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Dr. White is a board certied plastic surgeon who applies her artistry and clinical expertise to provide comprehensive care to her patients. She attended the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University while concurrently completed an MBA at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. White completed her internship and residency in General Surgery at SUNY Health Science Center at Brooklyn, New York.

She went onto complete her residency in Plastic Surgery at the University of Illinois in Chicago. She is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammaplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. White specializes in.

Though breast enlargements are commonly done with implants, Dr. White also offers fat grafting (fat taken from other parts of your body) as an option. Fat grafting usually only results in a modest increase in breast volume.

read more › As we go through our lives, our bodies change. We have the joys of pregnancy and childbirth, but the experience may take a toll on our body's appearance. Some of us gain and lose weight, ultimately impacting the way our bodies look. As we all age, our bodies often show the effects. Quintessence Plastic Surgery offers several body contouring options in their Austin location. If you are looking to change your body, there are a number of options to get back to your ideal beautiful and healthy physique.

read more › Has your pregnancy left stretched out and stressed out? For many women, the difference between the appearance of their pre-pregnancy and post-baby body can be both shocking and disheartening. Pregnancy causes some major changes to multiple areas of the body, and while some of these changes go away after giving birth, others are much more permanent. Even with diet and exercise, some areas will not return to their pre-baby state. Nobody understands the needs of a mother better than women. Dr. Aisha White is proud to be one of the few female plastic surgeons available around Austin, Texas.

read more › An abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, is the perfect option for those looking for a more defined waistline or sculpted abdomen. Do you have loose abdominal skin after weight loss? Are your abdominal muscles stretched out after having a baby? If so, an abdominoplasty in Austin may be your ideal solution. A perfectly sculpted body is a blessing, but not every person is blessed with it. While some have to work hard to gain it, others are burdened with loose skin around the abdomen, making it difficult to sculpt their body.

read more › The Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is one of the fastest growing butt augmentation procedures in the nation. Its popularity continues to grow, primarily because this body-contouring phenomenon is great at enhancing a person's figure from top to bottom without scarring or prosthetics. If you're interested in butt augmentation in Austin, consider Quintessence Plastic Surgery. BBL is a procedure that adds volume to lift and shape your butt while simultaneously reducing fat deposits in other areas. Having years of experience with fat transfer techniques, Austin board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Aisha White is able to harvest the body's excess fat stores and repurpose them in areas where added thickness is preferred.

read more › Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Aisha White offers liposuction for Austin patients looking to remove excess stubborn fat. If you've noticed pockets of fat in areas like your hips, stomach, and thighs and you've tried diet and exercise without results, this fat-removal surgery may be the ideal solution. Liposuction, or lipo, provides a way to remove stubborn body fat from specific regions of the body to create a more tight and toned appearance. Liposuction can be used to address large areas like the back and abdomen, buttocks, thighs, chest, as well as smaller areas like the upper arms, neck, knees, calves, and chin.

read more › When it comes to reaching your body goals, losing those extra pounds is just the first part of the journey. Once you have lost all those extra pounds, you may notice that you now have a lot of loose skin in areas like your tummy and upper arms. You may also notice bumps, lumps, divots, and dents on the drooping excess skin. While procedures like a tummy tuck and arm lift can be performed to tighten the skin, surgery is not always the only option. At Quintessence Plastic Surgery in Austin, we offer skin tightening using BodyTite.

read more › One of the most common reasons people seek out plastic surgery is to alter their breasts in some way. Dr. White performs many reconstructive surgeries after cancer and also cosmetic procedures of the breasts to make them more ideal in your eyes. Dr. White is a sensitive, compassionate and talented plastic surgeon who can help you meet your needs and work with you to achieve your vision. Dr. White proudly serves Austin, West Lake Hills, Davenport, Rob Roy, Steiner Ranch, Northwest Hills, Riverplace, and Lakeway.

read more › Breast asymmetry can cause self-consciousness and confidence issues. To address your breast asymmetry in Austin, consider a visit to Dr. Aisha White, who offers a number of corrective surgical options. Dr. White performs breast reduction, the breast lift, breast augmentation, and breast reconstruction. Any of these procedures can be used to address asymmetry in various situations. Breast reduction removes excess skin, fat, and glandular breast tissue to reduce the size of the breast. This allows it to match the other breast in size.

read more › Through breast augmentation in Austin, Dr. Aisha White can help you get the breast size you want. This breast procedure is an ideal option for women who do not like the appearance of their breasts or the way their clothes fit. Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammaplasty or breast enlargement, is cosmetic surgery performed to enlarge the size of the breasts. This is commonly done with implants but can also be done with fat grafting (fat taken from other parts of your body). Fat grafting, a type of natural breast enlargement, usually only results in a modest increase in breast volume.

read more › A mastopexy, or breast lift, is a cosmetic-surgery procedure that restores sagging breasts to a perkier and more youthful shape and position. During the procedure, breast tissues are tightened and excess skin is removed in order to reshape and support the new breast contours. At Quintessence Plastic Surgery, we regularly provide breast lifts for Austin patients. Breast implants may be placed for breast augmentation at the time of a breast lift to provide increased cleavage and more fullness of the breast; this combination procedure is known as a breast augmentation with lift, or augmentation mastopexy.

read more › When patients undergo a partial removal (lumpectomy) or complete removal (mastectomy) of the breast, they often also get breast reconstruction surgery. This can help to ease a difficult and painful time in a woman's life. Dr. Aisha White regularly performs breast reconstruction for Austin patients at Quintessence Plastic Surgery. Breast reconstruction procedures can be done at the time of the cancer surgery or at a later time depending on your situation and preference. If you decided not to have reconstructive surgery at the time of your cancer treatment, the window of opportunity for reconstruction hasn't closed.

read more › Dr. Aisha White performs a type of surgery called breast reduction for Austin patients to reduce the size and weight of oversized breasts. Large breasts may cause neck and/or back pain, shoulder grooving, and rashes under the breasts, and over time, this can lead to posture problems. In addition, it may be difficult to find clothing that fits properly when your breasts are large. Breast reduction surgery can be done to reduce the size and weight of the breasts. A major benefit of the surgery is the lifting of the breasts.

read more › Natural breast augmentation, also known as fat-transfer breast augmentation, uses liposuction to remove fat from other parts of the body and precise injections to transfer it into the breasts. At Quintessence Plastic Surgery, we offer natural breast augmentation in Austin. Some women do not want to have synthetic implants in their breasts or are afraid of going under the knife. Others are looking for smaller increases in breast size relative to the larger ones afforded by standard breast enlargement, since this offers more natural-looking results.

read more › Most people want a beautiful, youthful, flawless appearance, but, environment, lifestyle, and genetics sometimes get in the way of that goal. As we age, our skin can become loose and wrinkled or tissues may sag. To combat these issues, Dr. Aisha White and her staff offer a number of surgical and non-surgical solutions to rejuvenate and restore that youthful appearance. To learn more about facial surgeries and non-surgical options, please contact us at our Austin location.

read more › A facelift, also known as a rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic procedure used to help patients look younger by reducing sagging skin and wrinkles. This face procedure involves lifting the skin and tightening the tissues below. Dr. Aisha White has performed countless facelifts in Austin and provides natural-looking results. Dr. White is a board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience and numerous satisfied patients. She will be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with the care and results you are looking for.

read more › A mini facelift in Austin can rid the face of subtler signs of aging like sagging skin and wrinkles. This variation on the full facelift tightens the skin and defines the features for a more youthful look. The appearance of signs of aging on our skin is a common aspect of the aging process. Age lines and drooping skin can make the face look haggard and older. This prevents our youthful radiance from shining through. Aside from affecting the aesthetic appeal of our face, sagging skin can also lead to diminished self-confidence.

read more › Even the milder signs of aging can be incredibly noticeable when they start forming on the face. Sagging skin, fine lines, wrinkles, and folds can make you look a lot older and can be hard to cover up using makeup. A lot of people may feel like once they start seeing the signs of aging, it is time for them to get a facelift, but in some cases, surgery may be too dramatic of an option for such mild issues. At Quintessence Plastic Surgery, we offer an amazing minimally invasive option for facial rejuvenation that can easily address the early signs of aging that rob your face of its youthful beauty.

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