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Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas is a premier cosmetic practice in Las Vegas, NV that offers a wide variety of surgical and nonsurgical procedures for men and women. We utilize some of the newest and technologically advanced methods on the cosmetic market for unparalleled results. Our cosmetic center is nearly 8,000 sqft and boasts 11 exam rooms, a private consultation room, and an on-site OR.

In addition, we host yearly seminars, conferences, and training programs for aspiring cosmetic surgeons and students. We have been awarded "Excellence in Customer Care" by CMUS Talk of the Town and our state-of-the-art facility is nationally accredited and licensed by the state of Nevada. Looking to enhance your body? All of your aesthetic goals can be achieved through modern cosmetic methods to elevate your profile while maintaining a natural, sexy contour.

Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas (formerly Las Vegas Laser & Lipo) has helped countless men and women attain their cosmetic dreams. Experience the difference with our superior results.

read more › Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas is a premier cosmetic practice in Las Vegas, NV that offers a wide variety of surgical and nonsurgical procedures for men and women. Our practice is owned and led by Edward M. Zimmerman, M.D., who earned his certificate in cosmetic laser surgery and medicine from the American Board of Laser Surgery (Non-ABMS). In addition, Dr. Zimmerman has extensive training in the field of dermatology and general wellness. Our practice specializes in laser and dermal treatments for the face, body, and skin.

read more › Edward M. Zimmerman, M.D. specializes in cosmetic surgery and aesthetic wellness for the face, body, and skin in Las Vegas, NV. He is also the owner and director of Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas (formerly Las Vegas Laser & Lipo), which offers a wide variety of surgical and nonsurgical procedures for men and women. Dr. Z is a pioneer in laser technology and treatments and introduced the first outpatient CO2 laser to Western PA. He is nationally and internationally known for his work, lectures, and written contributions to the field of cosmetic lasers.

read more › Edward M. Zimmerman, M.D. is a world-renowned cosmetic professional with years of experience who offers outstanding aesthetic care to men and women. Dr. Thomas Lee is a renowned Las Vegas, NV plastic and reconstructive surgeon of the breast, face, and body at Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas. Monica is our skillful registered nurse who has extensive training in aesthetic care and is a skilled Surgical First Assistant.

read more › A Brazilian butt lift utilizes a patient's own purified fat tissue from the thighs or flanks to enhance volume, size, and curvature of the buttocks. Instead of traditional implants, Dr. Z uses a fat transfer for a natural-looking breast augmentation that is customized to meet your specific goals. Unlike a traditional breast reduction surgery, Dr. Z uses liposculpting to reduce breast tissue as it offers shorter recovery and smaller incisions. At Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas, we offer nonsurgical butt augmentation with dermal fillers, such as Sculptra and Radiesse for a sexy butt lift.

read more › A Brazilian butt lift is notably one of the fastest growing surgical procedures in the U.S. and continues to be in widespread demand among both women and men. This surgery allows individuals an effective way to obtain a shapelier and more defined buttocks without having to use an implant. Weight fluctuations, the aging process, as well as hereditary, can be the cause of a flat rear end. In today's times, a fuller, curvier rear end is wanted more than a flat behind. A Brazilian butt lift adds volume to the buttocks to create a rounder look.

read more › Breast enhancement surgery with a fat transfer is a procedure that redefines the breasts for a fuller look. It is known as one of the most wanted cosmetic surgeries, granting women who dislike their breasts with an opportunity for improvement. With fat grafting, this cosmetic treatment improves breast size, volume, and shape, producing a beautifully balanced outcome. Las Vegas, NV cosmetic surgeon Dr. Edward M. Zimmerman is highly trained in implementing this procedure and performs many breast augmentations year round.

read more › What is a breast reduction? Excessively large breasts can create physical and social challenges for women. Furthermore, extremely large breasts can lead to insecurity issues and overall embarrassment, as well as pain in both the neck and back. Dr. Edward M. Zimmerman is a cosmetic surgeon in Las Vegas, NV who has helped countless women regain their confidence and enjoy the life they want through cosmetic breast reduction via liposculpting. This procedure at Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas removes excess breast tissue and skin to recontour the breasts to a smaller, more balanced size.

read more › Growing in popularity for women and men in the United States, nonsurgical buttocks augmentation can help enhance the shape and volume of the butt. Although there are various surgical alternatives (buttocks augmentation with implants or a fat transfer) that are able to help you achieve a fuller look, Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas is pleased to offer a nonsurgical buttocks lift at our practice in Las Vegas, NV. With Sculptra, Radiesse, and/or Bellafill injections, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Edward M. Zimmerman may give you a rounder butt without stitches or a lengthy healing time.

read more › While it isn't discussed openly, some women worry about the size and shape of their vaginal lips, which may cause them to be less confident. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Edward M. Zimmerman can help Las Vegas, NV women feel more attractive and comfortable with surgical vaginal rejuvenation to normalize the shape and size of the labia. The labia, which are the external lips of the vaginal area, can look larger or have hanging skin caused by natural aging, childbirth, pregnancy, or an injury. A labiaplasty surgically decreases the size of the labia majora and/or minora to create an improved look.

read more › Las Vegas, NV cosmetic surgeon Dr. Edward M. Zimmerman has performed thousands of liposuction procedures since the late 1990s. Abdomens, legs, upper arms, backs, male chests, and even breasts can be sculpted to remove excess, unwanted fat deposits. Manual tumescent, Power Assisted, Laser Assisted, and Hi-Def liposuction are our bread and butter. Dr. Z has trained with top leaders in the art and science of liposculpting in the United States, Europe, and South America to master these techniques and has trained dozens of other doctors in his innovative combination of these technologies.

read more › The Z-Shot or Grafenberg spot(G spot) injection can offer powerful sexual climaxes for women when it is stimulated. To help enhance stimulation, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Edward M. Zimmerman offers dermal filler injections directly to the G-spot in order to temporarily enlarge the area. This allows for increased sexual gratification without the need for a major cosmetic vaginal surgery. With dermal filler injections, the G-spot becomes easier to pinpoint, leading to more stimulation. We can even use long-lasting fillers, like Bellafill, for years of improvement.

read more › A brow lift or forehead lift carefully removes excess skin from the upper face region to reduce the appearance of fine lines and dynamic wrinkles. Earlobe repair surgery is performed to correct earlobe deformities that were caused by earrings, trauma, or birth defects to achieve a natural shape. An eyelid lift removes excess or unwanted tissue in the upper and/or lower eyelid areas to create a more awake and aesthetically appealing look. Facelift surgery can be customized to correct cosmetic imperfections on the lower, mid, or upper forehead for a smoother and younger-looking profile.

read more › A surgical brow lift (also called a forehead lift or browplasty) is a popular cosmetic treatment that helps create a higher brow position, which provides a younger look to the upper section of the face. A droopy brow can many times cause an angry or tired appearance. A brow lift surgically corrects a drooping brow to give you a refreshed face by eliminating excess skin while lifting the eyebrows. Dr. Edward M. Zimmerman is a cosmetic surgeon in Las Vegas, NV who has completed brow lifts on patients of all ages to give them a more youthful appearance.

read more › Dr. Edward M. Zimmerman is a cosmetic surgeon in Las Vegas, NV who has assisted countless patients in repairing their torn earlobes. Regardless of the deformity, earlobe surgery at our office allows an individual to show their face from any angle with self-assurance. If you are concerned about the appearance of your ears, contact Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV to schedule a consultation with Dr. Z to get more information. We are sure you will feel better knowing that your torn earlobe can be fixed with minimal downtime or a lengthy procedure.

read more › A person's eyes are an appealing component of the face that deserves to be shown, but sometimes an excess of skin above or under the eyes can create an aging facial appearance. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Edward M. Zimmerman offers eyelid surgery (known as blepharoplasty) to remove excess skin and lift the lower or upper eyelid, creating a look that appears softer and rejuvenated. So many men and women undergo eyelid surgery at Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas to reduce puffy bulges, leading to improved functionality and facial appearance.

read more › Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Edward M. Zimmerman offers a full spectrum of facial cosmetic surgery procedures in Las Vegas, NV. One of the most common surgeries at Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas is a facelift. This treatment focuses on precise areas of the face to correct loose skin and wrinkles to create a smooth, youthful appearance. Based upon your aesthetic goals, a facelift can focus on the areas around the eyes, the mid-face area and cheeks, the bottom section, including the mouth, jowls, neck, and more for an all-around younger look.

read more › Whether you were born with slim lips or you are noticing less fullness in or width of your lips as you get older, or the corners are turning down into an RBF, lip augmentation may help create a more youthful, balanced, and well-shaped pout. Surgical lip augmentation is performed with marshmallowy soft, tapered silicone implants to create the shape you desire. Surgical lip augmentation can create beautiful results that are long-lasting. In some cases, injectable fillers can be incorporated to attain even more dramatic results.

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