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Dr. David Kirn is an American Board of Plastic Surgery Certified Plastic Surgeon who is devoted to advanced techniques in Cosmetic Surgery of the Face, Breast, and Body. In private practice since 1998, he is located in a state-of-the-art facility which includes a full service skin care center. The practice is focused on personalized patient care and attention to detail.

Where possible, Dr. Kirn utilizes minimally invasive procedures. The goal is to deliver quality clinical results while minimizing patient recovery time. Examples of this include a no-drain tummy tuck, armpit incision breast augmentation with gel or saline implants, fat grafting, and a short scar facelift (the MACS lift).

In addition, Dr. Kirn and nurse-injectors Carey Sanders, RN, Shirley Ramsey DNP, APRN, and Tara Smith APRN, NP-C offer a full spectrum of non-surgical treatments such as Dysport, Botox, Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse, and laser.

read more › Facial surgery is a highly customized procedure to suit each patient's goals and needs. Dr. Kirn offers the full spectrum of facial rejuvenation procedures, surgical and non-surgical, to help you achieve your desired outcome. Dr. Kirn believes strongly in minimally invasive surgery where those techniques are suitable for the patient. To determine what's right for you, a consultation is required. The information below is basic, so there may be additional options identified during a consultation.

read more › The Kirn iTuck operation combines 3 advances in surgical technology to create an outpatient operation which achieves the contour difference obtained in standard abdominoplasty while seeking to minimize pain and recovery time. The iTuck involves removal of excess skin, removal of excess fat, and tightening of the muscle layer of the abdominal wall. The iTuck also includes liposuction of the hips and the flanks as far as can be accomplished with the patient lying on their back as a standard part of the procedure without extra charge.

read more › While surgery remains the core of Kirn Plastic Surgery, nonsurgical treatments play a key role as well. We offer a full spectrum of nonsurgical treatments including neurotoxin (Botox and Dysport), dermal fillers (Restylane, Juvederm, and others), chemical peels, laser, and a comprehensive skin care program. Dr. Kirn, and nurse-injectors, Carrie Sanders RN, and Shirley Ramsey DNP perform neurotoxin and dermal filler treatments. Skin care is offered through the Aesthetic Skin Care Center located in the same building.

read more › The Injectable Incentives Program remains popular with our nurse injectors, Carey Sanders RN and Shirley Ramsey DNP, APRN. The Program works like this: if you have a treatment of Botox, Dysport, or any of the dermal fillers and then have another treatment within 6 months you receive $100 off Botox or Dysport and $75 off any filler for the follow-up treatment. This is a continuing program with no planned expiration date. Both Carey and Shirley maintain regular office hours. Our patients always have the choice of who treats them, and the availability of injectable treatments five days a week provides even more convenience for you.

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