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Coberly Dr. Dana Coberly understands the importance of successful aesthetic enhancement results that look both beautiful and natural. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Coberly offers a comprehensive selection of plastic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic treatments that are customized for each individual's unique needs and goals.

A past President of the Tampa Bay Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, Dr. Coberly is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and other prestigious medical organizations.She is extensively trained and experienced with many of the most advanced treatment options available, and is an award-winning surgeon who has dedicated her career to helping both women and men enhance their appearance and feel more youthful and vibrant.

Dr. Coberly and our entire team here at Coberly Plastic Surgery & Med Spa invite you to browse through our website and find out more about the many procedures we offer that can help you achieve your goals.

read more › At Coberly Plastic Surgery & Med Spa, we strive to make you truly feel as though you are a guest in our home. Dr. Dana Coberly and our team of experienced aesthetic professionals are committed to providing you with thorough communication, compassionate care, and the best treatment experience possible. The following information can give you a more detailed overview of our team and what you can expect at our practice. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have, or to schedule a consultation.

read more › Below you will find a summary of Dr. Dana Coberly's educational background, professional experience, and some of her personal achievements and interests. Dr. Coberly completed her general surgery training at the University of South Florida. She devoted a year to research focusing on skin wound healing and laser resurfacing at the prestigious University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. Dr. Coberly continued her training in the UT Southwestern Plastic Surgery Program, considered one of the foremost cosmetic plastic surgical training programs in the country.

read more › Breast enhancement offers a variety of ways to restore, rejuvenate, and renew the appearance of the breasts. Dr. Dana Coberly is extensively trained and experienced in a comprehensive array of breast surgery procedures and will customize treatments to meet your unique needs and goals. Together, you and Dr. Coberly can determine the treatment plan that can help you revitalize your appearance and feel confident and beautiful. If you have questions about our breast surgery options, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Coberly, please contact our practice today.

read more › Breast augmentation is a plastic surgery procedure designed to enhance volume, contour, and shape in the breasts. With the precise placement of silicone or saline breast implants, women can effectively rejuvenate the appearance of their breasts and feel more confident about their overall body proportions. There are many options for implants and incision placement that can enhance your silhouette naturally, balance your figure, and improve your appearance in certain types of clothes. Breast augmentation remains one of the most frequently performed surgical cosmetic enhancement procedures and is one of Dr. Dana Coberly's areas of special focus here at our practice.

read more › A mastopexy (breast lift) is a surgery designed to restore the breast to a more youthful appearance. The nipple and breast tissue are repositioned and re-shaped to rejuvenate your figure. This procedure may be combined with a breast augmentation depending upon your goals. Ideal candidates for breast lift procedures are women who have had children or have lost weight and have too much skin around the breast tissue, allowing the breast to sag and lose its youthful shape. If a large amount of breast tissue needs to be removed (if your breasts are too large) this is considered a breast reduction.

read more › Breast reconstruction is a general term for many techniques used to rebuild the breast after it has been removed (mastectomy)- usually following cancer. This can be achieved by using a muscle from the abdomen or back or by using an implant. The decision to undergo breast reconstruction is a decision best made in consultation with your general surgeon, your oncologist, and your plastic surgeon. The stage and extent of your cancer as well as the planned treatment all effect this decision. Sometimes the reconstruction can be performed immediately after mastectomy, and other times the surgery will need to be delayed.

read more › Breast reduction is a procedure performed for women who have symptoms from the weight of the breasts, or who have breasts that are out of proportion with their body. The excessive weight and change in balance can lead to painful neck and back problems, deep grooves from bra straps over the shoulder, and skin problems under the breasts. Study after study has shown that by reducing the size of the breasts, the symptoms caused by the weight will improve. General anesthesia is used for the procedure.

read more › Sometimes, even the strictest diet and the most rigorous exercise routines fail to give us the body of our dreams. Fortunately, advanced body contouring options available from our board-certified plastic surgeon can help. Dr. Dana Coberly offers an array of treatments designed to reduce excess fat, tighten inelastic skin, and recontour the body with stunning results. Please don't hesitate to contact Dr. Coberly with any questions you may have, or to schedule an in-person consultation. Abdominoplasty, commonly known as a tummy tuck surgery, is designed to remove excess skin and tighten the abdominal muscles for a firmer, flatter appearance.

read more › An abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is a procedure designed to remove extra skin and tissue from your abdomen as well as tightening the muscles of your abdominal wall. It is especially beneficial for women who have had children or who have lost a large amount of weight. For patients who are planning to have more children or to lose a significant amount of weight, recommendations are to postpone the procedure. In some cases, a "mini-abdominoplasty" may be performed instead; not all patients are candidates for the "mini" procedure.

read more › Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the United States. It can used on many different areas of the body including the torso, hips and legs, back, arms, neck, and breasts. Techniques vary depending upon the location and extent of the procedure. Tampa plastic surgeon Dana Coberly, MD also uses Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction (UAL - also known as VASER LipoSelection) for many patients. Ask if this procedure may be right for you. The ideal candidate for liposuction has localized deposits of fat with firm, elastic skin.

read more › Arm lift surgery, medically referred to as brachioplasty, is designed to eliminate sagging, excess skin in the upper arms to provide a more youthful and contoured appearance. Often resulting from the natural aging process or weight fluctuations over time, the accumulation of loose, inelastic skin in these areas is a very common condition. An arm lift from our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dana Coberly, MD, can ultimately reshape the upper arms and give the skin a much firmer, more defined look.

read more › A lower body lift can be an ideal treatment option for patients who are experiencing an abundance of excess, loose skin resulting from recent weight loss or the natural aging process. This advanced procedure from our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dana Coberly, MD, can ultimately give the midsection and lower body a more contoured and fit appearance, tightening the skin and yielding a firmer look and feel. Reduction of loose, inelastic skin that can occur in the midsection and the upper legs due to aging or significant weight loss.

read more › With the comprehensive selection of surgical facial rejuvenation procedures available at our practice, Dr. Dana Coberly can help you turn back the hands of time and feel great about the way you look. Dr. Coberly places a strong focus on providing customized treatments that can help you reduce signs of wrinkles and fine lines, enhance your facial features, and bring out your natural beauty with results that do not appear "frozen" or artificial. Please contact Dr. Coberly with any questions you may have, or to schedule a consultation here at our practice.

read more › A facelift, medically referred to as a "rhytidectomy, " is a surgical treatment designed to create a more youthful appearance by diminishing signs of lax skin, jowls, and wrinkles that commonly develop in the lower third of the face and, in many cases, in the upper neck region. By reducing or repositioning the tissues in these areas and tightening underlying muscles, our board-certified plastic surgeon in Tampa, Dana Coberly, MD, can produce smoother skin and a younger, more refreshed look. Dr. Coberly customizes all facelift procedures to create an appearance that looks natural, not artificial or "windblown."

read more › Patients often seek cheek lifts as a complementary procedure to a face lift. It restores confidence by reducing the signs of aging in the central part of the face - something you will really notice when you smile - and the recovery time is relatively short, making patients not have to wait long to show off their fresh look. The reason face lift patients will get a cheek lift is that a face lift focuses on restoring the neck, lower jaw, and jawline. Cheek lifts address the central part of the face.

read more › A rhinoplasty is a procedure to reshape the nose for cosmetic reasons or to improve breathing. Healthy patients who are interesting in improving their appearance and/or breathing are the best candidates for surgery. Teenagers should wait until around age 16, depending on the individual, for best results. There are two main types of rhinoplasty - endonasal and open. Dr. Dana Coberly-our board-certified plastic surgeon in Tampa-uses both of these techniques depending upon the extent of surgery required to reach the desired goals.

read more › Blepharoplasty is the medical term for eyelid surgery, also known as an "eyelid lift." This is a very popular procedure designed to enhance and rejuvenate areas around the eyes, and is often considered by both women and men who would like to achieve a more rested, youthful, and refreshed appearance in the upper facial region. Eyelid surgery can also be an ideal solution for patients who are experiencing a visual obstruction caused by inelastic skin that hangs over the eyes. During your initial consultation with our plastic surgeon, Dr. Dana Coberly will talk with you about your goals and help you determine whether eyelid surgery is the best option.

read more › Ear Reshaping is a procedure performed by plastic surgeon Dana Coberly, MD to correct deformities of the shape and size of the ear. The folding and curves that define the ear can be re-formed to correct missing and awkward areas of the ear that cause it to look too large or too prominent. Ear lobes that are too large, wrinkled, or injured from earrings can also be restored and rejuvenated. The goal is to create natural appearing ears. Perfect symmetry may not be possible and most people have ears that do not quite match.

read more › A Brow Lift is a procedure that is used to rejuvenate the forehead and the eyes to make you appear more rested, peaceful, and youthful. Patients with brows that drop too low when they relax the forehead, who have wrinkles in the forehead from constantly lifting up the eyebrows, or who have extra skin over the eyelids may be candidates for brow lifts. These patients often appear angry even when they are not. A brow lift can often make a remarkable difference in the apparent age of your face. Dr. Dana Coberly-our skilled plastic surgeon-will help chose the best vector to restore a "younger you".

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