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Dr. Sarmela Sunder is a top female facial plastic surgeon practicing in Beverly Hills, CA. She is best known for her face and skin procedures and has patients from Los Angeles county and around the world. As an award-winning double board certified facial plastic surgeon and master injector Dr. Sunder is frequently published in magazines and invited to speak internationally at numerous conferences every year.

Dr. Sunder is recognized throughout the world as an industry leader in natural-looking aesthetics and natural-looking results. As a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, she believes you should put your best face forward and her goal is to help her patients achieve the most natural-looking and optimal results and is committed to providing her patients with the highest level of patient care for both plastic surgery and non-surgical treatments.

Enhance your face and restore youthful contours with facelift and necklift surgery, as well as brow and eyelid lifts. Dr. Sarmela Sunder is a double-board certified facial plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills who specializes in facial rejuvenation and plastic surgery for the face, nose, ears, and chin.

read more › Dr. Sarmela Sunder is a double-board certified, fellowship-trained Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon whose pioneering techniques have gained global recognition from her patients, colleagues, and the media. Dr. Sunder studied at Johns Hopkins University and continued her medical education at Cornell Medical College. In addition to earning her medical degree, she spent years doing extensive research, and published several articles in leading scientific journals. Her academic excellence took her to an elite residency program at Stanford University culminating with her serving as Chief Resident.

read more › Like most fillers, Voluma does not have any real downtime. However, with all injectable fillers, there can be mild to moderate swelling for up to 48 hours. In addition, there is always a chance of bruising with any filler, including Voluma. We generally recommend that patients undergo injections at least 1-2 weeks before a major event or party. Botox generally starts working in about 5 to 7 days, with most of it settled in at 10-14 days. Dysport generally starts working at about 3-5 days, with most of it settled in at 10-14 days.

read more › Unlike Botox and fillers, thread lifts aren't as universally discussed, so we chatted with a few plastic surgeons for everything there is to know about the trendy treatment. Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Sarmela Sunder has another take. No matter whether you're figuring out when to schedule hair color appointments, booking a teeth whitening session or two, or if you are just trying to elevate your skincare regimen, the sooner you can get a jump on things, the better. The One Product or Treatment Dermatologists Recommend for the Most Common Aging-Skin Concerns.

read more › Dr Sunder and her staff were incredible! I specifically sought out a highly educated, experienced, skilled surgeon and she was the real star! She is a true professional who really cares about her clients. If you want a team who will deliver on their promises, take excellent care of you both during your procedures and also in recovery while addressing your needs, they are the ones to do it! Call today to make your appointment - let the collaboration and planning for your transformation begin! I couldn't be happier with my newly "opened" eyes, thanks to Dr. Sunder at Cassileth Plastic Surgery.

read more › As a board certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, Dr. Sarmela Sunder and her team work with patients from all over the world who want expert care in a private, convenient setting. The staff at Sunder Plastic Surgery are dedicated to making the process positive for our out-of-town patients. While there are a few extra steps involved in traveling for plastic surgery, we hope to provide you with all of the information you need to easily plan and prepare for your cosmetic procedure at Sunder Plastic Surgery.

read more › Facial plastic surgery is not always what it seems. There isn't one consultation alike, one motivation alike and one story alike. We are all very unique, particularly when it comes to our face. It is our identity, what permits us to communicate and show our emotions. 4 out of 5 senses belong in the face region allowing us to experience life. When I meet with patients for the first time I get to hear their story, who they are and what brings them to my office. It is one of my favorite stage of surgery.

read more › A facelift, also known as Rhytidectomy, is the gold standard procedure for patients that are seeking the ultimate facial rejuvenation. It can effectively turn back the hands of time for a more youthful appearance. Facelifts have evolved significantly in the past 25 years. From a surgical point of view, techniques have advanced allowing for long lasting results that still maintain a natural aesthetic. There are many benefits to having a facelift. The primary benefit of a facelift is addressing the laxity of skin.

read more › As you get older, the cheek area (the mid-face) starts to sag. The result is a hollowed-out, tired appearance under the eyes as well as deeper folds around the mouth. Until recently, the only available options to reverse the effects of aging in this area were the traditional facelift and the brow forehead lift. While both are very useful and effective procedures, neither of them truly addresses the aging that takes place in the middle portion of your face. And while patients who have undergone traditional facelifts can have great results with the lower face (jowls, jaw-line), they often complain of persistent sagging of the mid-face resulting in an unnatural, "face-lifted" appearance.

read more › A neck lift procedure is a cosmetic surgery performed in our Beverly Hills office that smooths and tightens the neck's skin, which can sag from aging or weight loss. There are usually two components to a neck lift: cervicoplasty, which removes excess skin, and platysmaplasty, which removes or tightens muscles in the neck. A neck lift can be performed alone or as part of a facelift. A neck lift candidate is in good physical and emotional health, and has realistic expectations about the outcome of surgery.

read more › The eyes are a major focal point in our personal interactions with others. Your eyes can communicate your emotions and your personality. Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) is a plastic surgery procedure to correct sagging, drooping or baggy eyelids for either upper, lower, or both lids. Because the eyelids skin is much thinner than any other parts of the face, it is often one of the first facial areas to exhibit signs of aging. Upper eyelids that sag or hood can affect peripheral vision, making daily activities such as driving more difficult.

read more › Buccal fat is what gives the lower cheek fullness, this fat is located above the jaw and below the cheekbone. Removing buccal fat makes the face look thinner and more defined. Buccal fat removal, also referred to as a cheek reduction and bichectomy, aims to thin the cheeks, particularly in the area of the cheek hollows, to give patients a more contoured facial appearance. Removing cheek fat from one's face is a great way to achieve a more chiseled appearance that helps accentuate your other facial features such as your cheekbones and jawline.

read more › Your nose endows your face with character. It offers clues to your identity. But it can also upstage your other features in an unappealing way. It doesn't matter how dazzling your eyes or how flawless your skin, if your nose is stealing all the attention. Your nose is a defining feature of your face, so it's difficult to feel confident if you dislike its shape or size. As with all facial and cosmetic surgery at our Beverly Hills office, the goal of rhinoplasty, better known as nose reshaping or "a nose job, " is to bring all of your features into balance, so that you look like the best version of yourself.

read more › Dr. Sarmela Sunder is a top otoplasty ear plastic surgeon practicing in Beverly Hills, CA. Ear pinning, also called otoplasty, features refining the shape, position, and proportion of one's ear to provide a more balanced look to the rest of a patient's features. This small change to the ear can make such a dramatic difference to a patient's overall appearance. If your ears are too prominent, ear pinning surgery offered in Beverly Hills can make ears smaller in size and provide a more balanced look to your face.

read more › Also called "fat grafting" and "autologous fat transfer, " fat transfer involves removing a portion of a person's excess body fat and placing it into another area of his or her body that needs more volume. When used for the face, it can restore lost volume in the lips, temples, cheeks and chin. Fat transplantation is effective in treating sunken areas, lines, wrinkles, creases, acne scars and other issues caused by the decrease in volume that results from aging, sun damage and other conditions.

read more › Liposuction is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that uses a thin, hollow tube called a cannula to remove localized areas of body fat. The cannula is inserted through extremely small incisions classically behind the ears and under the chin, and then moved back and forth to loosen excess fat, which is suctioned out using a vacuum or a cannula-attached syringe. The neck is slimmer and more contoured, and in better overall proportion to the rest of the face. However, liposuction is not a method for losing weight, and is not effective in tightening loose and sagging skin.

read more › According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons data, requests for lip enhancements increased 50 percent between 2000 and 2016. But that doesn't changed the fact that some people are self-conscious about their lips being too large. Other people have large lips that cause them to accidentally bite their lower lip quite often. A lip reduction is a surgical procedure designed to reduce the size of the patient's lips. This procedure can be performed on both lips or only on the lip that is causing the imbalance (usually the lower lip).

read more › As we age the skin between the nose and upper lip lengthens. Many people choose to use filler to reverse this sign of aging; but for some people continuously getting filler can get a bit annoying. A lift lip is a more permanent option for correcting this issue. If you are looking for lip enhancements in Beverly Hills let us help you choose between a lip lift and lip filler treatment. There are technically two types of lip lifts: an upper lift lip and a corner lip lift. Usually when referring to a lip lift people are referencing an upper lift lip which is the more common of the two.

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