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Amadi Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Focusing on a natural and age-appropriate look, Dr. Amadi will deliver the finest personalized care, giving you the results you desire. Face and neck lift procedures aim to reposition tissue of the cheek and neck to restore fullness and volume to the face while restoring youthful definition of your neck and jawline. Pronounced "blef-a-ro-plasty", this is the most commonly performed facial cosmetic procedure in both men and women.

Eyelid Ptosis (pronounced "toe-sis") is the medical term for drooping of the upper eyelid(s). Take the next step to a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Amadi, our board certified Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon today.

We strive to do this by providing high quality medical aesthetic and surgical services in a comfortable and relaxing environment, uncompromising patient care, safety, and confidentiality. At Amadi Aesthetics Plastic Surgery, we believe in a customized approach to facial rejuvenation to achieve results that are beautiful, elegant, and natural. Our patients

As an OculoFacial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Amadi's practice focuses solely on the rejuvenation and reconstruction of the eyes and face. These surgical procedures include the eyelid lift, brow lift, cheek lift, face and neck lift, as well as facial fat grafting to augment the volume loss which is part of the natural aging process. Occasionally facial implants

The skin is often the most overlooked structure that can be treated to improve the appearance of the aging face. At home, the use of sunscreen, alpha hydroxy acids, and Retin-A will improve and protect the skin. Botox injections are one of the most cost-effective and popular cosmetic treatments used to reduce lines and wrinkles around your eyes and

As we age, no matter whether we are men or women we all undeniably see changes in our face and body. Here at Amadi Aesthetics we offer an array of surgical and non-surgical treatments tailored to the needs and wants of our male patients. Men undergoing cosmetic procedures is more common than you think. Dr. Amadi sees male patients daily who are looking

Maintaining a youthful appearance, whether you have had surgery or not, requires careful attention to your skin. Here at Amadi Aesthetics Plastic Surgery we provide the highest-level and safest care for your skin. We identify your skin's unique issues, treat any potential problems, and choose products that best enhance your own natural beauty. Our PA

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