be beneficial in rejuvenating the hands.

read more › People who undergo extensive weight loss may experience excessive extra skin, which does not retract or respond to exercise or massage therapies. This excessive, drooping, wrinkled skin surrounding the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks, is difficult to hide with clothing, and can be an embarrassment when wearing shorts or swimwear. Many people simply avoid these sorts of clothing and activities altogether. Aging and weight gain, followed by weight loss, all contribute to excessive hanging folds of skin, which is not only an issue of aesthetics, but also one of health, since the heart is overworked to pump blood to this mass of unnecessary tissue.

read more › There are several common genital deformities that can negatively affect a woman's self-esteem, physical comfort, and sexual function. Plastic surgery procedures are available that can successfully improve the appearance of the female genital region, correct issues that cause physical discomfort, and improve the sexual aspect of a woman's life. These procedures are generally performed under a local anesthetic with intravenous sedation in the privacy of a full-scale operating room in an office surgical center setting.

read more › Using living fat for breast augmentation has many advantages, the most important of which is that the amount of fat which survives becomes a permanent, living part of you. An "autograft" refers to tissue taken from the same individual into which it is grafted. Fat cells can be successfully transferred from one part of the body to another, using highly specialized techniques that do not kill the cells. Do not consider laser liposuction or ultrasonic liposuction for harvesting the fat. These methods kill the fat before removing it, and will render the procedure unsuccessful.

read more › A breast lift is a surgical procedure known as a mastopexy, which corrects breasts that are drooping, and restores them to an attractive, natural position. Drooping or sagging breasts are not uncommon, and frequently cause women to be self-critical. Breast drooping, or ptosis, can occur after childbearing, with the post-partum reduction of glandular tissue, and the relaxation of the suspensory ligaments of the breast. It can also occur following weight loss, and sometimes, it can simply be the result of a patient's natural development.

read more › When a woman's breast has been lost, fortunately there are surgical procedures available to restore a mound of tissue, on the front of the chest, to resemble a natural breast. Cancer of the breast is a common malignancy among women. Removal of the breast (mastectomy) offers the best chance for a cure; however, the result is disfiguring. A woman who has had a mastectomy can live without a breast, of course; however, the loss of one or both breasts can be a severe blow to a woman's sense of femininity and self worth.

read more › The medical term for very large breasts is Mammary Hyperplasia or Macromastia. Women who have extremely large breasts typically suffer a variety of problems related to their large breasts. These issues include back pain, neck pain, shoulder strap pain, headaches, intermittent numbness and tingling of the hands, and breast pain, if they go without a bra. Some women also develop rashes where their breasts rub against the skin underneath. This is called intertrigo. Large breasts can also get in the way of many physical activities, which other people are able to engage in, such as golf, tennis, running, etc.

read more › Nipple inversion or nipple retraction occurs when the lactiferous ducts (milk ducts) are too short or contracted. They will the pull the central part of the nipple inward resulting in flat or indented nipples, appearing to be tucked in (tucked-in nipples). When the nipple retraction is severe, it can prevent natural nipple papilla erection. This happens when the erectile function of the nipple cannot overcome the internal pull of the ducts. Sometimes the inverted nipple will come out during nursing, as the result of the traction of suckling by the infant.

read more › The nipple sparing mastectomy-or subcutaneous mastectomy-followed by a submuscular implant for reconstruction, offers the best appearing breast after the removal of breast glandular tissue due to cancer or other disease. It can also be used for the prevention of breast cancer in high risk patients. After the mastectomy has been performed, a breast reconstruction procedure is performed in a second stage, utilizing a sub-muscular breast implant, to offer the most natural looking result of all the breast reconstructive procedures.

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