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Majzoub R Kevin MD Our professional staff are prepared to assist you with your aesthetic and reconstructive surgical needs. Our medical practice is affiliated with most insurance carriers and our physicians are board certified in plastic surgery. Dr. Majzoub, M.D., a dual-board certified plastic surgeon, performs a variety of cosmetic procedures to help you look your best.

Procedures are performed in an accredited surgery center. Our practice specializes in breast augmentation, body contouring, facial rejuvenation and medical skin care. Laser services are performed in office. Double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Majzoub, M.D. and the staff of Louisville Plastic Surgery Consultants are committed to providing the highest quality cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery procedures to our patients.

Dr. Majzoub and his staff offer compassionate, individualized care from your first office visit though your treatment and recovery. With Louisville Plastic Surgeon Dr. Majzoub's qualifications, experience and dedicated staff you will receive the added attention that you deserve when choosing a plastic surgeon.

read more › Dual board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Kevin Majzoub, M.D., and the staff at Louisville Plastic Surgery Consultants welcome you to our East Side office conveniently located on the East Side of town near Baptist Eastpoint Medical Campus and Surgery Center. There is ample free parking in front of the office complex with easy access to Interstate 265 (Gene Synder Freeway) exit 30. Our professional staff are prepared to assist you with your aesthetic and reconstructive surgical needs. Our office provides a full array of medical skin care products, Botox, dermal fillers and laser services.

read more › The philosophy of Louisville Plastic Surgery Consultants is built on a commitment to excellence through patient education and delivery of individualized patient care. The physicians and staff at Louisville Plastic Surgery Consultants are committed to delivering uncompromised professional care focusing on patient safety and professional courtesy. Louisville Plastic Surgery Consultants takes pride in listening to our patients needs and communicating the best surgical options available to obtain targeted patient goals.

read more › Louisville Plastic Surgery Consultants office and surgical staff are experienced with the knowledge and delivery of surgical care. Our commitment to our patients is to exceed their expectations though the delivery of uncompromised patient care. Each patient has different needs, we will take the time necessary to ensure that each patient feels comfortable with their medical decisions. Our staff will make every effort to work with your insurance company to provide you with the medical attention that you deserve.

read more › Louisville Plastic Surgery Consultants introduced the Wellness Clinic to specifically address those individuals who have or need to loose significant weight before considering body contouring surgery. The clinic operates on designated days when our dietitian and fitness consultants are available. Dr. Majzoub, medical director of the clinic, explains that "plastic surgery is not a substitute for weight loss, individuals seeking plastic surgery as a weight loss measure will be very disappointed."

read more › Today there are a variety of plastic surgery procedures available to help achieve your cosmetic needs. Many individuals just do not know were to begin. Our virtual consult allows you to obtain additional information on your procedure of interest or any questions you may have from the privacy of your own home. Whether you have a surgical question, a non-surgical question or questions about skin care products, Louisville Plastic Surgery Consultants and the reNew Medispa estheticians will do their best to help you.

read more › Louisville Plastic Surgery Consultants work with a variety of local health organization insurance plans, Medicare and Medicaid. Not all procedures are covered by your health insurance. We request that payment of your consultation fees, co-payments and deductibles be paid in full during your initial consultation. Please ask to speak with our patient coordinator to determine if your surgeon is a participating provider with your insurance plan before scheduling an appointment. Louisville Plastic Surgery Consultants requests that payment of your consultation fees, co-payments and deductibles be paid in full during your initial consultation.

read more › At Louisville Plastic Surgery Consultants we want to make your appointment as enjoyable as possible. We have designed our question and answer page to help answer some of our most commonly requested questions. Our goal is to keep our patient waiting times to a minimum, we feel the better informed you are, the smoother your appointment will be. Our office relies on electronic medical records, to facilitate the processing of your information, please have your medical history, insurance history and medication list ready upon arrival to the office.

read more › Dr. Majzoub, a double board-certified plastic surgeon with both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery, returns to Louisville after working in a private cosmetic Plastic Surgery practice in the Greater Metro-Atlanta area. Dr. Majzoub is the medical director of Louisville Plastic Surgery Consultants, L.L.C., established to provide aesthetic and reconstructive Plastic Surgery services to the Greater Louisville area. Dr. Majzoub is a former graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine.

read more › Many individuals seek breast surgery for a variety of personal reasons. If you are an individual who has an acquired breast deformity, are recovering from a mastectomy or have cosmetic concerns over your breast size or shape, Louisville Plastic Surgery Consultants may help. We offer a variety of surgical procedures from silicone or saline breast augmentation to breast reconstructive procedures. Certain procedures maybe covered in-part by your health insurance.

read more › Many women seek breast enlargement to improve their self-image, correct breast asymmetries or deformities. Breast enlargement can improve the size and shape of your breasts. There are many different types of breast implants (saline v/s silicone), different shapes and textures. Dr. Majzoub will discuss these differences with you including the best surgical approach for the placement of your implant (where to make the incision) and the appropriate placement of the implant (over or under the pectoralis chest muscle).

read more › A woman's breasts tend to loose their shape over time becoming less firm, along with lowering of the nipples and loss of breast volume. These changes are often the result of gravity, pregnancy, hormonal changes as one ages, loss of body weight and loss of skin tone and elasticity. A breast lift or mastopexy is a procedure designed to rejuvenate or restore the breast shape and raise the nipple position to a more youthful anatomic position. A mastopexy may be performed in conjunction with an augmentation, which will add volume to the breast.

read more › Individuals with very large breasts may experience back, neck, and shoulder discomfort. In some cases, individuals also may have problems with skin rashes under their breasts. A breast reduction is a surgical procedure designed to reduce your breast size and place the nipples in a more youthful anatomic position. The procedure is performed through various incisions to shape the breast tissue. Most individuals report a dramatic improvement in their previous neck, shoulder and back discomfort. The procedure is usually performed at an outpatient facility.

read more › Many individuals who have undergone a mastectomy seek breast reconstructive procedures. Breast reconstruction may involve using your own tissue or a prosthesis. Breast reconstruction may begin immediately following a mastectomy or may be delayed to a future date depending on the need for additional chemo or radiation therapy. There are many reconstructive options, Louisville Plastic Surgery Consultants will work with your general surgeon to plan the best operative approach to meet your needs.

read more › Breast reconstructive surgery has evolved with time. New medical procedures are available to help reconstruct breast tissue lost to breast cancer operations (mastectomy), congenital abnormalities or trauma. Your breast tissue can be reconstructed with your own tissue, for example, a rectus flap from your abdomen can be used to reconstruct your breast or in many cases, a prosthesis or breast implant can be used. If you are a women about to undergo a mastectomy you should consult with your general surgeon about your tumor surgery and investigate if you have the option to have your reconstructive procedure immediately following your mastectomy.

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