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Dr. Taylor Pollei is innovative in his approach to patient care and uses the latest technology to procure the best results. Above all, he is professional, kind, attentive, and intent on helping you have the best possible facial plastic surgical experience. Taylor R. Pollei, MD is board-certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology and is a fellowship trained Facial Plastic Surgeon.

He currently practices in both Mission Viejo. In south Orange County Dr. Pollei enjoys a closer-to-home practice in Mission Viejo. This practice location provides a concierge-like boutique practice delivering injectable and non-surgical services as well as cosmetic facial plastic surgical services. Dr. Pollei offers a full-service and fully credentialed surgery center facility with incredibly close connections to the surrounding community.

Dr. Pollei has devoted his career to plastic surgery specific to the face. His extensive surgical training includes a fellowship in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Taylor R. Pollei, MD is a fellowship trained Facial Plastic Surgeon who currently spends his time between practices in Beverly Hills and south Orange County. In Beverly Hills, he works with Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dr. Mark Rubin at the Lasky Clinic. Dr. Rubin is the only other provider in a very successful boutique cosmetic facial injection office where

Soft tissue refers to the fat, muscle, and other connective tissue below the skin. Just like other body areas that gradually descend with age, gravity affects the face soft tissue as well. As the lower eyelid, cheek, and jawline areas age the descent results in visible "bags", pronounced nasal lines, tear troughs, and jowling. With these tissues as

A neck lift from Pollei Facial Plastic Surgery can reduce the signs of aging. Similar to the discussion of how the face ages, the neckline has very identifiable changes with regards to aging. Although the neck is not as directly exposed to the sun, neck skin and the skin traveling down onto the chest tend to lose elasticity and develop texture changes

Fellowship Trained Facial Plastic Surgeon offers upper eyelid surgery in Mission Viejo, CA. Upper eyelid surgery from Pollei Facial Plastic Surgery can do wonders to bring about your desired look. That whole bit about the eyes being the window to the human soul might be a bit dramatic, but there is definitely some truth to the concept. Human behavioral

Fellowship Trained Facial Plastic Surgeon offers lower eyelid surgery in Mission Viejo CA. Pollei Facial Plastic Surgery offers lower eyelid surgery to achieve your ideal look. As we already discussed the aging process of the eyes in general when referring to the upper eyelids. Similarly, the lower eyelids are comprised of very thin skin with thin muscle

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