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Experience, skill, and a passion for superior patient care are just a few of the reasons why Dr. Augenstein is one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons in the region. As a leading cosmetic plastic surgery practice in Charlotte, NC, Aesthetic Surgery of Charlotte is committed to helping you look and feel your best. Our dual board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Adam C. Augenstein is known for putting patients first and providing upfront, honest aesthetic recommendations.

Whether your cosmetic goals are subtle or transformational, we make getting the look you want a rewarding experience. We believe that you deserve to look and feel beautiful and that you should receive genuine, honest advice about how to make your cosmetic goals a reality. Our patients appreciate that we take the time to thoroughly educate them about their options.

We don't exaggerate the benefits of a procedure, or make misleading claims about the length or extent of recovery. Our mission is to provide you with trustworthy guidance and comprehensive care for a lifetime of beauty.

read more › At Aesthetic Surgery of Charlotte, we have an excellent team of professionals ready to start and continue your journey with you. When deciding on a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure or spa treatment at our Charlotte, NC, practice, let our dedicated and experienced team work with you to deliver the exceptional service you deserve and the results you desire. Courtney is a board-certified physician assistant that began her career in surgery, but found her passion in non-surgical facial augmentation.

read more › Thanks to significant medical and technological advances in recent years, aesthetic surgical procedures have become safer, quicker, and more effective. Women and men have more information and choices than ever before when considering plastic and reconstructive surgery in Charlotte, NC. Whether patients are seeking breast, body, face, or reconstructive surgical procedures, our doctor and staff work to develop a treatment plan that meets each patient's needs, goals, and budget. Our surgeon, Adam C. Augenstein, MD, is board certified in both plastic surgery and head and neck surgery.

read more › Breast augmentation patients come to Dr. Augenstein in Charlotte, NC, for natural-looking results that enhance their figures. Every patient is unique, with specific experiences, needs, and expectations that help shape their views of themselves. Fortunately, for patients who would like to see themselves with enhanced breasts, today's breast implant options allow them to select both the shape and size they would prefer. Whether you have lost volume and shape due to pregnancy, aging, or weight loss, or you are merely pursuing the shape and size you believe you were always meant to have, Dr. Adam C. Augenstein can help you achieve your happiest, healthiest, most confident self.

read more › While many women are familiar with breast augmentation, there are other procedures to revitalize and give breasts a fresh, youthful appearance. A breast lift in Charlotte, also known as a mastopexy, can produce a tighter, firmer look for patients whose breasts have been impacted by childbirth, weight gain or loss, or simply gravity. While a mastopexy is not the same as a breast augmentation, some patients choose to combine the procedures. Every breast lift procedure begins with a consultation, providing the patient with the opportunity to discuss their desired outcome with Adam C. Augenstein, MD and agree on a treatment course that best fits the patient's needs.

read more › Women interested in a breast reduction in Charlotte, NC, are often physically uncomfortable or embarrassed by the size of their breasts. Large breasts can cause neck and back pain, reducing enjoyment during exercise and physical activity and making it difficult for women to find clothing that fits properly. Breast reduction is about achieving the physical proportions that suit your body and lifestyle. The best candidates for a breast reduction surgery are women who experience physical or social discomfort due to the size of their breasts.

read more › Gynecomastia-the presence of excess and unwanted tissue on the chest-is a condition that impacts many men, causing discomfort and embarrassment. This condition, also called man boobs, has many causes, including heredity and hormones. It can affect men at any phase of life, although gynecomastia is most likely to occur at puberty and later in life. Contrary to what many people might think, gynecomastia is not related to obesity, although it is possible to suffer from both. Fortunately, Dr. Adam C. Augenstein offers a simple male breast reduction procedure to provide relief for Charlotte, NC, men.

read more › The mommy makeover is very popular at our Charlotte, NC, practice. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Augenstein specializes in this combination of procedures that helps a woman to restore-or improve upon-her pre-baby body. Motherhood brings with it many joys, but also many changes. These changes are often reflected in a woman's body in the form of stretch marks, extra weight, and excess skin. A mommy makeover is most beneficial for moms who want to minimize or correct the changes to their bodies after having children.

read more › Losing weight is hard, and spot reducing can be next to impossible. People come to board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Augenstein for liposuction in Charlotte, NC, to sculpt their bodies in ways diet and exercise can't. With this procedure, you can more accurately target even your most stubborn areas of fat to achieve the slim, sleek contours you want. Liposuction is an excellent procedure for men and women who are at a healthy weight but struggle with isolated pockets of fat. Liposuction is often performed in conjunction with other body contouring procedures, such as a tummy tuck or mommy makeover for even better results.

read more › Abdominoplasty, more commonly called a tummy tuck, is a popular procedure at our Charlotte, NC, practice. A tummy tuck not only slims your waistline, it flattens the abdomen and removes extra skin, creating results you can't get from diet and exercise alone. Dr. Augenstein knows that the midsection is notoriously difficult to tone, especially after having children or losing a great deal of weight. He spends ample time with you at your consultation discussing your tummy tuck options and educating you about your procedure.

read more › An unfortunate side effect of aging and/or weight loss is that skin that was once youthful and taut can start to sag, and stubborn fat deposits start to resist a healthy diet and exercise routine. Fortunately, an arm, body, and thigh lift in Charlotte, NC can offer a safe and effective remedy to sagging skin and unwanted fat. The most popular regions for a lift include the thighs, arms, and buttocks, and the impact of a successful thigh lift, body lift, or arm lift-also known as a brachioplasty-is that it removes excess fat and skin tissues and improves the quality and contour of skin that has become dimpled and bumpy.

read more › Following massive weight loss, many women and men are dismayed to discover that the excess skin does not disappear with the fat, resulting in sagging skin that can undermine all the hard work required to lose the weight in the first place. Body contouring surgery in Charlotte, NC offers an opportunity to eliminate that excess skin, flaunting that new shape without any embarrassment or discomfort. Post massive weight loss surgery can help achieve more natural proportions in the face, breasts, arms, stomach, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks.

read more › Adam C. Augenstein, MD performs brow lift surgery in Charlotte to help women and men look younger by improving the appearance of the forehead and position of sagging or drooping eyebrows. Small incisions hidden in the hairline are used to help reposition the eyebrows and open up the eyes back to a more natural look. Dr. Augenstein believes in those natural results, not the overdone or surprised look. Each patient is different, and he will discuss your unique anatomy and recommend the appropriate approach for your eyebrow lift-from endoscopic or minimally invasive to pre-hairline brow lifts in patients with long foreheads.

read more › Many of Dr. Augenstein's facelift patients in Charlotte, NC, come to him complaining that their faces look different than they used to and it's uncomfortable seeing a stranger's face in the mirror. A common misconception is that people only seek plastic surgery because something is wrong with the way they look. The reality is there are many reasons why someone may choose to have plastic surgery, and aging is one of them. Dr. Augenstein can help take years of your appearance-reclaiming a youthful freshness and vitality that tends to diminish with age.

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