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At Schaffer Plastic Surgery, our patients are treated like family. Here, your natural beauty will be revealed in the safest ways possible with transformative results and superior care. Our patients benefit from the innovative expertise and professionalism of Dr. Christopher Schaffer, a nationally-recognized expert and innovator in aesthetic plastic surgery.

If you are looking for an expert in breast augmentation, look no further. Dr. Schaffer is among an elite group of surgeons recognized for their experience in shaping the future of breast augmentation. You can have the round, shapely derriere of your dreams. A butt lift creates beautiful, natural results with a more sculpted waistline, prominent rear end and sensuous body contour.

There is no need to deal with excess skin that will not go away after weight loss or pregnancy. Tighten up lax abdominal muscles and achieve a flatter, more toned appearance with a tummy tuck. Restore facial volume and smooth lines and wrinkles with non-surgical injectable fillers and neuromodulators.

read more › Dr. Schaffer has a deep commitment for excellent outcomes for his aesthetic and reconstructive patients. Using experience gained from 8 years of advanced training and more than 20 years of practice, Dr. Schaffer blends the aesthetic ideals of his patients with their anatomic potential into results that are transformative. Although Dr. Schaffer's goal is to exceed his patient's expectations, nothing replaces his dedication to maximum safety before, during, and after patient's operations. He routinely performs house calls and provides his personal cell phone number to his patients for after hours access.

read more › At Schaffer Plastic Surgery, our patients are treated like part of our family. Delivering safe, personalized care is our specialty and earning your trust is one of our top priorities. Every member of our staff goes the extra mile to ensure positive outcomes for our patients and plays an important role in the success of our practice. The entire team at Schaffer Plastic Surgery shares Dr. Christopher Schaffer's passion for safety. Our private, state-of-the-art facility holds full accreditation from the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities which is considered the industry's gold standard.

read more › In addition to providing services to patients, Dr. Christopher Schaffer is passionate about serving the Birmingham community. His Birmingham roots began when he completed a Plastic Surgery residency at the University of Alabama at Birmingham under the chairmanship of Dr. Luis Vasconez. Today, he and his family are active members of the Birmingham community. Dr. Schaffer enjoys participating in local radio shows and often makes guest appearances on local television news. Dr. Schaffer has been featured in Birmingham's City Lifestyle magazine discussing mommy makeovers and other combination treatments offered at Schaffer Plastic Surgery.

read more › When it comes to plastic surgery, there are two major considerations that can directly affect surgical outcomes: surgeon experience and facility safety. Patients looking for best possible outcomes should search for the best of both worlds, which can be found at Schaffer Plastic Surgery. Our state-of-the-art facility and board-certified plastic surgeon are second-to-none and our safety record proves it. Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Christopher Schaffer, has worked hard to not only meet industry standards, but go the extra mile to promote patient safety.

read more › When considering plastic surgery, safety, certification and outcomes are of the utmost importance. To achieve the best results, you should seek out a board-certified plastic surgeon who has not only met industry standards, but one who goes the extra mile to promote patient safety. At Schaffer Plastic Surgery, Dr. Schaffer applies the experience he has developed from 20 years of practice and eight years of advanced training to every patient and procedure. His experience and eye for aesthetics allow him to conduct procedures that blend patient ideals and goals with their anatomic potential to create beautiful results that not only meet, but aim to exceed patient expectations.

read more › BBL BroadBand Light therapy harnesses the power of light energy and puts it to work on rejuvenating the skin. As a non-ablative form of pulsed light therapy, BBL is a cutting-edge technology that produces firmer, younger-looking skin with a more even tone, smoother texture and radiant glow. It works effectively to solve a variety of skin issues, including fine lines, wrinkles, sunspots, dark spots, age spots and scars. BBL is scientifically proven to slow down the aging process when patients receive treatments on a regular basis.

read more › As we age, the area around our eyelids naturally becomes stretched and the skin around and underneath the eye can begin to sag or become puffy, resulting in a more aged or tired appearance of the whole face. For men and women who are looking to improve the appearance of their eyelids or to correct functional issues caused by sagging or drooping eyelids, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) can be a worthwhile option. Eyelid surgery is an outpatient procedure that involves making an incision along the natural crease of the upper or lower eyelid.

read more › Brows are an important part of a person's physical appearance. They are among the most expressive aspects of the face and can indicate if you are angry, sad, confused, frustrated or tired. Unfortunately, the forehead and brow area are among the first places to show signs of aging, and some people are left with what seems like a permanent furrow or sagging brow. If your brows make you appear to be constantly tired, worried or angry, a brow lift procedure can be image changing. A brow lift is one of the most efficient and effective ways to create a refreshed appearance and rejuvenate the face above the eyes.

read more › Chin augmentation is a surgical procedure to correct a weak chin, improve the jawline, and balance the facial features. A small or weak chin can make the neck appear undefined and fleshy, and make the nose appear larger in profile. At Schaffer Plastic Surgery in Birmingham, Dr. Christopher Schaffer performs chin augmentation surgery to add proportion to the chin and bring the facial features into harmony. Chin implants are available in different types and sizes and made of materials that feel similar to natural tissues.

read more › Fat grafting is a cosmetic procedure that involves removing fat from one part of the body using gentle liposuction and injecting it to augment another part of the body. This process is sometimes referred to as "natural plastic surgery, " because it uses fat from your own body. At Schaffer Plastic Surgery in Birmingham, Dr. Christopher Schaffer uses natural fat grafting techniques in a range of cosmetic treatments. As we age, fat volume in the face gradually decreases. This can lead to sunken cheeks, a gaunt, tired appearance under the eyes, nasolabial folds (from the nose to the mouth corners), marionette lines (beside the mouth) and prominent bags under the eyes.

read more › For men and women with wrinkles, facial volume loss and sagging skin, facelift surgery can be an excellent choice for addressing these issues. Aging is inevitable but living with an aged appearance doesn't have to be-which is why at Schaffer Plastic Surgery, we are pleased to offer a variety of personalized options to our patients. Your surgery will be specifically tailored to address your exact needs and restore a more refreshed appearance. In recent years, major advancements have been made in plastic surgery resulting in less downtime and better results for patients.

read more › Injectable dermal fillers and neuromodulators can be used to reduce the visible signs of age and rejuvenate and refresh your appearance. Schaffer Plastic Surgery offers a variety of injectable fillers and neuromodulators for patients interested in a non-surgical treatment option to instantly restore facial volume and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Are you interested in learning more about how you can achieve a complete facial rejuvenation with the injectable dermal fillers offered at Schaffer Plastic Surgery?

read more › It is never too late to revive your skin's youthful, fresh glow thanks to laser skin resurfacing with Halo. Halo is the first-ever hybrid fractional laser combining ablative and non-ablative laser wavelengths to address mild skin issues on the skin's surface and more severe issues under the surface. This combined laser treatment provides comprehensive, dramatic results with downtime that can be adjustable based on your unique needs. The Halo laser is extremely tunable, meaning that its strength and other settings can be adjusted to achieve your desired effect.

read more › A full, well-defined lip is the epitome of youth, beauty and health. Whether you were born with full lips and the effects of aging have taken a toll, or you have never had the luscious lips you have always longed for-now is the time to renew your facial appearance with a lip augmentation. Lip augmentations have seen many advancements recently, and thanks to a wide variety of options to fit every goal and lifestyle, anyone can have the lips of their dreams. Even though lip augmentations are growing in popularity and an increasing number of cosmetic professionals are offering them as a service, it is essential to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon with many years of experience to ensure the most natural-looking results possible.

read more › In life, we all want to put our best foot-and face-forward. However, when there is a part of our appearance with which we feel uncomfortable or want to change, feeling self-confident can be challenging. In no individual area of the face is this more evident than that of the nose. Men and women hoping to refine proportions of the face, achieve more symmetry or address specific nasal shape issues (such as overall size, excessive projection or width, prominent humps, etc.) may consider rhinoplasty to bring dramatic or subtle change.

read more › Breast augmentation combined with mastopexy (breast lift) is often recommended for women with breasts that sag or nipples that point downward. This combination procedure can help patients achieve breasts that are fuller, rounder, perkier, and more youthful in appearance. While breast augmentation with implants can increase breast volume by one or more cup sizes, a breast lift procedure can lift and reshape the breasts. Breast augmentation with mastopexy may be appropriate for patients who want their breasts to be larger, higher, tighter, and firmer.

read more › For individuals with naturally small or uneven breasts or those who have experienced a life event resulting in lost volume in their breasts, breast augmentation can be an ideal procedure to improve confidence, address cosmetic issues and create a balance in the body's natural curves. No other self-esteem boost compares to the one you will experience after breast augmentation. Even if you are not interested in having larger breasts, but simply want to refine your breast's shape or appearance, a breast augmentation can provide the natural-looking feminine contours you desire.

read more › When it comes to breasts, bigger does not always mean better. Shape and proportion are the keys to beautiful breasts, and often these do not come naturally. We understand the physical and emotional pain women can endure from having large breasts, which is why we offer breast reduction surgery as a safe, effective solution to ease physical pain and reduce emotional distress caused by large breasts. We also take great care to apply our expert skill and artistry to ensure your breasts look as beautiful and natural as possible.

read more › Schaffer Plastic Surgery offers breast lift procedures for women looking to lift breasts that have begun to sag as a result of gravity and the natural aging process, pregnancy and/or breastfeeding, and weight gain or loss. This surgical procedure repositions breast tissue and lifts the nipples to create a younger-looking appearance. Do you want to find out if you are a candidate for the breast lift procedures offered at Schaffer Plastic Surgery? Contact our office in Birmingham today for further information or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Christopher Schaffer!

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