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Dr. Mark Albert is the founder of Albert Plastic Surgery and among the best plastic surgeons in NYC. He is a specialist in aesthetic procedures for rejuvenation, refinement, and reconstruction. Services provided in New York City include facelift, mommy makeover, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and more. As a top rated plastic surgeon, he helps patients achieve optimum happiness and comfort in their appearance at every stage of life.

Dr. Albert fulfills this promise through surgical excellence, personalized procedures, and continuity of care. New York City patients choose Dr. Albert as their plastic surgeon in part because of his expertise in restoring facial features. He frequently supports relatively young patients who are ready for facelift's benefits as well as older patients seeking renewal.

Dr. Albert combines attention to detail and expertise in aesthetics to refine the features of the nose. His background in reconstructive procedures as a plastic surgeon also helps New York City patients improve functional concerns, such as difficulty breathing.

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read more › A brachioplasty or arm lift, is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to remove sagging or excess skin and fat from the arms. The procedure smooths and tightens the underlying tissues and improves the shape of the arm from the underarm all the way to the elbow. Extra skin won't go away by itself. Changes in weight, genetics, and aging may be contributing factors. Exercising may increase muscle tone but won't change excess sagging skin. Topical creams may make skin feel tighter temporarily, but won't result in major changes in appearance.

read more › Brazilian Butt Lift, also known as BBL, fat transfer to the buttock, autologous fat transfer, fat injection, or lipofilling involves liposuction of areas of unwanted fat, processing of the fat, and injection of the fat into the buttock, hips and/or thighs. It is effective for individuals who have buttock sagging, or "ptosis" or for those who have lost weight or have depressions of their hip or buttock. It is also an effective treatment for "hip dips" or "banana rolls". Be sure to view our BBL photo gallery for some examples of the great results that Dr. Albert is known for.

read more › Breast reduction is a surgical procedure to remove excess breast tissue, including glandular tissue, fat, and skin in order to improve the appearance of the breasts and to alleviate pain associated with breasts that are out of proportion or overly large. Sometimes the breast is also lifted and the the appearance of the areolas (the areas around the nipples) can also be improved during the same procedure. Patients with large breasts often experience physical and emotional discomfort, distress, and pain due to the weight or shape of their breasts.

read more › For men and women with thinning hair, localized or pattern baldness, new or stablished hair loss, a hair transplant is an option which can bring back a youthful appearance and self-confidence. In the past few years, hair transplant techniques have advanced rapidly to the point where the results look natural with no large scars or the need for any sutures. Dr. Albert uses the most modern Follicular Unit Extraction technique for the most natural results. Individual hair follicles are extracted individually from the area with high density of follicles in the back of your scalp, and transferred to the areas where hair is thinner.

read more › Millions of people suffer from migraine headaches, suffering from debilitating pain, nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light. Most people with migraines spend a significant part of their lives seeking treatment for their headaches and other symptoms through medication or behavioral therapy, neither of which are permanent or particularly effective. Albert Plastic Surgery offers surgical procedures for deactivation of migraine headache trigger sites. This surgery is done in our New York plastic surgery center and recommended only after you have been screened by a neurologist and diagnosed as having chronic migraine headaches.

read more › Rhinoplasty is a facial plastic surgery that improves the aesthetics of the nose; sometimes referred to as a nose job. Our patients in NYC may also choose rhinoplasty to improve their ability to breathe, to eliminate whistling from a deptal perforation, or other functional reasons. We offer free virtual consultations with popular video chat applications, if you wish to consult with Dr. Albert about your particular rhinoplasty / nose surgery goals. Be sure to view our rhinoplasty photo gallery for some examples of the great results that Dr. Albert is known for.

read more › As a result of changes in weight, child-bearing, aging, or heredity - your abdomen may not be as flat and firm as you would prefer. Women who have had children, in particular, may develop excess skin and a widening of the abdominal muscles, and these features may not be responsive to diet or exercise. We offer free virtual consultations with popular video chat applications, if you wish to consult with Dr. Albert about your particular abdominoplasty / tummy tuck surgery goals. Be sure to view our tummy tuck photo gallery for some examples of the great results that Dr. Albert is known for.

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