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Dr. Hecht's approach to rhinoplasty is not only cosmetic, it is functional. The nose serves a purpose in healthy breathing, so any obstruction, whether from birth, injury or previous surgery, can be problematic. Unlike some surgeons, Dr. Hecht focuses on conserving and reshaping cartilage whenever possible, rather than concentrating on excision.

By meticulously preserving the nasal structures and using diligent graft work, Dr. Hecht is able to help prevent nasal collapse and breathing difficulties, which minimizes the need for revision rhinoplasty surgery.Cosmetically, Dr. Hecht focuses on the entire shape of the nose and offers realistic recommendations for overall nasal and facial balance.

He prefers a natural, "non-operated" look, focusing on realistic expectations. A facelift surgery can do wonders to enhance your looks and self confidence while bringing forth a more youthful you. If you are considering this procedure for yourself, you need to have knowledge about what is to be expected and how it is done in our Scottsdale facial plastic surgery practice with Dr. David Hecht.

read more › Here in our Scottsdale facial plastic surgery practice, Dr. David A. Hecht and his staff have dedicated themselves to facial rejuvenation, anti-aging, and cosmetic reconstruction through various procedures and treatments. It takes a dedicated staff of talented professionals to give our patients the care and experience they deserve, and we're pleased to introduce you to the people who make our practice the best place in Scottsdale for facial cosmetic treatments and surgical procedures. Meet our Experienced and Knowledgeable Support Team, to include Surgery Coordinators, Medical Assistants and more!.

read more › I have enjoyed having you as my Fellow for the past year. You are an outstanding surgeon and have tremendous potential to be a leader. I hope you will remain involved in the AAFPRS. Now that you are finishing your year with me, I wish you good luck with your practice and encourage you to keep in touch. I am sure you will have great success in Facial Plastic Surgery. David Hecht, a valued colleague who clearly shares a passion for excellence in Facial Plastic Surgery. It has been my privilege to share, in some small way, your year of Fellowship.

read more › Your inquiry is very important to us! Contacting the office by phone is the preferred method of communication for patient inquires. If you have questions about pricing or procedures and are interested in a personalized consultation, please reach out to our main office at 480-374-2935 for a prompt reply. Due to a high volume of patient inquires, we can not guarantee your email will be responded to. Again, contacting our office directly is the best method of communication in order to avoid any delay in follow-up.

read more › Our experienced and knowledgeable facial plastic surgery team takes a personalized approach to every patient's care. Led by Dr. David A. Hecht, our double board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon and Head & Neck Surgeon, who has received numerous "Top Doctor" awards, we commit to offering you the finest care possible in cosmetic and reconstructive management exclusive to the face and neck. Using time-tested techniques, our highly-skilled team loves nothing more than helping patients to gain greater confidence from safe and natural results.

read more › This cool and Hydrating Medical Grade Treament will exfoliate unwanted dry skin and eliminate unwanted fuzzy facial hair. We have 3 different products, and we are sure one is the perfect fit for your unique skin! All Hyaluronic's- and Hydration products 30% OFF when purchased with ANY Skin Care Treatment!

read more › Has completed an approved residency after medical school in one of two surgical specialties focusing on facial plastic surgery (otolaryngology-head and neck surgery or plastic surgery);. Is double-boarded, having earned prior certification in one of those specialties through the American Board of Medical Specialties or the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Canada;. Has submitted for peer-review an acceptable record of at least two years' clinical experience, including operative reports of a minimum 100 facial plastic surgeries;.

read more › Dr. Hecht personally evaluates and manages each patient's care. He openly discusses goals, benefits and limitations with every patient to ensure comprehensive understanding of the procedure prior to surgery. Successful facial plastic surgery is a result of good rapport between patient and surgeon. Trust, based on realistic expectations and exacting medical expertise, develops in the consulting stages before surgery. Your surgeon understands the value in this and thoroughly explains the procedure and answers specific questions about each individuals unique needs prior to surgery.

read more › Revision rhinoplasty, or secondary rhinoplasty, is a surgical procedure used to correct unsatisfactory results of a previous rhinoplasty surgery. Revision rhinoplasty in Scottsdale may be necessary if a patient is unhappy with the aesthetic outcome of a previous surgery or if they develop functional problems that impede their breathing. Revision rhinoplasty is a complicated surgical procedure that's artistically as well as medically challenging. It's far more complex than an initial rhinoplasty, which is already the most complicated plastic surgery procedure to perform.

read more › Patients experiencing signs of facial aging can benefit from a rhytidectomy in Scottsdale. This popular facial procedure can address a number of age-related issues to create a more youthful appearance. As time passes us by, the skin on our faces and necks start to loosen and sag. Fine lines on the forehead turn into creases and then deeper folds, and crow's feet start to form around the corners of the eyes. Vertical folds or the dreaded double chin may emerge, and the jawline will turn into jowls.

read more › A forehead lift in Scottsdale is the perfect option for women and men who are frustrated with their facial expressions appearing too serious, sad, tired or older than they feel. For those of you who have stood in front of a mirror, pressed back your hairline and whispered, "If only, " a 1- to 2-hour surgery may offer a long-lasting solution. A forehead lift, or brow lift, is a surgical technique designed to restore a fresh, alert, youthful appearance that looks natural. By tightening the skin above the brow line, we are able to minimize horizontal lines and wrinkles, elevate the brows and reduce lid hooding or drooping.

read more › At our practice in Scottsdale, blepharoplasty surgery is one of the most frequently performed procedures. Almost everyone would agree that most people care about their appearance and want a look of youthful vitality. As we age, there are certain occurrences that are unavoidable, such as the presence of wrinkles or eye bags. Each year, over 100,000 patients choose blepharoplasty to reduce the effects of aging around the eyes that make us all appear older and more tired than we actually are. Aging is not the only culprit for tired looking eyes or under eye bags.

read more › Chin implants and other facial implants in Scottsdale make a great profile, provide overall balance to the face, and help define either feminine or masculine features. Most people primarily focus on the general shape and size of their nose, droopy jowls, ears, or how many wrinkles they see on their faces when they look in the mirror. Although the chin isn't the first thing people normally evaluate, more often than not, a weaker-looking chin stands out. Facial plastic surgeons specializing in rhinoplasty surgery typically recommend modifying the shape or size of a chin in order to enhance the patient's profile and maintain facial balance.

read more › At our practice in Scottsdale, otoplasty surgery is one of the most frequently performed procedures done by Dr. David Hecht who has been recognized as one of America's top physicians by Consumers' Research Council of America. There are many physical characteristics that can make a person feel self-conscious; however, many facial plastic surgery procedures exist to help improve such characteristics to help patients feel more confident in their appearance. Protruding ears are one problem that make patients, particularly children, seek out cosmetic procedures.

read more › With the help of skin resurfacing in Scottsdale, patients can resolve a variety of skin issues. These include acne scars, sun damage, and signs of the aging process. Has the sun worshiping of your youth finally caught up with you? Have the ravages of acne in your teen years left unsightly scars behind as a constant reminder of the torment you endured? Perhaps time has been a foe instead of a friend. While facial plastic surgery procedures such as face lifts may correct some of the signs of aging, many patients require intense skin care treatments that no surgery or basic facial could deliver.

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