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Cosmetique Plastic Surgery Center For over 25 years, plastic surgery patients have placed their trust in the skilled hands of Robert H. Hunsaker, M.D., F.A.C.S. He has an outstanding reputation, with patients from over 25 countries and 19 states traveling to Miami to seek his expertise. Our experienced staff offers our out-of-town patients confidential assistance with all their necessary arrangements.

At Cosmetique Cosmetic Surgery Center, we are definitely not meant to superficially impress you. We offer comfortable surroundings, enjoy developing personal relationships with many of our patients, talk with you - not to you, and most importantly, we consistently deliver the high-quality surgical results you are seeking. Our patients experience minimal discomfort and extremely quick recovery times, allowing them to return most daily activities as soon as possible.

We are currently accepting new patients and are always willing to help you explore whether or not cosmetic surgery is right for you. Whether you want something like breast augmentation or an in-depth understanding of facelift surgery, the caring and helpful environment will undoubtedly aid you in making the right decision.

read more › Dr. Hunsaker and his staff are devoted to our patients and to the commitment of providing quality patient care on all levels. Our office is conveniently accessed from the Florida Turnpike, the Palmetto Expressway S. R. 326), and South Dixie Highway ( U.S.-1 ). For our out-of-town patients there are nearby hotels, private recovery nurses available and the Miami International Airport is only minutes away. Maria can assist you with all your travel and stay requirements.

read more › Dr. Robert H. Hunsaker is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, specializing in cosmetic plastic surgery of the face and body. Over the past 25 years, Dr. Hunsaker's widely respected reputation has grown primarily because of his sound surgical judgment, superb technical skills, and his willingness to give the time and personal attention that patients seek in order to feel comfortable and secure in their decision to undergo cosmetic plastic surgery. His practice has evolved over those years to where he now focuses exclusively on aesthetic (cosmetic) surgery of the face and body.

read more › The term 'plastic' or 'cosmetic surgery' actually covers a variety of surgical and chemical procedures which alter the body's outward appearance. Procedures are used to shape certain body parts such as the breast or nose, soften skin tone to reduce or eliminate wrinkles, and to correct problems resulting from accident or disease. Plastic surgery procedures are generally safe and relatively painless when performed by an experienced surgeon, although each procedure is different. With all surgical procedures, there are certain degrees of risk and uncertainty.

read more › Cosmetique Cosmetic Surgery Center is able to enhance or refine areas of the face and neck for both women and men using surgical procedures and chemical treatments. We can "turn back time" by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and lines, sun damage and sagging skin that can make you look angry, sad or tired. Congenital deformities (birth defects) and abnormalities resulting from accidents or disease, can be corrected as well. A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, can reduce lines and wrinkles on the forehead.

read more › Over time, gravity, sun exposure, and the stresses of daily life take their toll on our faces and necks. Deep creases appear beside the mouth, the jaw line slackens and becomes jowly, and the neck develops loose folds and fat deposits. Facelifts can counteract these signs of aging by tightening muscles, removing fat, and trimming excess skin. Giving your face a fresher and more youthful look. Facelifts, technically known as rhytidectomies, which literally means "removal of wrinkles", rejuvenate the mid to lower face and neck.

read more › Rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, is one of the longest-tenured procedures in cosmetic surgery. The first recorded nose surgery was performed in 1887. Since the nose is a focal point of the face many patients choose this surgery. Rhinoplasty can help if your nose is out of proportion with the rest of your face if you hate that bump on the bridge, or your nostrils flare more than you'd like. You don't have to live with a nose you don't like. Nose surgery with Dr. Hunsaker can change the way you see yourself.

read more › The skin on our eyelids and around our eyes is some of the thinnest on the entire human body. While that's necessary to facilitate the delicate movements of our eyelids are surrounding tissues, it also makes these areas prone to aging. Plus, this skin is exposed virtually all the time. Throw in the natural slackening of elevator muscles and the skin, along with declining collagen production, and you have the recipe for sagging drooping eyelids and serious under-eye bags. Because the eyes are the focal point of the face, this can dramatically age your overall appearance.

read more › Otoplasties, more commonly referred to as ear pinning or ear surgery, are cosmetic procedures to improve the appearance of a patient's ears. Even though otoplasty does not affect hearing, it can provide great psychological benefits. For anyone who has been teased about the size or shape of their ears, has had a serious ear injury, or simply wants to improve their appearance. Having an otoplasty can restore your confidence and the symmetry of your appearance. Otoplasty surgery typically serves two functions.

read more › If you have unwanted fat on your neck that you would like to remove, Dr. Hunsaker at Cosmetique Cosmetic Surgery Center offers liposuction. Liposuction is the removal of fat of the front of the neck below the jaw using small suction cannulas (tubes). Candidates for neck liposuction are generally younger with minimal excess skin and small to moderate amounts of fat. Because the results depend on the ability of the skin to retract and re-drape smoothly once the fat has been removed, the tissue characteristics are critical in achieving a good result.

read more › A breast augmentation, also known as an augmentation mammaplasty or a breast enlargement, is a cosmetic surgery that increases breast size or fixes breast asymmetry. Breast augmentation enlarges breasts using implants or by fat transplantation. Unless done in conjunction, augmentation mammaplasty is not a substitute for a mastopexy, which is a breast lift that corrects significant sagging. Breast enlargement candidates include women that are in good physical and mental health and have fully developed breasts.

read more › The vast majority of patients requesting extra-large breast implants are very clear about their desires and committed to their goals. There are anatomic limits both for how large you may be able to go with the first surgery and, ultimately, how large you can ultimately go. There is also a limit on the volume of the implants currently available in the U.S. The surgery itself is basically the same as any breast augmentation procedure though there may be a need to reinforce and better stabilize the infra-mammary fold with internal sutures or even a reinforcing product such as Alloderm or Strattice.

read more › The endless pull of gravity isn't kind to our breasts. Add to that the fluctuating size and stretching that accompanies pregnancy and breastfeeding, or the gain and loss of a good deal of weight. Your breasts now appear flattered, wider, and sit much lower on the chest. The nipples may even point more downward. What happened to the higher, perkier breasts of your youth? Fortunately, you can regain them with a breast lift with Dr. Hunsaker at Cosmetique Cosmetic Surgery. A breast lift, clinically known as mastopexy, has the goal of returning the breasts to a higher position on the chest.

read more › Women with large breasts who are unhappy with their appearance or have medical complications due to their breasts may benefit from breast reduction surgery. This procedure, also known as a reduction mammoplasty, removes fat and glandular tissue from the breast while tightening skin to produce smaller breasts that are more comfortable and in a healthier proportion to the rest of the body. In addition to physical pain and other symptoms, large breasts may also draw unwanted attention that can affect a woman's self-esteem and make her uncomfortable with her appearance.

read more › The overdevelopment of male breasts, also known as gynecomastia, affects an estimated 40 to 60 percent of men. This condition may be caused by a hormonal imbalance, side effects from drugs, or may occur for no particular reason at all. But despite the cause, the condition is significant and may pose a serious problem in a man's life. How much value do you place on being confident in the way you look with your shirt off? Most men don't give a second thought to taking off a shirt while doing yard work on a hot day.

read more › Sometimes, our bodies just do not respond to diet and exercise the way we want them to. Frustrated by their lack of success with conventional methods, many people turn to cosmetic surgery to achieve their personal goals and attain the body image they desire. Cosmetic plastic surgery procedures can reshape many areas by removing excess fat and skin and toning muscle. Dr. Robert Hunsaker at Cosmetique Cosmetic Surgery Center offers the following body procedures at his Miami, FL practice. If you are in good physical condition but have pockets of fat or loose skin that haven't responded well to traditional diet and exercise, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) may be for you!

read more › We take the time during every pre-operative consultation to learn what patients want to achieve from a tummy tuck both for their bodies and for their self-confidence. By listening to what patients have to say and closely examining them rather than performing a one-size-fits-all procedure on every person, Dr. Hunsaker provides patients with a completely customized treatment that takes into account their specific goals. My overall experience with DR. Hunsaker and his wonderful staff was simply amazing.

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