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Carolinas Skin Center offers a unique dermatologic approach to treating skin cancer, moles and lesions. We are dedicated to being your lifelong partner in skin health and focus on the individual biology and uniqueness of each patient. At CSC, we treat the whole person, not just your skin, with compassionate care in a soothing environment. Any diagnosis that requires surgery can be daunting.

Although no reconstruction is perfect, as a skilled plastic surgeon, Dr. Nowicky has the surgical finesse to give you the best possible outcome. Skin Cancer remains the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the United States. Knowing what to look for and when to seek medical care is crucial for early detection and optimal treatment. Moles, lesions and other benign growths of the skin are not uncommon.

Some of these may be harmless and safely observed while others may require surgical treatment. Learn more about these commonly treated lesions.

read more › Carolinas Skin Center offers a modern yet peaceful environment and convenient location in south Charlotte. Our facility is equipped with the latest tools and technology to support patients throughout the entire process. Our warm and caring staff seek to provide a positive and comfortable experience while we provide for your medical needs. From excellent service and care during your consultation and follow up appointment, to the caring staff and surgical team, you will enjoy the comfort and support that you deserve.

read more › Dr. David Nowicky embarked on creating CSC with the guiding principle to provide the best possible care for his patients while utilizing his expertise as a seasoned plastic surgeon. These skills enable him to provide a heightened level of surgical care. For those requiring dermatologic or plastic surgery of the skin, the goal to achieve minimal visible scarring is paramount. Not only is attention to the surgical results given but also the importance of our patient's overall experience. Dr. Nowicky's warmth and compassion define a new standard in the traditional patient doctor relationship.

read more › At Carolinas Skin Center, we believe the best way to alleviate concerns that may accompany a surgical procedure is to ensure patient understanding and allow for complete trust in the skill of the surgeon. Effective communication and expert care are our cornerstones. Suspicious skin lesions will be examined thoroughly as well as nearby adjacent areas on the body. Typically, an above the waist or a full body skin examination will be performed to ensure that no other worrisome lesions are present.

read more › Acne can be daunting whether you are a teenager or an adult, and it can be very hard on your self esteem. How to treat it can be even more overwhelming. Dr. Nowicky and his staff will spend time helping you understand the common pathways of acne formation and knowing your breakout pattern. Leaving our office with a treatment plan will give you a spring in your step. A combination of both over the counter and prescription medications will have you on your way to fighting the bacteria and flushing out your pores.

read more › As the healthcare environment continues to evolve, it is prudent to speak with our office to determine the specifics and policy of your individual insurance plan. Our knowledgeable staff will help clarify and determine your obligations and eligibility for coverage. Below is a list of our current participating insurance plans. Please feel free to call and inquire about a policy or plan not listed. We will do our best to provide you with assistance. All fees for cosmetic surgery are payable in advance by cash, personal check, or credit card.

read more › Most patients report minimal discomfort after surgery and require minimal or no pain medication. If there is pain, many patients find that they prefer to take something for pain at the first hint of discomfort instead of waiting until the pain builds up to an unbearable level. If you have mild or moderate pain, your doctor may advise you to take acetaminophen (Tylenol) or another pain reliever over the counter. Aspirin or aspirin-containing pain relievers may cause increased bleeding. Rarely, prescription pain medications may be required for severe pain.

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