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Atlantic Center Of Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery A State-of-the-Art, Talented and Fully Dedicated Facility in the Fields of Plastic, Oral and Reconstructive Surgery. At the Atlantic Center, we know that nothing is more important than our children. We have an abundance of expertise and years of experience with the care of children with cleft lip, cleft palate, and complex craniofacial problems. Dr. Stelnicki has been performing these procedures for almost two decades.

He is the founding cleft and craniofacial surgeon at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital Cleft and Craniofacial Center. Dr. Stelnicki is a participating surgeon for multidisciplinary cleft care teams throughout Broward and Palm Beach counties, including Nova Southeastern University. At Atlantic Center for Aesthetic and reconstructivesurgery, our surgeons are Board certified and experienced in plastic and reconstructive surgeries for both our pediatric and adult population.

We routinely deal with Repairing, reconstructing, and replacing areas of the body that have a defect in form or function This can range from simple excisions of masses and lesions to far more complicated Craniofacial surgeries.

read more › If you'd like to schedule a telemedicine appointment or are in need of a second opinion, please book that appointment now. The Atlantic Center of Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery welcomes you to our practice. Once you have made your initial appointment, you may pre-register by downloading, printing, and completing the forms below. Please be sure to bring them with you to your first visit, along with any diagnostic films or other test results that may have been ordered or performed by another physician.

read more › Dr. Eric Stelnicki, MD, Founder, started Children's Health and Rehabilitative Missions (CHARM) as a 501(c)3 charity dedicated to bringing hope to children around the world by joining medical, nursing, and allied health professionals together to perform life-saving surgical procedures and medical treatment to impoverished children who would otherwise never receive the necessary care. Currently CHARM involves plastic and reconstructive surgery, podiatry, and primary care services. The goal is to expand in order to offer many more medical specialties such as general surgery, breast cancer specialists, speech pathology, dentistry, psychiatry, and more.

read more › The Atlantic Center of Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery is a center of excellence for pediatric plastic surgery, reconstructive plastic surgery, and cosmetic surgery. Our central location is moments from the immaculate Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with four additional offices throughout Broward County. Our surgeons are classically trained plastic and oral maxillofacial surgeons from esteemed institutions. We are dedicated to providing cutting-edge care to restore form and function with beautiful, natural-looking results.

read more › Dr. Kamel is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon with specialized training in craniofacial and pediatric plastic surgery. He diagnoses and treats patients with complex facial deformities, including craniosynostosis, cleft lip and palate, facial fractures, facial nerve paralysis, and microtia as well as hand anomalies, vascular malformations, and congenital breast conditions. In addition, he provides the latest techniques in aesthetic surgery of the face, breast, and body. As a pediatric plastic surgeon, Dr. Kamel routinely performs complex craniofacial reconstruction on the face, including the lip, palate, nasal reconstruction, and cranium resulting from birth defects, cancer treatments, or traumatic injuries and uses cutting edge 3-D technology to help reconstruct and restore normal tissue.

read more › Nathan Eberle, D.D.S., M.D., is a maxillofacial, general and plastic surgery credentialed surgeon with 10 plus years of training and experience specifically devoted to aesthetic plastic surgery and surgery of the head and neck. Dr. Eberle is one of only 75 surgeons in the United States with these credentials. His education, coupled with his hands-on experience and eye for aesthetics, provides discerning patients with a unique opportunity to make their personal aesthetic rejuvenation desires a reality.

read more › Dr. Eric Stelnicki has the answers as well as the compassion and understanding. He is the only full-time pediatric plastic surgeon in Broward, Palm Beach, and Collier Counties, and he is a father himself. Under his leadership, the Atlantic Center of Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery is a world-class facility for children with cleft lip, cleft palate, craniosynastosis, plagiocephaly, torticollis, and many other congenital deformities. These conditions can be corrected with surgery if you find the right surgeon with enough experience.

read more › General pediatric plastic surgery includes the treatment of wounds, burns, scars, and skin problems such as moles and cysts. Dr. Stelnicki is a leader in this area, and routinely perform these procedures with an emphasis on minimal pain and discomfort for your child. Dr. Stelnicki strives for beautiful results with minimal scarring and a quick return to school and everyday life. Skin problems such as moles, cysts, and skin tags commonly require procedures to remove them. These skin problems can be unsightly, cause discomfort, affect surrounding tissues, or contain dangerous cells.

read more › For parents, learning that your new family member has a cleft lip and/or palate can be an overwhelming experience. Early intervention is important, as is the need to be treated by a specialized surgeon as part of a multispecialty team. Dr. Stelnicki is considered a leader in the field of cleft lip, nose, and palate surgeries. He completed dedicated fellowship training in the field of pediatric craniofacial reconstruction. He has been caring for children with these problems for almost two decades and has completed thousands of procedures.

read more › The development of a child's ears occurs during a women's first trimester of pregnancy. Standing out and making a noticeable impression, the ears are shaped like the letter C, formed by the helix and the earlobe, made of cartilage covered by skin. Our ears are an important part of the body, composed of three main sections; the outer ear, middle ear, and inner ear. These parts all work simultaneously to collect sounds. These sound waves are then sent to the brain, which in return enables us to be able to decode and process these sounds and hear.

read more › Surgery of the face and skull (craniofacial surgery) is a highly specialized branch of plastic surgery that focuses on the complex reconstruction of the jawbone, orbits (eye sockets), skull, and soft tissue of the face. A craniofacial surgeon also treats complex soft tissue problems such as hemangiomas, vascular malformations, facial tumors, Bell's palsy, and severe facial scarring. The Atlantic Center of Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery is one of the world-class facilities for craniofacial surgery to treat conditions such as craniosynastosis, head and neck deformities, facial tumors, and more.

read more › Dr. Eric Stelnicki has treated thousands of babies and children with hand and feet problems ranging from very simple to highly complex cases. He implements the most advanced techniques in the operating room and will provide your family with an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan individualized for your child's special case. Affecting one in every 3,000 newborns, syndactyly is a condition present at birth in which the digits (fingers or toes) are webbed or joined. About half of those cases affect both the hands and the feet.

read more › For school-age children, young adolescents, and teenagers, looking or feeling different from others in their class can greatly reduce their sense of self-worth and affect everything from their grades to their attitude. At the Atlantic Center we understand the pain and emotional trauma many young people may go through as a result of enlarged or abnormally shaped features. Dr. Stelnicki offers a range of cosmetic procedures modified specifically for the needs of younger patients. The doctors' compassion and empathy enable him to establish trust with young patients and gain a better understanding of each patient's treatment needs.

read more › Vascular malformations and hemangiomas not only affect physical appearance, but they can affect your child's physical health also. Our comprehensive treatments for pediatric vascular conditions are designed to address both, improving your child's well-being and self-confidence as they enter the teenage and young adult years. Board-certified pediatric plastic surgeon Dr. Eric J. Stelnicki is the director of the hemangioma and vascular anomalies team at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital in Hollywood, Florida.

read more › At the Atlantic Center of Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery, we offer comprehensive evaluations of your child's head and neck. We listen to your concerns and suggest ways to correct any abnormalities such as plagiocephaly and torticollis. We work in-house with STARband(R), which decreases the number of office visits a family has to make and provides direct communication between the doctor and orthotist. Since Dr. Stelnicki is a craniofacial surgeon, he is one the most highly qualified doctors to see and treat your child.

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