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Annually Voted as One of the Top Plastic Surgeons in Columbus, Ohio by Physicians in Columbus Monthly Magazine. Welcome to Advanced Aesthetic and Laser Surgery, home of the practice of James D. McMahan, M.D., F.A.C.S., a Board Certified aesthetic surgeon who has been voted one of America's Top Surgeons many times over by America's Research Council.

Our goal is to provide you with the best experience possible to achieve your aesthetic goals. We have an extensive array of options for you to choose from whether it is minor office injectables such as Botox or Juvederm, in-office Laser procedures for skin resurfacing, hair or tattoo removal, or cosmetic surgeries of the face, breast and body. At Advanced Aesthetic and Laser Surgery, we literally 'have it all!'

He is such an amazing surgeon and has done phenomenal job on my breast augmentation and really listens to what you want and need! I've gone to him twice now and wouldnt go anywhere else! His staff is absolutely amazing too! McMahan made sure to answer all of my questions accordingly and had the most upbeat personality of any other specialist I've met.

read more › Although there is no way to guarantee the results of any surgical procedure, you should at least make sure that your doctor has had appropriate plastic surgery training when selecting who performs your surgery. Unfortunately, there are many doctors, many of who have had virtually no formal surgery training, masquerading as plastic surgeons. They lure in unsuspecting patients with unscrupulous advertising on the internet, TV and radio or in the phone book, newspaper or magazines; none of which make any effort to evaluate a physician's knowledge, training, ability or skills.

read more › Physicians are not all created equal, and Dr. McMahan is truly very talented. I saw him first 13 years ago, and I have since gone back for two more procedures. I have never had anyone say anything but compliments of his work. He provides beautiful aesthetics and quality clinical care. Practical and straightforward, he is the only plastic surgeon I would trust my family to. He has also performed procedures on four other women I know, and we all share the same sentiments. He is such an amazing surgeon and has done phenomenal job on my breast augmentation and really listens to what you want and need!

read more › Dr. James McMahan provides insight on the different types of breast implants used in breast augmentation. Dr. McMahan is a skilled surgeon who works with each individual patient to understand her unique needs and help her determine what type of implants are best for her. Dr. McMahan offers silicone, saline, and "gummy bear" style implants. Interviewer: One of the most popular forms of plastic surgery is breast augmentation, and there are many factors to consider when deciding whether or not to have that procedure.

read more › Breast augmentation is the most popular form of breast enhancement, giving you a fuller, sexier figure that will last for years to come. Dr. James D. McMahan provides highly personalized treatment, and he will conduct a thorough pre-surgical consultation to help you choose the right type of implants and the best incision pattern for your needs. Rest assured that no matter which one he selects, he will use highly precise techniques to minimize scarring. Before the surgery you will receive general anesthesia or intravenous (IV) sedation to ensure your comfort.

read more › The goal of a breast augmentation procedure is typically not only to increase the size of the breasts but also to improve their shape. For a woman, the size of her breasts can be a matter of high priority. Being unusually flat chested can make a women feel incomplete or simply less feminine. Professional entertainers like actresses and models often want to increase their breast size to enhance allure and attraction. To learn more about breast augmentation at our Columbus practice, contact us today.

read more › In Central Ohio, the average cost for Breast Augmentation surgery with saline implants is in the thousands for silicone implants. This includes the cost for the implants, surgery, anesthesia and the facility but not your medications. These can usually be purchased using your insurance prescription card. Beware of those charging significantly more or less than this! You get absolutely nothing for paying much more. If anyone is charging much less, there is a reason for it and it's probably not a good one.

read more › When it comes to choosing a breast implant, most women have an opinion as to what they think is best for them based on what they have heard from friends, or what they have read on the Internet. Unfortunately, much of what they have learned in their research may be completely false and, as a result, have selected an implant size or shape for themselves that completely inappropriate and will not achieve what they are hoping for. There is no one-breast implant that is the best for every patient. There are advantages and disadvantages to all types of breast implants and each patient needs to be thoroughly evaluated to determine what type and size of implant would be the best for her depending on her size, shape, measurements, tissue characteristics, and aesthetic goals.

read more › Whether or not you can get silicone gel breast implants depends on your age. In November of 2006, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reapproved silicone gel breast implants for the general population for cosmetic breast augmentation. Prior to that, starting in 1991, only patients who were undergoing breast reconstruction or those with certain breast anomalies from birth could obtain silicone gel implants as part of a national silicone implant study. Most breast implants that were inserted prior to 1991 had a very thin silicone gel filling as well as a very thin silicone shell.

read more › It is important that patients understand and know that breast implants that are currently on the market are surprisingly more durable than what most people think. Breast implants that were produced prior to 1992 had very thin shells and do not have the capability to withstand as much pressure as present day implants. Average sized breast implants used in today's procedures can withstand up to 200 to 300 pounds of pressure before they experience any type of rupture. This amount of pressure is much more than what is generated during an average mammogram.

read more › Also known as a mastopexy, a breast lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure that involves elevating and shaping the breasts into a more youthful position and contour. In this procedure offered by Dr. McMahon, the breasts are lifted on the chest itself, resulting in repositioning of the nipple and areola to a higher location; often reducing the size of the areola which frequently stretches out with age and pregnancy. To learn more about a breast lift at our Columbus practice, contact us today. Just like many other aesthetic surgeries, a breast lift is performed under anesthesia as an outpatient procedure.

read more › A breast lift (Mastopexy) is a surgical procedure where the entire breast or the nipple/areola complex or both are elevated to a higher, more youthful position on the chest. It is done for patients who have sagging (ptosis) of their breasts, particularly after nursing or weight loss. There are a variety of different breast lifts; which one is right for you depends on how much sagging you have and how much of a lift you want. In a standard breast lift, a considerable amount of skin is removed from the lower portion of the breasts while the areola around the nipple is made smaller.

read more › Also known as a mastopexy, a breast lift is surgical procedure performed to raise and reshape the breasts. The breasts are elevated on the chest, which involves lifting the nipple and the areola to a higher position. A breast lift is ideal for patients who are happy with the size of their breasts but not with their present position or sagging appearance. As one patient put it during her consultation, "The girls aren't happy." Just prior to surgery, the patient is placed in a standing position for marking of the incisions.

read more › A breast lift is designed to improve the shape and contour of the breasts; or as many patients put it, 'Make the girls perky.' It is most commonly performed on women who have lost their youthful breast shape either due to pregnancy and breastfeeding, significant weight loss or a combination of both. Dr. James McMahan provides insight on the different types of breast implants used in breast augmentation. Dr. McMahan is a skilled surgeon who works with each individual patient to understand her unique needs and help her determine what type of implants are best for her.

read more › Most breast lift (mastopexy) procedures are performed as an outpatient under anesthesia but generally have a fairly quick recovery. Most of the risks of breast lift surgery mirror those of other types of cosmetic surgery. Bleeding is a risk with any operation. Bleeding will cause bruising after surgery and can slow your recovery but it is rare to have bleeding to the severity of needing to go back to surgery to control it. Bleeding into the skin flaps on the breast can threaten their blood supply and result in skin loss; therefore, it is important to take seriously the list of medications to avoid before surgery that can cause excessive bleeding.

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