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Relax, Refresh, Rejuvenate, Revive - Strip the hard exterior of panic and worry, ease back into your own skin at Chicago Cosmetic Institute. Conveniently located in North Center Chicago, Chicago Cosmetic Institute offers a full suite of cosmetic and aesthetic body enhancements servicing the greater Chicago area from the Loop, Gold Coast, Streeterville, Wicker Park and River North to Evanston and beyond.

We offer Free Parking with convenient daytime and evening hours! We've recently partnered with the nonprofit Sarah's Circle - Learn how your patronage directly helps this great organization. Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished something about your body or complexion was different?. Smoother skin, removal of a little bulge, or something else? Non-surgical options to fix issues like this exist; and better yet, they exist in Chicago!

From better skin to fat loss, there are options available in Chicago cosmetic surgery. Surgical options, non-surgical, injectable, and more. Take a few minutes to learn about the cosmetic surgery options available before calling for a consultation.

read more › Welcome to the Chicago Cosmetic Institute, where your journey towards a healthy and beautiful new you begins. We offer a full array of medical spa services, cosmetic and plastic surgery. CCI offers a talented team of beauty experts, certified medical estheticians, and renowned doctors and plastic surgeons who will help you look and feel better than you've ever imagined. Conveniently located in North Center Chicago, we offer FREE parking behind our office and convenient daytime and evening hours.

read more › We are committed to the highest possible level of patient care in our industry. Our talented team of beauty experts, certified medical aestheticians, and renowned plastic surgeons will help you look and feel better than you ever imagined. The staff is amazing and very professional. I called several places and they were the only ones who took the time to explain procedures and listen to my concerns. They were extremely professional when doing a consult as well. Their bedside manner is fantastic and they made me feel very comfortable.

read more › I've been going to Lauren for my dysport injections for a couple years now, and I love her work. She's very meticulous and truly listens when I tell her all of my concerns. She doesn't do more than what she feels is required, and I always am very happy with her work. I've even recommended my sisters to go to her, and they said the same thing. I love Chicago Cosmetic Institute. Each time I visit everyone is so kind and welcoming. I see Lauren for Botox and she always takes the time to listen to my concerns.

read more › We're doing everything possible here at Chicago Cosmetic Institute to ensure that patients are treated in the safest possible way. From keeping our offices even more spotless than usual, to changing the way we see our patients, we're committed to the health and safety of every patient who trusts us to look and feel their absolute best. If you've been putting off a cosmetic procedure because of the pandemic, you can trust us to implement all recommended health and safety equipment and procedures.

read more › The eyes are the windows to the soul, right? Whether you're tired of looking tired, weighed down by saddlebags, sick of cellulite, or need a simple lift, we not only have the solutions, we know how to get it done in the least invasive, most comfortable, and most efficient way possible. Our goal: you at your very best! Chicago cosmetic eye surgery and treatment is offered daily by CCI. Get in touch with us or check out some of the information below to learn more about cosmetic eye procedures we have available.

read more › Enhance the appearance of your face and neck with these simple procedures and medical spa treatments. The face is the first thing people look at when they meet you, and the first impression you make when walking into a room. Studies show that over 50% of the time spent looking at pictures of other humans is spent on the face. Go behind the scenes of a Restylane Lyft Procedure with one of Chicago Cosmetic Institute's beautiful patients. A Brow Lift, also called a forehead lift, raises sagging brows that create hooding of the upper eyelids, reduces wrinkle lines across the forehead and between the eyebrows, and creates a more alert and youthful appearance.

read more › Whether you're tired the way you look, weighed down by saddlebags, sick of cellulite, or simply in need of a lift, we not only have the solutions, we know how to get it done in the least invasive, most comfortable, and most effective ways possible. Our goal: you - at your very best! Information on the liposuction suite of services offered at Chicago Cosmetic Institute is located just below. If you still have questions, you can get in touch with us for more information. We would be happy to hear about how we can improve and provide better information to our current and potential patients.

read more › Having beautiful skin adds to confidence and makes us feel our best. At Chicago Cosmetic Institute, our state of the art laser and cosmetic center is here to help with every one of your skin care needs. Each of our board-certified dermatologists is trained in cosmetic and laser surgery and here to help you with your skin care issues. Enjoy a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Karol Gutowski. He will listen to you and help determine the best method to achieve your goals. At Chicago Cosmetic Institute we treat all ages - from infants to adults - and all skin types.

read more › The Mommy Makeover is an increasingly popular bundle of procedures at the Chicago Cosmetic Institute for women who want to bring their body back to where it was before having kids and general aging. The Mommy Makeover treatment offers available packages of multiple procedures to improve on patients' problem areas. Most of our patients utilize 2 or more of these procedures at a time. A Mommy Makeover combines a variety of our surgical and non-surgical procedures. Procedures include breast lift, tummy tuck, liposuction, CoolSculpting, and more.

read more › Surgical treatments are used for a variety of purposes at Chicago Cosmetic Institute. Many parts of the body can be targeted for enhancement and revision. Below, you can find a full list of surgical cosmetic services offered in North Center Chicago. Get in touch with us today if you would like firther details on any of these procedures or to set up a consultation. Found Chicago Cosmetic Institute via Google search to have an unslightly spot to be checked out. Went in for a visit the same day (thank goodness they had availability) and met with Shari who not only did a great job of asking what's my reason of visit but also answered all my questions that arise when I was sitting in the office waiting to be called as to what else they do.

read more › Scar revision surgery can minimize the appearance of a scar that remains after a wound is healed using techniques that blend it with the surrounding skin. Treatments can help clients who have been wounded, have acne scarring left behind, mole removal scars, and many other issues. Treatment is minimally invasive and requires very little healing. Go behind the scenes of a Restylane Lyft Procedure with one of Chicago Cosmetic Institute's beautiful patients. There are several scar revision treatments available in Chicago at CCI. Treatment options range from simple topical treatments to minimally invasive procedures to surgical revision with advanced techniques in wound closure.

read more › Rhinoplasty is a procedure to reshape the nose and bring back form as desired or function as needed. Eliminating a bump or crook in the nose can make a drastic difference with little effort. From the size of the tip to the width of the bridge and profile of the nostrils, there is small incision designed for the area that needs editing. Go behind the scenes of a Restylane Lyft Procedure with one of Chicago Cosmetic Institute's beautiful patients. Whether your need for this procedure is cosmetic or for better health, there are experienced professionals ready to talk to you about what you are trying to do.

read more › Diet and exercise alone are sometimes not enough to achieve that perfect body that our candidates want more than anything. We are here to help with that little bit extra. Liposuction has become easier, faster and more effective through new techniques like Laser Lipo and Smart Lipo. Laser treatments allow us to melt fat before suctioning it, and offer you the body you want with little bruising or bleeding. Clients who are the best fit for liposuction generally have large areas of excess fatty tissue that need to be removed.

read more › A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is an effective surgical method of getting rid of loose skin and fat from the abdomen. This gives the area under the navel a smoother, firmer look. As this procedure also tightens the muscles in your abdominal wall, it's a benefit if you have tried unsuccessfully to change the appearance of this trouble spot through exercise. The tummy tuck is popular for people who have lost weight and have loose skin, or women who have recently had children. We offer you doctors and staff that are the most experienced in a wide range of surgical and non-invasive treatments.

read more › It doesn't matter how they developed stretch marks are hard to live with and have an impact on how you feel about your body. Pregnancy is the most common reason these form, but stretch marks can also become a problem after weight loss, or in some cases because of genetic factors. Both men and women can see these deep grooves or light puckered marks on the skin develop. There are several treatment options available to lessen or remove these from the stomach, breasts, upper arms, thighs, or hips, and restore a natural smooth appearance to the skin.

read more › These range from fillers, to laser resurfacing to chemical peels to IPL, and can make a huge impact on reversing the signs of aging without having to go into surgery. Do you have areas on your body that diet and exercise plan just cannot seem to get rid of? A scientific breakthrough in the area of body-contouring, CoolSculpting is an easy, safe, and effective way to literally freeze fat in those stubborn areas of your body that you don't want it anymore. Learn more about CoolSculpting. Found Chicago Cosmetic Institute via Google search to have an unslightly spot to be checked out.

read more › The Chicago Cosmetic Institute Medical Spa services provide clients with the skin they want at an affordable price. The Chicago Cosmetic Institute medical spa is equipped with state-of-the-art aesthetics technology. Our advancements allow us to offer our patients all the latest cosmetic treatments and surgery options available. The newly redesigned cosmetic center is a stunning reflection of our contemporary aesthetic taste and overall artistry. Everyone wants to feel and look their best, no matter what age they are.

read more › Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is a treatment where plasma from your body is extracted and reintroduced to promote the body's natural ability to heal, rejuvenate skin, and even stimulate hair growth. Plasma is a component of your blood that contains special "factors, " or proteins, that help your blood to clot. It also contains proteins that support cell growth. PRP is the process of isolating plasma from your blood and providing a boost of healing power to targeted areas of the body. The blood is placed into a centrifuge.

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