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Jet Medical Tourism provides affordable healthcare and medical tourism services including plastic surgery and weight loss surgery in Mexico. The expert surgeons in our network have helped thousands of patients lose weight and transform their lives. They can also help you achieve long-term weight loss results. Imagine yourself in six months - its time to take control and start your weight loss today!.

Gastric sleeve before and after photos can help you visualize how you might look after losing your excess body weight with gastric sleeve in Mexico. Jet Medical Tourism provides affordable gastric sleeve in Mexico, gastric bypass in Mexico and lap band revision surgery in Mexico. The expert surgeons in our network offer multiple bariatric surgery options that can help you with long-term weight loss results.

With convenient locations in Tijuana, Mexico that are less than 30-minutes from San Diego International Airport, we help people from the United States, Canada, and other parts of the world achieve long-term weight loss results with low cost gastric sleeve surgery.

read more › After weight loss surgery the biggest challenge for most people is to keep track of their diet during the lunch hours at work. It is difficult to find weight loss surgery friendly food items in the cafeterias, local deli or cafes and even more difficult to dodge the tempting treats at the office parties and birthdays. Moreover, it's hard to find time to prepare lunch in the mornings before we head off to work and because of that we are left with little or no healthy food choice during lunch hours.

read more › Whether gastric sleeve scars exist after surgery is one of most common inquiries about gastric sleeve surgery. How bad are gastric sleeve surgery scars and are they permanent? The truth is that there's no simple answer to this. But there's some good news: since these types of surgeries are becoming more advanced, they're also becoming minimally invasive, which means less surgical scarring overall. Here we'll discuss the different types of gastric sleeve incision scars and give you some tips on how to heal these post-surgical scars after bariatric sleeve surgery.

read more › Jet Medical Tourism Reviews are is designed to provide unbiased feedback from past patients about their experience traveling abroad for weight loss surgery in Mexico. We would like you and your family to have the best possible experience from start to finish. Our goal is, and always will be, to exceed your every expectation!

read more › Plastic surgery procedures can be performed all areas of the body. The term plastic surgery originated from the Greek word "plastikos" which means to reshape and mold. For a patient who is seeking a procedure to improve their physical appearance, it is important to first understand what is plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is a medical specialty that makes use of proven surgical techniques to remold and reshape tissue according to the patient's unique anatomical and aesthetic needs. An experienced plastic surgeon will treat the patient as a whole and make sure that their overall health and physical appearance is enhanced.

read more › Plastic surgery prices can vary widely depending on the type of cosmetic, plastic or reconstructive surgery, and various other factors. Plastic surgery cost Mexico is a vital starting point for most patients because these procedures are often considered elective and will not be covered by insurance. Your goal should be to choose a hospital or clinic that is led by highly skilled plastic surgeons, and offers most competitive plastic surgery prices at the same time. During your pre-operative consultation, one of the key issues you should discuss is the estimated breast surgery cost, body surgery cost, face and neck surgery cost, vaginal surgery cost, or any other procedure you may be considering.

read more › Jet Medical Tourism is a top service provider in the field of weight loss surgery in Mexico. We are dedicated to helping people struggling with obesity to reclaim their health through low-cost high-quality metabolic and weight reduction surgery. We are proud to have on our team some of the best bariatric surgeons in Mexico. People love us for our patient care and compassionate approach to metabolic and bariatric procedures in Mexico. Their trust is our greatest reward. Medical innovation has made Mexico's weight loss procedures safer than ever.

read more › Gastric Sleeve in Mexico has been a popular and effective weight loss surgery over the past decade. Carrying extra pounds can interfere with every aspect of your life - be it socializing with friends or spending time with your kids. It also shortens your life[1] span by exposing you to several serious health conditions. Jet Medical Tourism works with a network of best bariatric surgeons in Mexico who can perform gastric sleeve surgery, which is a safe and affordable way to take care of this debilitating condition.

read more › Gastric Sleeve Before and After Pictures can help you visualize how you might look after losing excess body weight with gastric sleeve surgery. Not sure whether the gastric sleeve is right for you? Gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico is a bariatric procedure that will limit the size of your stomach so that you will naturally consume less food and achieve your desired weight loss. As the old adage goes, "A picture can say more than a thousand words." Gastric sleeve before and after female pictures are the best pictorial aid for you to visualize how you will appear after losing your excess body weight.

read more › Gastric Sleeve Before and After Stories of patients who have achieved transformative results with this surgery are a visual testimony to the potential weight loss benefits of the gastric sleeve. Countless gastric sleeve before and after photos of American and Canadian patients who have experienced outstanding results with bariatric surgery in Mexico can help you visually understand the power of this life-altering procedure. According to NIDDKD (National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases), you can expect to lose about 90 pounds on average after a gastric sleeve procedure.

read more › Gastric bypass Mexico is one of the most requested bariatric surgery procedures today. A large number of women and men struggling with obesity in the US and Canada visit Mexico every year to have safe and affordable gastric bypass surgery. Clinically known as the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, this was the original weight loss surgery that has been around for over six decades. As a result, medical researchers know the most about this surgery because of the availability of long-term data. While other innovative bariatric surgery techniques have emerged in recent decades, gastric bypass Mexico continues to be a popular surgery.

read more › Sometimes it may be necessary to redo gastric sleeve for a number of reasons. Fortunately, VSG is one of the most flexible and adaptable bariatric procedures, which makes it easy to perform to a gastric sleeve revision when required. The safest revision technique available today for this procedure is gastric resleeve surgery. At your initial consultation, your bariatric surgeon will determine whether you are a candidate for resleeve surgery. Gastric resleeve is a laparoscopic revisional surgery for patients who have developed a large gastric fundus (sleeved stomach) following their primary VSG procedure.

read more › Lap band revision or gastric band revision surgery in Mexico is presently the most commonly performed revision bariatric procedure. Up until a few years ago, gastric banding was a preferred weight loss surgery for morbidly obese patients across the world. Unfortunately, the majority of lap band patients experienced a variety of issues following the surgery. From failing to lose weight and developing band slippage, lap band patients also suffered from daily vomiting, cough, heartburn, and other breathing-related problems.

read more › Single incision gastric sleeve (SILS) is the latest surgical technique to perform weight loss surgery in a less invasive manner. Only a few highly qualified and experienced bariatric surgeons have mastered this technique at present. As the name suggests, the procedure involves just one incision, but produces the same weight loss outcomes as the traditional and laparoscopic techniques. With a single incision gastric sleeve surgery, you now have an additional option when you are considering a bariatric procedure.

read more › Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery (MGB) is a effective, relatively low-risk, and inexpensive procedure. The mini gastric bypass was originally developed by Dr. Robert Rutledge in 1997 to reduce operating time, simplify the procedure and reduce complications. The mini gastric bypass combines both "restrictive" and "malabsorptive" components to promote rapid weight loss. This means that the procedure reduces the size of your stomach and restricts the amount of food you can eat. Mini gastric bypass surgery also alters gut hormones and reduces absorption of food by bypassing up to 6 feet of intestines.

read more › When making a choice on the various types of bariatric surgery and which option is right for you, it can be a hard decision. At Jet Medical Tourism, we understand your situation. It is our goal to provide you with education to help you evaluate your Mexico weight loss surgery options. Take the next step by reviewing the side-by-side comparison of the differences between gastric sleeve vs gastric bypass vs lap band vs duodenal switch. Different types of bariatric surgery include gastric sleeve surgery, RNY gastric bypass surgery, gastric banding or Lap-band surgery and duodenal switch surgery.

read more › Gastric sleeve versus gastric bypass is one of the main questions that bariatric patient look for. Both the surgery options are quite popular and offer different set of pros and cons. This article will help you compare Gastric Sleeve vs Gastric Bypass surgery pros and cons and learn about expected weight loss, side effects, and cost to decide which surgical procedure is best for you. Deciding between gastric sleeve vs gastric bypass is an important decision and comparing the difference can help you make the final decision.

read more › When you have to make a choice about gastric sleeve vs lap band, choosing which type of bariatric surgery is right for you can be a difficult decision. This information can assist you in evaluating your choices so you can decide the most appropriate surgical treatment option best suited to your personal situation. Two popular weight loss surgeries for you to consider are laparoscopic gastric banding, and laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, commonly referred to as gastric sleeve surgery. According to a study by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, patients who had gastric sleeve surgery vs gastric band experienced a +30% decrease in their body mass index (BMI) after 12 months.

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