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Forever Young At Forever Young you can find a variety of services ranging from dermatology to cosmetic surgery as well as a line of high quality at-home skin care products. Here you can have the confidence that qualified clinical and esthetic expert. Facial Rejuvenation in Men is no longer Taboo. Mixto Co2 laser, Ultherapy, fillers such as Juvederm, Bellafill and Radiesse can help: Fcail rejuvenation is men is no longer a Taboo subject.

More and more men feel the need to freshen up their skin to compete with younger people in the work place. We have 32. Don't allow your "hollow temples" give away your age! Radiesse, Juvederm or Bellafill can fix this.: What causes aging of the facial skin? There are many component to aging such as deepening of the naso-labial folds, jowl formation and hollowness in the temple area.

Women know too well the pains of ageism and body shame with increased physical scrutiny when compared to men. Some of the people that have inspired Dr. Afshin David Rahimi include Dr. Mark Lebwohl, Dr. James Fulton, and the late Dr.

read more › Of all the assaults on our self image - from bad hair days to those extra pounds - none is as debilitating as bad skin. Whatever the condition is - sagging and wrinkles, redness or full acne eruption, our skin is not only the largest organ and our first line of defense against infection - it is the canvas on which all our features are displayed. We have found that many patients believe their skin conditions are irreversible or that the effort to fix them is too costly or painful. We have addressed some of the most common skin problems to show you that problems that resisted cure in the past are now effectively dealt with.

read more › Forever Young has always put our patients' safety first in our development of our products and services. We have put together only the procedures - whether cosmetic or dermatalogical treatments - that give maximum benefit for minimum risk. Through this approach, we have a grateful and trusting base of satisfied clients. We believe that all our therapies work together. You can be assured that when we recommend a course of treatment, we have all the necessary resources and skills to follow it through to a satisfactory result.

read more › Whatever your questions or concerns about your appearance may be - one thing is for sure - you will never get a complete answer until you seek the advice of a professional. Our approach to consultation has always been two fold. We offer our clients not only the solutions - but personalized treatments that address their very specific needs. Dr. Rahimi and the entire staff have built a reputation for their caring and congenial approach to the entire process of a treatment. One complimentary consultation will not only give you answers, it will put to rest fears - which may be unnecessarily keeping you from having the appearance you always wanted.

read more › At 48, Lesley Shapiro is ready to knock a few years off her appearance. Instead of a conventional facelift, she has opted for a procedure that will keep her looking like herself, only fresher. It's a mini facelift called the "tuliplift facelift", patented by Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon Dr. Afshin David Rahimi." The Quest For Eternal Youth: Westlake Laser Aesthetics & Medical Group Specializes in Keeping Patients Forever Young. Forever Young - Leading the way for safer, more effective and less invasive procedures, anti-aging treatments and long term skin care maintenance.

read more › At Forever Young you can find a variety of services ranging from dermatology to cosmetic surgery as well as a line of high quality at-home skin care products. Here you can have the confidence that qualified clinical and esthetic experts led by a Board Certified Dermatologist and Cosmetic Surgeon will create the most effective plan of care for your unique needs. At Forever Young we use state-of-the-art laser technology and equipment. We are dedicated to every patient and ensure that we surpass the current standards of care.

read more › Many of our patients are so thrilled with the success of their cosmetic surgery that they oftern write us wonderful follow-up letters. We appreciate their sincere thanks-but what is most gratifying is knowing the procedure we recommended was perfect for their needs and that they are enjoying their new look. The stories will change - and we will share them with you as often as possible, but what won't change is the big impact cosmetic procedures can have on overall well being. A simple lift can have a dramatic effect on a patient's outlook and minimize nagging dissatisfaction - and we can all use one less thing to worry about.

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